We’re drowning- trapped- within the wake
The ashen falls of Timber Lake

She thought she loved him not
She was surprised
And found herself lost
When wand'ring in his eyes

It troubled her, as if it were a choice
She could abstain
So in the depths of her soul
She drowns in her pain

Our hearts can burst- resurface-
We only wonder when
She wants to try
To change her mind
But I am the Contrarian

I came to terms with being trapped
In time to watch the world collapse
He had no affect (such was my guise)
But I intended to lose myself in his eyes

When storms, my face, leave wracked and wrent
She’ll start to doubt my innocence
Or can I steer us through this weather?
But that is how we fell together

Falling through cracks in the ice, and we break
In the ashen falls of Timber Lake

She means well, but it takes her all
I dragged her down the waterfall
She does not want to be released
But how else can I give her peace?
One day she’ll pay ‘most any price
For fire and chaos to break the ice

And thus, we surfaced, we escaped
The ashen falls of Timber Lake

What we lose
We seek to find
And so she sought
To change my mind
And should we chance to sparr again
She’ll call me Contrarian