wren theories

FULL CREDIT to u/0leila on reddit for this one.

At the end of this weeks episode in Mona’s lair we see a photo in Mona’s lair of what looks like a male and female kissing: 

The camera panned over the image on purpose, and it was definitely a clue for fans to start speculating. The photo is a picture of WREN and SPENCER! See for yourself: 

As I have a read through the comments it actually got quite interesting. The photo is from episode 104 when Wren and Spencer kissed outside the Edgewood Motor Court. The number 1 and 4 represents A and D, respectively. Another pick up is the Edgewood Motor Court has links to Jenna, where we’ve seen her link to the number 214, a number that is prominently reappearing. 

I know this could be fans reading into it way too much, but I TRULY think that these subtle clues have been given for a reason! Is Mona onto something and is Wren Uber A/AD? 


Marlene posted this sometime in October when PLL finished production. Notice how it says “safley” instead of “safely”.

Who can’t spell well? WREN!

What I love even more is that it says “By By” instead of “Bye Bye” too…


This is it guys. Bethany Young is endgame. She IS Uber A / A.D. and Spencer’s twin, and Wren is her helper… because she looks so much like Spencer!

Honestly, if Marlene manages to fix every single plot hole in 7B she is a literal genius, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this mess of a show, like, I have built/read theories about pretty much every character on the show being -A, and there are still some details that don’t add up, every time. I just. Ugh. I just need to watch those last episodes and finally let my brain rest in peace. 

Aria killed Cece

I haven’t watched the whole of 7x17 yet but I saw the musical clip on YouTube and have just started watching the episode.

In the opening scene, AD says “you either deliver that gift or you’re getting hitched in CELL BLOCK SEVENTEEN”.

Aria’s dream is a musical sequence, that is very much like a scene from Chicago, The Musical, ‘Cell Block Tango’.

These are the lyrics Velma (a lead character):

‘My sister, VERONICA (she’s in Aria’s dream) and I had this double act and my husband, Charlie, traveled around with us.
Now, for the last number in our act, we did 20 acrobatic tricks in a row.
One two three four, five…splits, spread eagles, back flips,flip flops, one right after the other.
Well, this one night we were in the HOTEL CICERO (The Radley Hotel and Cicero College - looking for Mrs Grunwald - Aria was the only liar that wasn’t there), the three of us, sittin up in the hotel room boozin’ and havin’ a few laughs (the liars were drinking in the Radley Hotel, the night Cece was killed) and WE RUN OUT OF ICE (Hanna went to get ice and saw Aria). SO I GO OUT TO GET SOME. I come back, open the door and there’s Veronica and Charlie doing Number SEVENTEEN (AD says “Cell Block 17”) - the spread EAGLE (a type of bird - Drake/Wren).

Aria could have killed Cece but may not remember.


This is all the information I gathered so far from interviews, BTS pics, videos, etc.

1. Aria goes rouge because of the game. Which starts about 7x15.
2. Somebody gets arrested and is seen holding hands with another person under the table.
3. Wren (presumably) is aiming a gun at someone.
4. Aria attacks Sydney. (Already happened)
5. Melissa returns in 7x20 and has a scene with a Spencer at the stables.
6. Toby and Spencer has a scene of them hugging at the stables in 7x20.
7. The girls will be arrested in 7x18 and will probably be released in the beginning of 7x19.
8. There’s a scene of Aria sobbing in 7x16.
9. Aria finds a body in the trunk in 7x19.
10. 3 characters will die.
11. Ezria’s wedding is in 7x20. (Ian was wearing a wedding ring and Lucy was wearing a wedding dress)
12. There will be another wedding before 7x20. So in total we’ll see two weddings. One small one and one big one.
13. AD will be revealed in the beginning of the finale.
14. Wren has a part in the final twist.
15. CeCe will be in the finale.
16. The Nicole storyline will be resolved by 7x15.
17. Paige will be gone by 7x15.
18. There will be group scenes in 7x20.
19. Ezra will probably get knocked out and kidnapped (assuming) by AD.
20. Wren will return in 7x15.
21. Caleb will end up in the hospital because of some steam that was sprayed in his face. (Already happened)
22. Holden will be in 7x12 also. (Already happened)
23. Spencer will be interrogated.
24. One liar in the finale will leave rosewood for a short time.
25. There’s an emotional scene between Aria and Byron in the finale.
26. Dianne will be in the finale.
27. Jason’s last episode was 7x18. (Assuming since apparently he deleted the picture when they filmed that episode)
28. Alison will have twin baby girls.
29. The final scene of the show is with the 5 Liars.
30. Several people from the cast says that people will be satisfied with the ending. But Shay said some might be disappointed.
31. There will be an HBO level sex scene between ezria in the finale.
32. Ezra and Wren will have a scene with each other in 7x15.
33. Ezria will have their wedding in a church.
34. Alison won’t be in every episode of 7B
35. AD has not been confirmed yet if it’s a guy or girl.
36. The finale will have a full circle moment.
37. There will be a time jump that’s 1 year. 38. There will be a group scene that involves a bomb fire presumably in the time jump.

39. There will be a bachelorette party. For Ezria.
My Pretty Little Liars Final Theory..

Hi guys, we are officially 28 days away from the series finale. I think I have figured out what exactly is going on in Rosewood and i will try my best to explain everything. Let’s begin. 

I think the AD game’s beginning is a pivotal part in the story. The texts started 6x13, “The Gloves Are On”. The episode has some interesting details. Okay, so here’s who I think is AD:

Melissa is Uber A. 

In the episode, Melissa returns, coincidentally the same episode where the game begins. Melissa teases Spencer about shopping out of other people’s carts, showing that she clearly has not forgotten the past (i will come back to this). 

In the same episode, Melissa is worried about the reporter Damian since he realised some things about her possibly (burying Bethany) and she is frantic and confides in Spencer. I think she is really worried that the reporter may think she is capable of murder.

In the image above, which is from 6x17, we learn through Caleb’s interest in baseball that her alibi was a lie and she in fact was in town the night Charlotte died. In this episode, we also learn Charlotte called Wren and told her about Bethany Young, leading Wren to split up with Melissa. 

Okay, so now, i’m going to add the base of my theory and what I think really went down. 

I think we are all forgetting one major detail revealed in 6x18 “Burn This” Melissa was being blackmailed by someone and that is an extremely important detail. In the image above, Peter confesses to Spencer that Melissa was indeed being blackmailed. I think Charlotte was blackmailing Melissa about the tape and she was in love with Wren. Wren decided to breakup with Melissa, but there is definitely more to that.  

Wren killed Charlotte. He did it so he can finally be in peace and get back with Melissa. I think after he does it, he tells Melissa why and what he did but an already shaken Melissa comes up with a plan. They start what Charlotte ended, the A GAME. The whole idea is brilliant. They pretend to be interested in knowing who killed her, when in all honesty and truth they only want to pin the murder on these girls. Melissa has more motivation. She has bad blood with her sister. Melissa and Wren are the ultimate AD team, Melissa being the head.

And what they needed the most, happens. They have proof of the girls being murderers. Yes, Elliot Rollins. 

I also think Melissa is crazy and depressed over the miscarriage she had and took Wren’s help in fertilising Emily’s stolen eggs and stealing the baby in the end. 

Now, coming to 7x15. As much as I thought she was Twincer and still could be, I think Spencer is slightly starting to figure it out on her own. I think that is why she met Wren and suspects something is definitely up.That is why the scene is so shady. 

Since the next episode is 7x17, I will be predicting what happens in the next three episodes. I think Wren goes to his boss lady AD, Melissa and tells her Spencer is starting to piece it together. 

This BTS shot is from 7x18, which shows the girls in the police lineup. Even the synopsis and trailers have shown AD wanting one of them to fess up and end up in jail. Obviously, AD’s plan fails since the girls are out and about in a graveyard in 7x19: 

In this episode, I think Spencer figures out more information regarding Wren and maybe the final big turn is them having to dig up Charles/Charlotte’s grave so Wren and Melissa can yet again wrongly accuse the girls of killing Charlotte. 

Now, here’s what I think the finale will be:

Melissa gets arrested for Charlotte’s murder at the horse stables. 

The Liars will yet again come in the way of Wren and Melissa ending up together. An angry Wren will be out to kill everyone I think… 

As you can see him shooting a gun in the scene above. 

Here is some more proof. 


-Melissa is Uber A, with Wren’s help and he is Charlotte’s killer.

And if all of this is incorrect, I think Charlotte lied, she was always CeCe. Wren was the real charles. end of story. 

Spencer and wren

After watching the scene with Spencer and Wren, the Spencer twin theory seemed more convincing. First Spencer was dressed completely different wheres her coat? and it wasn’t even on her chair.

Secondly why did she seem scared that Ezra would tell someone she was with Wren? maybe because it would reveal her identity.

PLL Finale
  • <p> <b></b> Twincer, sorry, Alex is AD<p/><b></b> Ezria are married and can't have kids<p/><b></b> Emison are endgame, happy family with the most amazing twins❤<p/><b>Haleb are expecting :</b> ))<p/><b></b> Jenna knows best<p/><b></b> Toby would forever love Spencer.<p/><b></b> Alex is crazy just like her mommy and sista, and she's british.<p/><b></b> Doll house 2.0 made me cry<p/><b></b> MONA IS QUEEN A<p/></p>

As soon as I heard that English “boo”, I immediately thought Alex grew up in London around Wren, and they had a relationship that drove him to Rosewood to find her family for her, hence him finding Melissa and dating her to get close to the family. That would also explain his intense attraction to Spencer. I just wanted this to go back to the start.