wrestle meat

  • Iwaizumi: This seems like none of our business.
  • Oikawa: Be supportive, OK? Don't be all like, "No. I don't want to. I am a guy and I like fire, and arm wrestling and eating meat. No, no says I."
  • Hanamaki: That was a really good Iwaizumi.
  • Oikawa: [happily] Thank you.
Jason Headcanons you didn't need

His favorite song is Rebirthing by Skillet

His favorite sport is wrestling

His favorite meat is beef

His favorite color is red

He has four different leather jacket colors: white, brown, black, and grey. With MANY duplicates of each

He is a dog person but loves cats too

He is very heavy on the carbs. And caffeine

His favorite band is probably sick puppies or three days grace, but he’s also a closet p!nk fan

His favorite robin is Tim.