wren theories

As soon as I heard that English “boo”, I immediately thought Alex grew up in London around Wren, and they had a relationship that drove him to Rosewood to find her family for her, hence him finding Melissa and dating her to get close to the family. That would also explain his intense attraction to Spencer. I just wanted this to go back to the start.

Rewriting Wren Kingston’s death:

I wanna set this on 7x19, at Lost Woods after Mona revealed being Charlotte’s killer.

Spencer and the girls are on the outside, Wren arrives.

W: Spencer?

S: Wren?! What are you doing here? So nice to see you again, did you came here for Melissa? 

W: What? No, i’m here to talk to you and your friends, can we go inside? i don’t think we safe out here…

S: Sure. 

They go inside and Wren is glancing to the girls.

Hanna: What do you have to say to us?

Wren: I don’t have much time, so i’m going to hurry. I was on the A team, when Mona was A and when Charlotte was A too, you can talk to Mona later she’ll confirm!

Aria: So.. you’re saying that you are… AD?

Wren: No, i’m not AD, i know who it is… But you have to understand me, everything i’ve done was for Bethany, i was trying to find her, my half-sister, we both are your uncle Scott kids, Aria… we are cousins.


Wren: That’s why i break up with Melissa, after the cops confirmed that she is the one on Alison’s grave, I-i gave up on this game, flew back to London… but keep my friendship with Charlotte, like nothing of this ever happened.

Hanna: Wren, tell us who is AD, please!

Wren: AD stands for…

A SHOOT  ECHOES IN THE ROOM, Wren was shot right on the back, he is falling, Spencer runs to help him

“OH MY GOD! HOLD ON, YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY, tell me who did this!“ she cried. But it was to late, Spencer saw the glint of his eyes fade away.

A mistery person walks in the room wearing A’s uniform…

“I’m sorry, but i don’t think he is able to that now” AD said on a british accent. “I’m AD”.

“Who are you?” Spencer said.

AD starts to take off the hood and speaks in a tone of mockery. 

“Hey sis, surprise!”

Everyone is mouth gaping, they just can’t believe on what they are seeing, AD is someone that looks just like Spencer.

END OF 7X19. 

(If there is any mistake on my english i’m sorry, google translate helped me, if you liked this reblog) 

where did eddie lamb go why have we never see pictures of bethany young what’s with the N.A.T club does emison even know that wren is their baby daddy how did wren die why was sara harvey black veil and red coat why is she even relevant where is mike why didn’t he attend aria’s wedding how did mona kidnapped mary and alex when alex was caught by a fucking cop  did peter know he had another baby why was alex so hateful to hanna why did she choose aria out of all   that ending seemed so fucking rushed 

The writers could have used the episode to answer as many questions as possible but no
Soo many plot holes and unanswered questions but god forbid we know which of the Emison twins doesn’t like peas, that Melissa wants to sleep in the barn, Ezra loves Aria’s ugly cry, Toby travelled all the way from Africa, Byron gives Ezra the blessing he never asked for, Ezria is leaving for their honeymoon (and we have so much knowledge we can write a goddamn book about honeymoons), Wes is watching the wedding on Skype, Dianne prefers freaking cocktail wieners, Pam couldn’t drink for an entire year, Addison gets lost like she fucking deserves to be and the writers let us all down yet again.
Surely ‘satisfying’ thank you Marlene King!

My thoughts on Pretty Little Liars Series Finale... (Spoilers)

(I apologize in advance to how long this turned out for anyone who actually reads it. I ranted A LOT. But I don’t really discuss these types of things with anyone so I had a lot on my mind and no one to stop me)

One of my favorite shows has ended. And it ended in the most anti climactic manner possible. I don’t want to feel disappointed; and I can’t. Because a part of me still is waiting for a “Hold on, there’s more…” type of announcement. Maybe it will go in a few hours/days/weeks. I don’t follow a lot of social media stuff or anything. Don’t know that many people online either. So I was not aware of spoilers or hints and such but I was aware of the “Twincer” thing by my judgement. I chalk it up to my mom and all her fiction books of murder, mystery and twists that keep me on my toes with these things sinceI was younger. However, one thing I heard a lot on the times I would see an interview or comment here and there was that the “show would end in full circle”. This is more based on interpretation perhaps but, for me, ending full circle means “it ends where it began.” I was expecting Twincer to be a much smarter and bigger threat than what we were presented with. I was expecting a link to every season (not every episode) since this was supposed to be the Big A or “Uber A” as she was constantly called and instead, this reveal was solely linked to Seasons 6B-7. Basically the five year jump was a cheap spinoff and the ending looking like a mediocre fan fic (nothing against fan fics but I have read some a bit out there). It also means the past years and events (Seasons 1-5 to be more precise) on the show are meant to be irrelevant. And with it’s irrelevance, plot holes and unanswered questions. Now, these could be just things I overlooked or did not realize and may need to be pointed out. I will admit I was a time I didn’t watch every single episode so some are actual questions. If you are taking the time to read this, please fee free to answer them…

• What was the relevance of Bethany Young?
I have to start with this because whether she had to do with the main plot or a subplot is beside the point. We never got a full concrete answer on what happened to her. We never saw a face. Other than her young self during “Cece’s confessional”. We never really find out her story other than a piece here and there and references toward someone we still aren’t entirely sure if it is toward Jessica Dilaurentis or Alison Dilaurentis or the deal with her dad’s affair. But she was not relevant at all why constantly bring her up at certain points in the show and then, leave her full story lingering for theories and assumptions. A body that was used to cover so many lies, a girl used for so many lies should have gotten a proper few minutes of story on the show. A nice way to have ended the series would have been after all the happy endings, a showing of what REALLY happened that night, even if it was us the viewers who would know. Maybe even reenacted with the new gen that showed up in the end so we can see a tad clearer rather than give us a simple “history repeats itself” ending.

• Cece Drake and Alex Drake.
The following is something that bothered me and I could be wrong as I said previously, I have not watched every single episode and it is possible that in those I have not watched, CeCe was in it. But in the series finale we are shown that CeCe and Alex had a very close relationship. Enough that this was one of Alex’s motives to become A.D. after Cece’s death. Apparently they knew each other for a long long time. So why when CeCe reveals herself as A she is simply obsessed with Alison? She makes no reference to her actual other sister who looks so much like one she is so close to. In any given moment, did she glance, linger or something over to Spencer or made some sort of remark or action. Jessica expressed her hate for Spencer. Mary wasn’t too subtle about her feelings. If this final plot involved Spencer more than it did Ali and it started since Cece’s arrival should it have not started there? A very very sneaky hint we could look back on and say “oh now I see”. It looked like they added Twincer very last minute to wrap it up.

• Did Wren also have a twin?
I ask this because Wren in the past episodes he appeared in versus how he appeared in the finale are two very different people. We are made to believe Wren is a mysterious, calculating conniving character always working in the shadows; always with a motive. Maybe a sinister mastermind, maybe the perfect accomplice . But this was what made me I believe at some point he could be A and by what I have seen online sometimes many agreed. He was involved in most of the mysteries happening during the shows earlier seasons and even referenced a lot later on. But in the finale he is this hysterical person, a different personality who is in the end killed off for being a tad obsessive and maybe having too strong a feeling. Obviously, I know Wren does not have a twin but they gave the character a very drastic makeover and it was not for the best.

• Alison Dilaurentis
Regardless of how you think the show ended (I myself stand by the full circle thing I mentioned earlier) and whether you think “That night” should or should not have had any sort of impact in the final episodes or final season, we cannot deny that this story began because of Ali. Technically, this began with the Mary Drake Jessica Dilaurentis (and even Peter Hastings) situation but the whole thing went out of control because of that night. Alison instigated a lot of situations that drove to the event that unfolded that night. And while we are about 60-70% clear on what happened (Bethany’s PoV is still unaccounted which I still believe is the most important piece) there should have been much better closure on the whole thing and I mean in terms of Alison’s character. Season 5 remains my favorite season as it marks Alison’s return and at the time new mysteries I couldn’t wait to unfold came with it. We were never really clear as to what Alison did S1-4 during her disappearance because she was always so shady when she needed to retell it. It always felt like she was not saying the whole thing. And then episode “Taking this One to the Grave” before Mona is “killed” she says something that will always stay with me. (Paraphrasing) “Alison lured Bethany to Rosewood.” Why was this not explored in depth? All this made me believe that A was Alison related. Twins, herself, split personality anything because that statement made me believe that Alison had control of all the events that night up to a certain point. But she never answered for those actions. Maybe this was all answered if I rewatch the whole show, but she never paid for what she did. Because at some point during the show, much after that episode, Alison began to change to a point where the time shift gave her a huge personality shift as well. Maturity, sure. But does that erase past events? No one dared look into what happened “that night” or one of the girls never considered to dive into what Ali was really doing during her disappearance? This leads back to my plot hole/question: Bethany Young. With her side of the story told, that would have been full circle. Maybe it was important, maybe it wasn’t. But we would have known overall.

If you took the time to read all of this, thank you so much for hearing what I had to say and any comment/help/answer is appreciated. I may be wrong or you may not agree with some statement I made. But this is all my own PoV and opinion of the show as a fan for throughout the entire run even if I did miss a few episodes as I stated earlier. Again, Thanks if you did read it.