My school has some really old copies of God Save the Queen and this was written on the back of my part. My teacher estimates it’s about fifty years old.

My heart has been wrent in two; I’m so upset I can barely see straight (my spelling); my eyes are sorely swollen from weeping, I shall never trust a boy again.
You’ve ruined me for life.
Love, as always,


Merchandise / Milk Music / Destruction Unit - USA ‘13

wow so many grate boys on one cd-rom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are some use full  facts to learn on how these boys keep it cool ;)

merchandise man carson daly stole jes areluis from destucting unit hair gel so that he could empress farmakon and take her to the scool winter formal but then nick zappa found out and challenged him to a battle of the bnads and dumped a fuzze pedal on his head hahahah 

nick zappa 

nick nappa is grate And always wears cool t shirts and loves to snuggle 

when these boys arnt  at battle of the band they our out solving mysterys like why dide cheslee wolf grow hair under the moon hahah or what is your favorit thing to do on sun days when your mom is at bible stody and she left the computer on so you coild read pinch fork and watch you tube  videos on youtube of all your singing bands at the SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!

after a egausting day of looking for clues they heard there tummie was rumbleing and  wrent back the ascetic house for dinner where jes areluis cooked up a duel reverb soaked chedder bake meat lovers pizz a  just the way gramma lucy taght us boy those were the days!!!!!!!!!

i miss gramma lucy :(

10/10   stars mystery men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TITLE: Relic Chapter 8


AUTHOR: jepenner

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine coming to the Asgardian court as the new chief musician, performing at banquets and other court events, as well as singing privately for the royal family. Loki eventually falls in love with you through your singing. After a rival trashes your bedchamber, he confesses his feelings while comforting you.

RATING: T for some angst. Nothing too bad.

NOTES/WARNINGS: Nothing to declare. Feedback is welcome! Don’t forget to like and comment!

Chapter 8

Hanne’s hair whipped around her face as Groa charged through the streets of Asgard. Hanne didn’t even have to use the reins: the horse knew exactly where she was meant to carry her rider. She raced through the gates to the palace and did not stop until she reached the stables. Two servants ran forward to help her down.

“What’s happening?” Hanne asked as soon as her feet touched stone. “Where are the others?”

“They will come soon,” a servant assured her.

“They are good fighters, I’m sure it won’t take them long.”

“Where is the queen?”

the servant paused.

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