Dredge still life. There was a time when steampunk was real, when brute force mechanical advantage could solve any problem (or, so it was assumed;-) … give me a large enough wrench, and I will move the world (to paraphrase Archimedes)

A few more from the dredge, then back to ballroom dance;-)

Interior. The dredge. Chicken. Alaska. June. 2014.


Finished up fabricating a new socket/wrench holder for my garage tonight. The socket holder was an afterthought. More often than not one is going to need a socket and ratchet if they are grabbing for a wrench right? Why not have both in the same place? Seems logical to me. Also, I don’t have to label which is which, the ¾" wrench is under the ¾" socket. Makes my life just a little bit easier!

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