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Crazy quotes from this weeks Raw☆23/10/17

•"Jinder May-hal.“- Kurt Angle.

•"385 pounds of nasty, stinking human refuse.”- Kane about Braun Strowman.

•"Future Hall of Famer, 6x women’s champion and leader of the old folks home.“- Alexa Bliss about Mickie James.

•"AJ Styles and Finn Balor can stand in the middle of the ring gazing into each other’s eyes for I don’t know, 10 minutes.”- Alexa Bliss.

•"You people just hand out chants like halloween candy.“- Alexa Bliss.

•"First time I’ve seen that in 6 inch pumps.”- Booker T about Mickie James’ DDT.

•Kurt Angle:“We’re gonna do what we always do on Raw.” Sasha Banks+Bayley:“Settle it in the ring.” Alicia Fox:“paper, rock, scissors!!”

•Michael:“Get ready to walk with Elias.” Corey:“Someone hit my mute button.”

•"Anything is strong compared to Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone.“- Elias about Green Bay Packers’ quarterback.

•Booker T:“He’s got some dirt on him, that’s what I like about this guy(Elias).” Corey:“He’s unwashed?”

•"The brand that brags Brock Lesnar. Say that 3x fast.“- Paul Heyman.

•"Any one of these 5 men on team ‘lucha lucha’ would make a far better representative as the face of the cruiserweight division than that derelict.”- Corey Graves about Enzo Amore.