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Happy's Halloween

Day drunk Drabble #3
Happy Lowman x Reader with a pranking Halloween theme.
How did you guys know Halloween was my favourite time of year?!

He’d never understand your love of Halloween.
But you couldn’t understand how he could get into fights without flinching.
Yet he let you decorate with minimal fuss.
Still you washed the blood from his clothes.
He loved the way your eyes lit up as the leaves changed.
You loved the way he protected you from everyone including himself.

But this year he’d forgotten about your maze date, where you’d stroll around a corn maze through the day and spend the evening listening to Johnny Cash playing through the broken speakers and sit back in the field with beer and cotton candy.

You appreciated that Happy’s work with the Son’s was dangerous and that as a general rule he was emotionally closed off but laying under the stars in the Autumn field had been where he’d first opened up to you.

You knew his head was in a weird place, with his mothers health and the Sons currently struggling to get through another fianical crisis.
But you were his Old Lady and you were pissed.

So you coerced Juice, Jax and Ope into giving you a hand. Not only were you a close friend of theirs but you were also Happy’s Old Lady, that in itself meant that you were not to be messed with.

Happy didn’t suspect anything when he came in and thats exactly what you wanted. You were sat hiding in your garden with Juice and his Laptop watching on the survilance cameras has Happy walked through each room looking for you.
He gave up eventually and stepped into the shower.

You watched as Happy contently showered unaware of what was to come and ignored Juice shuffling awkwardly next to you. It was no secret that he was warry of Happy’s backlash.
You watched as Happy held his hand out examining the water as it ran blood red down his arm before trailing off of his hand and to the floor. He tried to jump away feom the trail of water and crashed to the floor covered in the crimson water.
He jumped to his feet, and maybe you should have worried that he was so unfazed by supposed blood, before he reached up and with one large hand ripped the shower head straight from the wall.

“He’s going to do that to us you know.” Jujce paled next to you.
“How did you do that with the water?” You asked unfazed by your Old Mans kneejerk act of agression.
“Blood tablets, like the ones that wreslters use. Got them off Tig.” Juice replied while nervously chewing his thumbnail.

“Tig is a very worrying man. Ohh look round two.” You leaned down to watched the screen closer as Happy stormed through the house in just a towel with the showerheard still in hand as he calles for you.
He got to the front room where he had left his bag.
It was gone.

You giggled gleefully into your hand as you watched Happy look around for his bag unnerved. On the other two screens you watched Jax and Opie bump into each other as they snuck around the rest of your house moving chairs and items around to freak out Happy.
For such large grown men they were seriously good at keeping quiet but you guessed that came with being a criminal.

“Shit.” Juice’s panicked hiss drew your attention to Happy on the screen as your Old Man leaned down and unclipped a gun from under your dining room table.
“Shit.” You agreed and both off you took off runnning towards the house.

You burst through the back door shouting for him not to shoot but Juice had already tackled him to the floor.
At the sound of shouting, Jax and Opie had rushed through to find you trying to quickly explain the situation while Juice fought a towel-clad Happy on the floor.

“Told you he was Gay curious.” Opie laughed.
“What’re you doing to Hap there brother?” Jax joined in laughing.
Happy had managed to elbow Juice in the stomach and knock him off of him so that he could sit up. He pointed at you, narrowed his eyes and snapped, “Explain.”

You gave him an innocent smile, “Happy Halloween?”

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