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“This isn’t about fame or fortune or money or power. It’s not even about one match at WrestleMania. This is about redemption. I gave up everything to stand next to you and for what?”

I’ve been looking forward for this feud the most and hope that Rollins beats Triple H with either the Curb Stomp or the pedigree (beat HHH with his own move)#KingSlayer

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  • Sami Zayn: what do i have to do to get a wrestlemania match?
  • Kevin Owens: *attempts murder on Jericho and destroys the Festival of Friendship. Gets a match*
  • AJ Styles: *attempts murder on Shane O'Mac. Gets a match*
  • Baron Corbin: *attempts murder putting a forklift on Ambrose. Possibly will get a match*
  • Randy Orton: *commits arson. Gets the main event match*
  • Sami Zayn: ... oh!

WrestleMania 33 Preview: Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose’s indestructible nature will be put to the test at the hands of “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin at The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania 33.

The 6-foot-8 biker thug has already done a number on The Lunatic Fringe, whether it was Deep-Sixing him through an electrical board or injuring Ambrose’s ribs by crushing him underneath a forklift. However, the champion is resilient, as well as reckless and unpredictable, as evidenced by his response to the forklift attack: While being transported to a medical facility on the night of the incident, Ambrose reportedly jumped out of the moving vehicle and began trekking back to the arena on foot, in search of retribution. Two weeks later, he rode a forklift back into SmackDown LIVE to officially accept a WrestleMania showdown with Corbin.

Both Superstars are used to being the toughest guy in whatever town they roll into, the sort of stock Jim Croce wrote songs about, so it’s no surprise that they’ve run afoul of each other. The hostility only intensified as Ambrose and Corbin kept getting in each other’s way as they both pursued the WWE Championship.

The Lunatic Fringe’s attack mode is perpetual motion, but it remains to be seen whether his famously high threshold for pain will be enough to endure battle with Corbin. Perhaps the heavy-hitting Lone Wolf will be the Superstar to finally shut down the unbreakable champion.

It’s equally possible that Ambrose is most dangerous when he’s hurt and angry. Focused on survival and retaliation, his darkest instincts kick in, releasing whatever reins keep this freewheeling force tethered to decency on a day-to-day basis.

WrestleMania’s Intercontinental Championship Match will be a brawl. Watch The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania 33, live on the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, April 2, at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT.

Smackdown vs. RAW Women’s matches at Wrestlemania.

Man, just found out the Smackdown Women’s title match is on the WM Kickoff and the RAW’s Women title match is on the main show. That’s just ridiculous to me.

RAW has done a pretty bad job with their women. Everyone is tired of Charlotte (she’s good but it’s been too much of the same, too often). Nia Jax just slows down matches, has a who cares move set, terribly ill-fitting theme, and not much reason to take her seriously. Bayley has been a “false” champion, has she won a singles match as champ clean yet, I suppose that’s part of the story with her and Sasha but it sort of invalidates her reign. Sasha’s been interesting with flirting with a heel turn. They will still put on a great match cause ¾ of them have proven to put on great matches with one another.

Smackdown’s women’s match is genuinely interesting because that’s one of the few matches that is still surprising.
1) We don’t know who will still be in the match till the match.
2) We don’t know what kind of match it is. It could be a ladder’s match that’d be fun but the RAW men’s tag team has that. It could be an over the top match, kinda tired of that but still would be interesting. I’d like it to be a tables elimination match, that way you could have legit people still lose.
3) We don’t know who might walk out as champion. The people I’d be okay with is Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Naomi, or a surprise big entrant like a debuting Asuka.

I personally would rather have both women’s match on the main card and leave the tag team matches on the kickoff. Both tag divisions haven’t been given much love and they will probably bring back some more momentum after some brand drafts/trades but at the time being I don’t care about either’s tag division.

[Talking about Roman’s win at Fastlane and crowd reactions.]

Rosenberg: Maybe one of the best nights for Roman’s career
came at Fastlane. Roman vs. Strowman. The crowd was nuts. I was out on the arena floor and people were losing it to see these guys. In fact, it sort of felt like a Wrestlemania main event. Corey, how good was this match? And how does the crowd seem to be reacting to Roman Reigns these days?
Corey: Well, I think you answered your own question. This was a Wrestlemania caliber match. I don’t think anyone would’ve been disappointed had this happened at the biggest event of the year. And as far as crowd reactions go, when you pay your money, you’re free to do whatever you want to do inside the arena. If you wanna cheer, you wanna boo, yell, scream, whatever you wanna do, that’s your prerogative. Roman Reigns, it’s a hip thing to do to boo Roman Reigns, but by the end of the match, people are on their feet. Roman has the ability to get you to emotionally invest. It’s hilarious because if you watch a lot of his matches, the finish happens, spear, one two three, the crowd cheers and then they go “oh wait, remember, we gotta boo this guy”. It’s like that genuine reaction of “oh my god, that was awesome!”.

Rosenberg: JBL, is this another John Cena situation? Where we’re always gonna have people, half the crowd cheering for Roman Reigns and half the crowd booing for Roman Reigns?
JBL: I hope so. Cause John Cena is an absolute rockstar. He’s perhaps the greatest draw in the history of this business. And Roman Reigns is exactly the same. He is a rockstar. You’ll tell people that and they say “no, no, no, people are standing up because they wanna boo him”. They’re standing up. So, if you ask those people who say “they’re standing up to boo Roman Reigns because we don’t like him”, okay. Would you pay to see Roman Reigns get beat? “Oh, absolutely. I would love to see him get beat.” He’s doing his job because you’re paying to see him. People want to see Roman Reigns. 

50 Wrestling Questions!

So while at work I thought of some wrestling questions. Only rule is that you ask whoever you reblogged this from a question (because they most likely want one of these questions asked and that’s why they reblogged it).

  1. What got you into wrestling? 
  2. What is your favorite wrestling promotion? 
  3. Favorite male wrestler of all time?
  4. Favorite female wrestler of all time?
  5. Favorite current male wrestler?
  6. Favorite current female wrestler?
  7. Favorite theme song?
  8. Least favorite theme song?
  9. Favorite gimmick?
  10. Least favorite gimmick? 
  11. Best entrance (either their usual entrance or a special one, like a Wrestlemania entrance)?
  12. Best Undertaker Wrestlemania match?
  13. Most overrated?
  14. Most underrated?
  15. Have you ever been to an event? If so, which one?
  16. Who has the best merch?
  17. Do you own any merch?
  18. Best nickname?
  19. Worst nickname?
  20. Best mic skills?
  21. Most annoying?
  22. Most attractive male?
  23. Most attractive female?
  24. Favorite faction?
  25. Worst faction?
  26. Best ring gear?
  27. Who do you think would be the nicest in real life?
  28. Who would be the rudest in real life?
  29. Favorite heel?
  30. Most hardcore?
  31. A wrestler you could beat?
  32. Best story line?
  33. Biggest missed opportunity for a story line?
  34. Worst story line?
  35. Which wrestler should turn heel?
  36. Which wrestler should turn face?
  37. Who would be the worst to room with?
  38. Who would be the best to room with?
  39. Who would be your best friend if you were a wrestler?
  40. What would your job be in a wrestling promotion? 
  41. Favorite wrestling podcast/ Youtube channel?
  42. Favorite finisher?
  43. Least favorite finisher?
  44. Favorite match?
  45. Favorite PPV?
  46. Guilty pleasure wrestler?
  47. Favorite submission?
  48. Most entertaining to watch?
  49. Best spot?
  50. Who do you most respect?

The Undertaker Vs. Roman Reigns Is WWE’s Money-Making WrestleMania Match

by: Blake Oestriecher 

The Undertaker returned on WWE Raw to kick off his WrestleMania 33 rivalry with Roman Reigns.

The Undertaker and Roman Reigns have proven to be big draws on their own and are now expected to face off in one of the main events of Wrestlemania 33.

That’s sure to induce some groans from diehard wrestling fans, who will complain about Reigns needing to turn heel and who loathe the thought of The Undertaker possibly losing another WrestleMania match after going undefeated at the show for more than two decades. Some even say Reigns vs. Undertaker won’t generate enough fan interest or that it will be a dud from both an in-ring standpoint and a business perspective.

But the numbers suggest otherwise, and if history is any indication, Reigns vs. The Undertaker will be one of the biggest WrestleMania main events of all time and a huge moneymaker for WWE. And the reasoning is simple: It pits two of WWE’s biggest attractions against one another.

Reigns, for all the hate he receives, has main evented WWE’s two must financially successful WrestleManias, WrestleManias 31 and 32. According to WWE.com, WrestleMania 31, main evented by Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, “became the highest grossing live event in WWE history and broke the attendance record for Levi’s Stadium,” grossing a live gate of $12.6 million to break the previous record of $12.3 million held by WrestleMania 29, which was main evented by The Rock vs. John Cena. A year later, WrestleMania 32, main evented by Reigns vs. Triple H and co-main evented by Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon, demolished that live gate record with an astounding $17.3 million.

While WrestleMania, the brand, has become a draw in and of itself, WrestleMania 32 wouldn’t have drawn so well had the two headlining matches been Reigns vs. Titus O'Neil and Undertaker vs. Mojo Rawley. Even the biggest Reigns haters can’t deny that.

But really, Undertaker has long proven to be quite the special attraction. In 2015, Undertaker’s match against Lesnar at Hell in a Cell (his most recent non-Mania singles match) actually resulted in a five percent increase in PPV buys from the year prior, despite the fact that PPV is a dying business model in WWE and more than 550,000 fans subscribed to the WWE Network between HIAC 2014 and HIAC 2015. Meanwhile, Undertaker’s three live event appearances in Mexico in 2015 averaged 5,800 fans while WWE’s lone live event in Mexico (with no Undertaker) in 2016 attracted just 4,500.

Just two months ago, the WWE Network subscriber count was at more than 1.5 million after the 2017 Royal Rumble, which featured Reigns in a Universal Championship match and a rare non-WrestleMania match for The Undertaker. Last year, the WWE Network subscriber count hit an all-time high of 1.82 million subscribers the day of WrestleMania 32, when Undertaker topped Shane-O-Mac and Reigns won the WWE Championship.

So, can’t you see why WWE would want to have Undertaker face Reigns at WrestleMania?

Let’s forget the fact that this may literally be the last chance for this blockbuster match to happen, with rumors heating up that Undertaker could, in fact, retire after WrestleMania 33. Instead, let’s also acknowledge the fact that Google search results data from 2016 indicate Reigns was likely the No. 2 merchandise seller in WWE last year while Undertaker may have been as high as No. 4, despite wrestling only one match.

Thus, it’s become very apparent that Reigns and Undertaker fit two very different needs for WWE.

With Cena no longer working full-time, Reigns has become WWE’s No. 1 full-time star in terms of selling merchandise, bringing in viewers on YouTube and generating that immeasurable polarizing reaction. On the flip side, Undertaker is a part-time draw, who helped Raw generate a strong rating even against the College Football National Championship Game (which had 24 million viewers) and led SmackDown’s 900th episode to its third-best viewership since the draft last summer.

There will be no perfect WrestleMania feud and no perfect build to any feud, either. But any cons to Reigns vs. Undertaker are far outweighed by the pros, which all lead to the match being one of the most anticipated and must-see attractions in recent memory.

And yes, a money-making main event for WrestleMania, too. Even if it’s not the last match on the show.