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Funny how it's the white people who support Randy Orton and Chris Jericho even though they on some bullshit,funny it's only the white people go silent when black wrestlers win belts,funny how they always go crazy when wrestlers like Alexa wins all these male fanboys got hyped that Alexa won but when Naomi won they bashed her.

Man I love tea.

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Allah, Allah, İllallah
Sekiz Türk aslanı çıktı meydane
Birbirinden merdane
Hazret-i Hamza’dır
Üstadımız, pirimiz

Defined as two people engaged in a mental and physical struggle using no tools or equipment under equal conditions in a specified area, according to specific rules and for a specified time, wrestling is one of the oldest sports in human history. Wrestling has been a popular and traditional practice in every age. In Turkey, it is referred to as the ancestor sport.

Mention wrestling in Turkey and the first thing people think of is the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling competition. It was born in 14thcentury Rumeli, and with its long celebrated history, it is one of the oldest wrestling festivals in the world.

Oil wrestling is a type of wrestling where the wrestlers (pehlivan) wear leather pants (kispet) tied with a rope at the waist and cuff, and compete on grass after being covered in olive oil.

The Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling competitions include various rituals ranging from the invitation to the awards ceremony. The Historic Kırkpınar Wrestling competitions last for seven days and are generally held at the end of June, beginning of July. The festival begins on Friday when prayers are said for the wrestlers. The wrestling contests are held at a field in Sarayiçi, which is one of Edirne’s most  important recreational destinations.

The winning wrestler earns the title of Chief Wrestler and the golden belt for one year, a very prestigious prize. A wrestler who earns the Chief Wrestler title for three consecutive years becomes the permanent owner of the golden belt.

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If you've got the time, could you possibly write one where Chloe serenades beca with I'm yours by Jason mraz with the help of the rest of the Bellas as back up? Thanks so much, I absolutely love your writing !

She always got a few butterflies before she performed. Overall, though, they were dismissable - overtaken by Aubrey’s uncontrollable anxiety or Beca’s snappy jitters. She shrugged them off with a light smile, taking a breath and counting to ten with eyes closed before walking onto stage. Then, it was easy. As if her brain were on auto-pilot, she performed like she had a thousand times before, moving smoothly through the notes and the movements without thought for the audience in front of her. So, no, stage-fright was totally not Chloe Beale’s game. 

But today? Well, today she was pacing in the bathroom outside of the Bellas rehearsal space, feeling her hands get clammy despite how cold they’d grown. Today, she wasn’t capable of breathing past the number three before the air got caught in her throat. She’d torn up almost one complete toilet paper roll, ripping it into tiny pieces to keep her mind off the performance. Today, of course, of all days, she would get stage-fright. Today of all days. 

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Portion of Dean’s Interview with Rock 100.5 in Atlanta 24th February, 2015

‘The WWE Superstar talks about his favorite classic wrestlers, stealing the Intercontinental belt, and why he loves 90s fashion’


Cesaro: “I still believe in wrestling.”
[November 16th, 2015]

WWE Superstar Cesaro appeared on the Raw pre-show last night in what I believe was one of the most telling appearances he’s had. In it, he answered questions from fans, and shared some insight to his beliefs in pro wrestling, not just sports entertainment.

Cesaro’s statement, bold as could be, was that he still believes in pro wrestling. Where character development is something that fans seek for in today’s pro wrestling landscape, Cesaro is as pure as can be as a professional athlete, polished as they come and persistent on being the best. Last night, much like many of Cesaro’s encounters, he had a fantastic match against Roman Reigns. Though Cesaro would suffer a loss in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament to Reigns, Cesaro’s statement from the pre-show was solidified by the match as it was professional wrestling at its core. Hold-for-hold, strike for strike, as clear as a pro wrestling match could be.

In professional wrestling, a common misconception of a wrestler’s loss is that the athletes are being “buried” simply because they didn’t win the match, and frankly, that isn’t correct. The fact that Cesaro had such a crisp match against someone who advanced in the tournament, and who many believe is going to win the tournament, speaks volumes about the “Swiss Superman”. Reigns got the victory, yes, but he had to go through Hell in order to advance, and Cesaro was as formidable an opponent as they come.

There is no burying here. There’s no “jobbing out”. Cesaro’s loss to Reigns made Reigns look like a superstar because he defeated someone with true professional wrestling talent and ability. There’s a phrase in pro wrestling that a wrestler “doesn’t need the belt” to be a top dog, and currently, Cesaro is that guy. That being said, I, like everyone else in the CESARO SECTION, want to see “The King Of The Swing” with gold around his waist!

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What's your favorite outfit that Michael wore and why?

I have more than one. It’s impossible to choose just  one because MJ had an impeccable sense of style.

I love The Grammy’s Jacket from 1984 because it’s blue (one of my favorite colors) and gold. I like how sparkly it is. Plus he looked damn good in it lol. I love all of MJ’s sparkly, rhinestone clothing

I love the Thriller Letterman because… well it’s just a really cool jacket lol. I usually don’t like yellow but I get why it was red and yellow. It’s one of the few jackets of his where I actually like the yellow (gold doesn’t count because… I don’t know it just doesn’t lol. Gold is far too epic for me to count it as yellow even though it is a shade of yellow I guess). Plus he looked cool in it and it only further makes him look like a teenager in the Thriller era (I love his Bad era letterman too).

I love the blue outfit he wore during the trial because again, it’s blue and that’s one of my favorite colors. (then again I like most of his suits from the trial. just pure elegance, class and lots of style)

I also love his getup in They Don’t Care About Us, but especially the simple white OLODUM shirt with the logo on it. I have that shirt too and I love wearing it. I can’t really say why I love it. Mostly because I love how he represented that percussion group and that culture.

I love his Remember The Time outfit because it is just so pretty *__* it’s all golden and he’s got the bird wings and he just looked like a prince from a far off land in that outfit. I know it was supposed to be something else entirely (but because of his skin condition, they had to make alterations), but I actually prefer the alteration. I wouldn’t change a thing about that outfit… not even his skinny jeans lmfao

I love all his CTE shirts because well… it’s a signature Dangerous era shirt and y'all know how I feel about that era. They were simple but… there’s just something about them I liked… especially the ones that were in my favorite colors. (and this has to be my fave CTE look on him besides when he wore the pink/red CTE shirts)

I love his Beat It Jacket because it’s EPIC. It’s red and has tons of zippers on it. I would definitely wear that. (The ORIGINAL jacket though, not that cheap replica shit . Too bad the original jacket is unobtainable lmao)

I love his BAD/Speed Demon outfit because it’s just… I don’t know, it’s an awesome ass outfit. All black and riddled with zippers and buckles (I love clothing with tons of zippers and buckles btw). He looked bad ass in it and don’t even get me started on the boots he wore in that video.

I love his main bad tour outfit (the silver one) because it’s epic. I can’t really even describe my love for that outfit. Those were the first photos I ever saw from the bad tour and I just fell in love. And that damn wrestlers-like belt… it’s so completely epic man. That outfit is just out-of-this-world perfect

I love his Grammy’s 1993 jacket because it’s beautiful, classy and elegant. When people think of pearls, they think of women/females/girls but Michael wore the hell out of that jacket. He looked so gorgeous in it.

I love his JAM outfit that he wore during the Dangerous tour because again, it’s blue (lmfao) and it’s got like this rainbow colored sparkle to it (it’s called his silver jacket but I have no idea why… it’s blue to me ). Ugh that outfit is just plain perfect to be honest. And he had his golden fencing outfit underneath so it’s just this perfect blend of blue, gold and silver. I adore that outfit.

And his We Are The World jacket is just gorgeous. It’s black with a simple but elegant golden embroidered pattern on it and he looked like royalty. He always looked like royalty when wearing his sparkly things but, yeah.

In short I just really love all of MJ’s sparkly, shiny, shimmering stuff. Anything he wore that resembles royalty, I adore. Anything he wore with gold and silver in it, I adored. If it’s in my favorite colors (blue, red, purple, pink, black, white, silver and gold), I adored it.

And I also want to add I love when he put his family crest or the crest with his initials on his pants or some of his sweaters. Michael’s sense of style was the best, even when he wore simple clothing (except all his corduroy stuff lol). I also really love when he wore skinny jeans or when he wore plaid. And the fact that him and I have a similar sense of fashion makes me love his fashion sense even more. I would wear the hell out of most of MJ’s clothes.

Stop. Taking. Wrestling. Seriously.

Sweet Jeebus on a pogo stick.

Seth’s title reign was painful for me. I cringed at every promo. I waited for interference like it was timed clockwork event. I was begging for a new champ. I didn’t care who. I just wanted Seth off my screen and for him to get acting lessons.

I never vocalised it because like the semi-mature person I am I knew eventually it would happen. Just like I know John Cena will most likely be a 16 and 17 time champ before he’s done. The less Cena is on my screen the happier I am. I know Cena fans are going to be upset with that but I don’t care. Cena does not interest me in the slightest.

You’re not going to like every champ. Your faves will lose in horrible unfair ways. It fucking happens.

You have to start realizing that it’s not about the belts so much as its the journey to and from and hopefully back around.

I love Sheamus to bits but I did not want him to cash in and take the belt from Roman and it wasn’t because I love Roman more but it was because Roman had been through such utter bullshit that he deserved savour having climbed the mountain when he had as many dissenters as he did supporters. Then I hated Sheamus not even having the belt for a calendar month but what can you do about it? Nothing.

You hate how many times Roman has had the belt in a short amount of time. Go research how many times that belt has changed hands. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WWE_World_Heavyweight_Champions) I did that. Mostly because when I came back I was like “How the bloody hell is Orton a 12 time champ and Cena a 15 time champ?” I thought Punk only had the belt twice. Between like 2009 and 2013 my head hurts looking at how many times it changed hands between like just 4 guys. 

Wrestling is about the matches. Was the match good? Was I entertained? Did the end make sense? Not that I necessarily liked the outcome but did it make sense? Am I outraged because of the story structure or because the one I wanted to win didn’t?

It’s one thing to not who’s the champ at any given time but stop taking it so fucking personally. Y'all who hate that Roman is champ can learn a thing from him and that’s to not take shit personal that is out of your fucking control. It’s one thing to not like the wrestler who has the belt at any moment in time but y'all got to remember that it’s not personal. That’s not saying you shouldn’t scream and yell and cry when your fave loses or wins but just go with their emotions. Be happy, sad, angry, for them. No matter how much you love this, it ain’t about you. The only time it’s about the fans is when you’re the wrestler out there giving your all to entertain you.