transparent !!! full view them please!!

i spent waaaay too much time on this !!! i just wanted to try my hand at colouring again and it got way outta hand for something so simple, haha.

it was kind of fun, though. it’s been probably over a year (maybe two?) since i touched my tablet, wow !!! i never would have guessed a show like this would be the thing to inspire me to pick up my tablet again. so thank you rick and morty for being the inspiration i never saw coming??

little-kiki-kitten  asked:

All your Rick and Morty fanart is amazing holy shit. Your interpretation of the style and characters is so good. Keep drawing forever please. I mean if you want to that is. I'd request something if I had any ideas lmao. I'll just look at what you've already done. They have so much movement and they're so relaxing to look at jfc draw forever.

wow!! oh geeze, thank you for the thoughtful words, friend! ;u; 

it means a lo that you think so, because i always thought of my own drawings really stiff, haha. 

please, let me know if you think of something you’d like to see me try and draw!