wrestler illustration

Day 365: This is it! My Main Event. No other than The Best in the World: CM PUNK! I chose CM Punk the moment I decided to do this project because I was sure that he was going to be in the Wrestlemania’s Main Event as well, after all he deserved it. We all know that thats not happening, but I sticked to it. I’ve always been a fan of his, but after the famous Pipebomb, he light the sparkle in me to watch wrestling again, not just tune in Raw, but really enjoyed watching the show, so is not a surprise that I support Punk on his decision, because me, myself also walked out of the WWE after the Rumble. But I still have hope that he returns, maybe not tonight, maybe not soon, but he will. I just want to close this with a lyric of his old theme song, because I still think that punk loves wrestling and he will be back someday: “Even through the darkest days, this fire burns. always!”

Well, also thank you for this journey that was Wrestlersmania, it was fun and I got to meet cool people that share the same passion I have for wrestling. I won’t be far away you can follow my new design blog http://chaoticcolor.tumblr.com/ I will post wrestling designs as well as music stuff and more personal work. Thanks for every like and every reblog, I really appreciate it. Happy Wrestlemania everybody!