wrestler illustration

For Sandow Appreciation Day I decided that I would draw some of my favourite moments of Damien Sandow (Yes, I forgot Mizdow :c).
I have been a fan of Sandow since his first appearance in wwe, he captivated me from the get-go. From then on, I’ve supported Damien and he’s been a huge inspiration to me. His first gimmick which he debuted with, just hooked me. I found him hilarious, and a breath of fresh air as he is one of a kind, and offered something special. Team Rhodes Scholars have to be one of my favourite tag teams, they were very entertaining and had great chemistry. Damien winning the MITB briefcase has to be my favourite moment of all, despite being unsuccessful in cashing in, it was a huge, huge moment in his career. His promo which he did on raw was brilliant. I, and many others - in fact, everyone, thought that it would lead to having the old, “intellectual saviour” back on our screens. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

The last one was something which I enjoyed. It was funny. Although what he was doing wasn’t….great for him - he still put his heart into it. And that’s what he does, and that’s one of the reasons I support him - he’s so dedicated.