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Okay, real talk, who's going to win at Wrestlemania

I never know if I should go with who I want to win or who I think will win.

1. Neville Retains the cruiserweight title.

2. Braun Strowman wins the Battle royal by eliminating Sami “I’m the only one who had to qualify for this match” Zayn.

3. Naomi wins the SD Women’s title.

4. Gallows & Anderson retain Raw tag gold, I don’t think the Hardyz are showing up as they have a Ladder match the night before. I do expect them to be the ones to take the titles off them though.

5. Ambrose retains, as long as he gets a good match out of Corbin, I’m happy.

6. Miz & Maryse should win but I think Nikki & Cena will, even if it’s just to set up a fake wedding for Total Divas.

7. AJ Styles has to win.

8. Triple H needs to put Seth over, it’s 50/50 but I’m going to go with Seth.

9. If Sasha turns heel she wins, if not Bayley retains.

10. Kevin Owens needs to win after how he was treated in the main event scene.

11. Reigns vs. Undertaker. Does anyone care? Anything less than a Reigns win makes no sense, however he can’t win as a babyface but I don’t see him turning heel.

12. Randy Orton wins. Bray always gets fucked over at ‘Mania so I don’t see that changing. The main events really suck this year.

13. Whoever wins, we lose. I think that’s the tag line from AVP. Brock is more likely to stick around longer so I’d like to see him win, but it’s possible that Goldberg could beat him in 10 seconds and keep the belt until he loses it to Reigns at Summerslam. I’m going with Goldberg, at least if I’m wrong I’ll be marginally happier.

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I have to give last night's show a 5/10.

Pre show was a waste, the IC match was decent with a deserving winner, the triple threat womens match was the match of the night.
The rest was all a bit of a let down, too many nostalgia spots, slow segments, predictable finishes and that last match might just have made the top 5 worst mania main events list.