wrench and numbers

The Close Call

Words: 2362, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

The Close Call

  • Fandoms: Fargo
  • Warnings: Some violence, swearing
  • Categories: m/m
  • Characters: Mr Numbers/Mr Wrench
  • Relationships: Wrenchers

They had been dumping bodies in the frozen lake for years without a hitch. This is the day that changed. 

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WrenchersCon 2015


So ladydorian and I are actually starting to talk the logistics of organizing this whole WrenchersCon business.

Right now, the tentative date is Sept 11 - 13 in San Francisco, California.

What I want to know is how much interest there is in attending an event like this. If enough people want to come, we’ll do t shirts and swag and karaoke and screenings of episodes of Fargo and all kinds of rad events and games and contests for prizes.

We are also talking about offering swag gift bags for people who can’t come but are willing to help us fund the event.

So please respond to this message and let me know if you would be interested in coming, and also please tell me if you are above or below the age of 18.

And pass it on to people who you think might be interested!

Thanks, everyone! ❤️

P A R T N E R S || Wrench&Numbers journey through Fargo.  

Perfect tunes for kicking ass and taking names. 


1. Intro - Wrench and Numbers Theme 

2. The Rooster Prince  - Joker and The Theif

3. A Muddy Road - Snap out of it 

4. Eating the Blame - Beat the Devil’s Tattoo 

5. The Six Ungraspables - THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT 

6. Buridan’s Ass - Skulls

7. Who Shave’s the Barber? - Too Much to Ask?

8. The Heap - Kill Me

Like the fact that numbers is wearing almost entirely black mutes the fact that he is so goddamn showy: a giant fur coat, a drivers cap, sunglasses AND knee high boots that should scream for attention but the colors and pairing him with wrench subdues the whole outfit. And wrench’s fringe is so interesting as a characterization element because I’ve read how they didn’t really anticipate how it would interact with ASL but liked the effect a lot and I agree. It makes it impossible for people to ignore him when he’s talking and gets in people’s personal space when he’s being intimidating and just man, I love these costuming decisions.