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Okay but for real

can we talk about the amazing body positivity and diversity WWE is literally FULL of

i mean we have little tiny gals who are built AF

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and we have tall, curvy ladies who will mess you up and look amazing doing it

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and we have ladies with adorable kid-friendly aesthetics who are there to have a good time

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and then there’s the hardcore punk gals who are NOT messing around

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we have your conventionally pretty ladies

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and your impressive AF ladies 

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and even adorable-as-hell ladies you will never see coming

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and you will never ONCE hear an announcer (male OR female) say a word about these women’s bodies or appearance or rude euphemisms or anything even remotely of that nature

no–instead, the announcers can’t say enough about how amazingly talented these wonderful women are, their impressive athleticism, their heart, their fire, their drive. not what they find attractive about these gals or how much they like watching them or any number of other less complimentary things

they talk about the things that make these women athletes. what makes them the best of the best. what makes them FIGHTERS.

like i don’t even care what you think about WWE or if you think it’s silly or fake (which, duh, it is) or whatever else

if you don’t think this is refreshing as hell then i’m sorry but you’re wrong

demons who play together, slay together

i really fell down the rabbit hole with this one. i was inspired like… back at summerslam?? someone was like “demon finn but with naomi’s entrance” and then my brain was like “or glow demon naomi teaming up with demon finn to take over wrestling”. it got weird to say the least.

BUT IM JUST SAYING if naomi gets traded to raw, and wwe bites the bullet and does intergender wrestling. their combined entrance would be bangin’.


Raw pays tribute to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
[September 18th, 2017]

It’s impossible to conceive that anyone would be as good an entertainer as the late Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was, but he certainly did exist, and he definitely was that good. Bobby entertained audiences for over 30 years in every way possible, both as you wanted to see him get knocked out, but you couldn’t wait to see what he says next. Bobby was the man.

Wrestling confession

Some wrestling fans will make disgusting posts wanting a wrestler to get fired or injured, bully wrestlers and their fans, and make disgusting comments about wrestlers families and when they get called out they try to play it off as a joke and say “y’all take everything so serious”. Yet, when a wrestler they don’t like wins (I’m especially looking at you Reigns haters) they bitch and complain endlessly and act like babes throwing tantrums because they didn’t get want they wanted.

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