Good morning (when this was taken)/afternoon (what it is now).. After a minor sleep in and breakfast foraging I’ve got a moment to catch up with all you loverly peoples :)

Jenkins is in fine mettle, cheerful and even playing.. The meds seem to be kicking in and making a difference. Tho I think he thinks his life is going to be viewed through the cone for always haha poor thing.

Hi. This is my face. I like my face, but it is one you haven’t seen much lately… BECAUSE OF THIS FREAKIN FLU


Anyways, when I’m not working, I’m in a state of suspended animation, aka comasleep, and so I have missed you all. Expect heart bombs incoming as I catch up on all the cool things y'all have been doing while I’ve been all invalid over here, without any cookies or anyone willing to pet my hair and watch Harry Potter with me. Instead I get lots of bitching and nagging and complaints that I’m asleep before 8pm, even though I’m actually just being dead, not sleeping.

DOUBLE-ANYways… Hi. I love you. Even you. With the weird blog posts that scare me sometimes. ;)

This wrenface is neaaaaaaarrrrrrrrly a birthday wrenface. Official “May the Fourth” Yoda/Stitch shirt is in place. I don’t think I’ll ever end up being as grown up as I probably should be.

Hey y'all! I have not been around much lately - utter chaos abounds! Things have been hectic, but I thought I’d pop in and say hey so you know I’ve not keeled over as yet ;)