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Welp somehow this whole post…didn’t get posted? Uuuggggh.

@jessaknits HEED ITS SIREN CALL. More yarn, there’s no ACTUAL downside amirite? ^_~

@servantofclio I got two replacement skeins for my Hue Shift blanket (I’ve only had the kit for mumblemumble years) and some Chroma Worsted in Party Hat for a multidirectional scarf. Hoping it’ll drag me back into knitting (or, really, anything creative at all.)

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yeeeEEEEAH DROW!! i play a drow, i love her. can you tell us more about yours?

Hey there fellow drow player! I’m flattered you’d want to know more about Crow, here’s some fun facts™ about him. He’s a chaotic neutral aligned sorcerer specialising in wild magic. In the last session he managed to turn himself bright blue with wild magic, and he’s stuck that way until he finds someone who can cast remove curse on him.

Crow’s campaign is the 5th campaign I’ve been involved in and I’m having a great time so far. 🦋

@kylo–wren said: yah hux isn’t in the parks :/ in general (no pun intended) they try really hard to avoid putting live action characters w exposed faces in the parks bc it’s so dang hard to cast correctly

phas mentions him during her little spielio in front of the chinese theater and I know for sure there’s an abbreviated version of the Last Day of the Republic speech in the night show.  I can’t remember any mention of him in the parks, but supposedly he should be involved w the ride when the star wars section opens in the early 2020′s.


yes he really wasn’t there in general (haha) D:  and yeah it is really hard to find a hux lookalike :/  there’s just something about donut that’s difficult to copy!  but my big problem was that I couldn’t find any merch!  >:(  like I found a lot more krennic and phasma merch than hux like………Rip Hux…..even tarkin got a tsum tsum of himself like kfjdskfjsdfk ok 

but yeah I did hear phasma mention him (on the authority of general hux!)  and saw his projected self and heard him in the fireworks show- that’s good enough for me!!

and OMG if he’s involved in the ride……..Yes Please………….please bring hux to disney world disney I beg of you to give me This

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Why do you like Sabine Wren?

*replies super late*

SABINE MY DAUGHTER! I honestly love so much about Sabine! She’s such a bamf character, like you meet her and she just seems like the “tough girl that could kick your butt” and she totally is, but then you find out more about her past and just…how much she’s been through, and how much she’s overcome? She got hurt so much but learned to trust again. And she is so strong, like she goes and faces her family again, embraces what the darksaber means even though she is scared and hurt and DOESN’T WANT IT. But she knows it can help the rebellion, and she goes back and just aghhhh! And not to mention how supportive she is, like she’s bamf but goodness she can be so caring too? Like, agh, Bean is just so amazing, and she’s an epic artist! I just…I love her!

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Imagine (11) - Pretty Little Liars

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys: Could you do a Wren from PLL x reader???

I generally prefer people to send me a lil bit more specific scenarios/requests, but hey, this is fine too :)

Wren Kingston 

You know how every girl tend to fall for the bad boy persona even though they probably have 101 reasons not to? Well trust me, don’t fall for it.

You simply couldn’t resist that British charm and smile. Also, being a graduate from Med School and becoming a doctor did nothing more than to add on to the list.

Life in Rosewood with Wren Kingston was like a Roller Coaster ride to you.

First, there were the ups.

He went to the Brew every Saturday morning to get his weekly cup of black coffee, so you went to the Brew every Saturday morning to ‘study’.

You would unknowingly make quick glances at Wren as he took sips from his coffee and flipped the pages of his book. Then, the game changer happened. The server that was walking past Wren had dropped the cutleries, and when Wren was helping the server, he caught you staring at him.

“Crap,” you thought to yourself and hurriedly look away. 

When the blush finally faded away from your face, you couldn’t help but to steal glances at Wren again. Unfortunately, you still made eye contact with him; only this time, he was the one that looked at you first and he smiled.

“He smiled!” you exclaimed in your mind and quickly turned your head back. Could you be anymore embarrassed?

Should you look at him again? You shouldn’t, right…? But you did, and when you did, Wren was gone.

“Bummer,” you mumbled to yourself, and took out your notebook, ready to finally start studying.

“You know, you could have just came over and say hello,” said someone with a British Accent.

It couldn’t possibly be…Wren? You felt butterflies in your stomach as you slowly turned around, and it really was Wren. 

He was leaning against the wall right behind you and smiling. God, you could never get enough of that smile.

“I got caught, didn’t I…?” You uttered out while trying hide to mask your embarrassed expression.

“Seriously Y/N? I got caught didn’t I? Could you be anymore creepy?” You thought to yourself.

“Yeah,” he chuckled.

“Mind if I sit?” asked Wren as he pointed to the empty chair across your table.

“Uh- yeah-yeah sure, why not?” you said, moving yours bags from the chair to the floor.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,” you added.

“Spencer’s good friend, I’ve seen you and the others hanging out frequently. Wren,” he replied. 

“Yeah,” you nodded, forcing a smile.

“He knew! Oh god things just got 100x more embarassing,” exclaimed the voice in your mind.

“So…how’s Mona?” You tried to start the conversation. Then you realised that you weren’t even supposed to know where he was working at.

“I mean, you’re working at Radley Sanitarium right?- Not that I stalk you or anything, Spencer told me about it- I didn’t ask her- Emily did. No wait, she didn’t ask Spencer because she was interested in you or anything-” you tried to explain, but it seemed to get worser with every new explanation

“You’re a very amusing person,” Wren laughed.

“Is that Brit humor? Because I don’t get what you’re trying to say,” you raised your brow.

“That was a compliment,” Wren said.

“Great, thanks,” you replied. Where’s a hole to jump into when you needed one?

“Mona’s still unstable, but I’m sure Hanna would be able to-”

“Hanna? She’s visiting Mona?” you asked clearly looking surprised. You had no idea that Hanna was visiting Mona.

“and you’re not supposed to know that aren’t you…?” Wren’s volume got softer when he realised that he had let out a secret.

“Nope, but I’ll do you a favour and not confront her about that for now,” you replied.

“I like that,” Wren said as licked his lips after getting foam on his lips from his coffee.

“Sadly, I’ve got to head back to Radley now, I’ll see you next time Y/N,” said Wren as he took one last sip of his coffee before leaving.

“Bye,” You said.

Well, that was intense. Unbeknownst to you, you were hanging a slight smile on your lips.

Saturday mornings became your favourite. He would never fail to appear and join you for a cup of coffee. You had small talks about how you were doing, how he was doing, and occasionally gossip about Zack’s hair.

You had common interests, he made you laugh, and you liked talking to him. 

“Two tickets to Walk Off The Earth tomorrow night,” he said.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” You asked.

“No, I’m asking you to be a backstage crew,” Wren replied.

“Uh huh, you’ve got to fix that dry humor of yours,” You chuckled.

“I’ll take note of that, but yes, I am asking you out.” Wren smiled and bit his lip.

“I would love to,” you said immediately.

“Not that I like you or anything- I’m just a huge fan of Walk Off The Earth,” you hurriedly explained yourself. 

“If you say so Y/N,” Wren laughed, amused at your personality.

After the ups, there were the downs.

“Please tell me you aren’t seeing Wren Kingston,” Aria blurted out when you were in her room, doing homework. 

“What? Pfft, I’m not,” you brushed it off. 

“I guess I just happened to see someone else at the WOTE concert then,” replied Aria.

“You were there? With who?” Your eyes were wide open.

“With Ezra.” replied Aria.

“You went to town with Mr Fitz? Nobody caught you?” You exclaimed as you dived in your bed.

“Surprisingly no. I was so scared I was going to bump into someone- why are you changing the topic?” Aria threw a pillow right at you once she’d figured out what you were up to.

“Alright alright!” You laughed and raised both hands to surrender.

“I want details,” Aria crossed her arms and sat right in front of you, ears widely opened.

“He happened to be in the Brew, and I happened to be in the Brew-”

Aria coughed and cut me off.

“Ok fine, I went to the Brew on purpose because I knew he went there every Saturday morning” You admitted.

“Now that sounds more like you,” Aria mumbled.

“And then he approached me because he caught me staring at him. Then he gave me his number and we met up at the Brew and yesterday was the first night we went out on a date. Nothing else,” you finished.

"Y/N, you can’t,” Aria sat on my bed and said.

“Why? Because he’s 24? Look, Ezra’s older-”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. Do you not remember Mr Med Grad making out with Spence when he was with Melissa?”

“Yeah, so? That’s a one time fling,” you retorted.

“Someone like that isn’t loyal Y/N. He’s, well, bad,” Aria sighed.

"I kinda like bad,” you smirked.

“This isn’t Damon Salvatore bad, this is freaking Noel Kahn bad. Do you not remember why you broke up with Noel Kahn a year ago?”

“Woah slow down. Wren isn’t Noel Kahn. Wren listens to you, that’s not Noel Kahn at all,” You replied.

“And I wonder why you aren’t in love with me when I’ve been listening to you for over a decade now,” Aria retorted.

“Aria, it was just one kiss. I’m not going out with him, at least not yet,” you said, trying to end this topic of conversation.

“You didn’t say anything about kissing him,” Aria crossed her arms.

“Oops, I left that out didn’t I?” You replied.

“Yeah,” Aria nodded.

“Just trust me on this alright?” You said.

“You’ve gotta fix your ‘bad boy preferences’” Aria sighed.

“The same goes for you, what’s up with your teacher preferences?” you retorted.

“Okay you did not just say that,”  Aria laughed and threw another pillow right at you.

“Crap,” you uttered.

“I left my homework at Hanna’s, I’ll go get it,” you added.

“Meanwhile, I’ll stay here,” Aria said and laid on my bed.

“I get it, someone’s calling Mr Fitz. Betrayer,” You joked and left for Hanna’s.

When you arrived at Hanna’s and wanted to ring the doorbell, you noticed that the door was unlocked and entered. 

Then you saw someone leaning into Hanna for a kiss until-

“It’s getting really late, you should probably go,” Hanna backed away and you gasped. You didn’t know Hanna had a new love interest.

“Y/N?” Hanna said as she noticed you standing right in front of her door.

The man turned around and your heart ached instantly. It was Wren.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” You blurted out.

“What are you doing here?” asked Hanna.

“What the heck did you think you were doing?” you looked straight at Wren and ignored Hanna.

“Look, I can explain, I was stitching her up-” Wren approached you.

“Save it. Aria was right about you,” you replied and moved back.

“Wait, you two had a thing going on?” Hanna exclaimed, looking confused.

“Not anymore,” You replied.

“I’ll get my homework from you another day,” You added and walked out the door. As soon as you were out of there, you ran, feeling hurt and betrayed. You were such a fool.  

“Y/N!” exclaimed Wren as he attempted to catch up.

“Go away!” You shouted.

“Not unless you hear me out,” he finally caught up with you and grabbed your arms tightly, preventing you from moving.

“Listen to me, what you saw inside was a mistake. I never meant to do that-”

“You never meant to do that? Are you for real?” you glared at him and could feel your eyes getting wet.

Wren remained silent, he didn’t know what to say.

“Speechless eh?” you replied.

“Look Wren, you can mess with Melissa, you can mess with my friends, but you’re done messing with me,” you added and struggled hard enough to escape from Wren’s grip.

“Let me fix this. Let me fix us,” Wren pleaded.

“There’s nothing left to fix Wren. Also, there never was us,” you replied coldly and walked off.

Wren watched you walk away. Once you were out of his sights, he immediately came to a realisation that he had made one of the biggest mistake in his life; losing you.

another guy flirts with you-wren

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you were in volunteering at Radley whilst wren was working there. you had just finished your shift and you were collecting your things when another volunteer started talking to you.

“hey, I’m Joe.” he said, whilst throwing his bag over his shoulder.

“y/n. its nice to meet you.” you said, smiling at him.

“pretty name for an even prettier girl.” he stated, smirking at you. you didn’t want to be rude so you kept walking with him, but quickened your pace in order to get out and meet wren at his car.

“how about we grab something to eat?” he suggested. you politely declined, hoping he would get the message. sadly he didn’t. “come on just a bite to eat, or a drink?” he said turning you around to face him, making you uncomfortable.

“she doesn’t want to.” wren said from behind you.

“and who are you?” Joe said, annoyed at his presence.

“her boyfriend” wren replied, holding your hand and pulling you over to his car.

“if he ever flirts with you again tell me.” he said, kissing you on the forehead.

“I will” you replied, thanking wren for coming to your rescue.

“anytime princess.” you both got in the car and drove away, pleased that wren took care of the situation but anxious for the next time you see Joe.

lledra replied to your photoGuys, space pyjamas. Space pyjamas!  They do…

I’m super hoping we DO actually get her name once the episode airs. Because she is ALIVE and oh my gosh. I need her to have a name. Not just titles and ‘mom’.

ugh, right? Let her be a person unto herself, defined by her actions not just her roles as mother and Mandalorian. But also… also… look at the helmet, armour, everything:

That’s Rook Kast. It has to be. But please just confirm it. I can only assume they’re building some revelation, but it’s just not going to land given the majority of viewers haven’t read Son of Dathomir, and then the rest are just too beyond frustrated at Star Wars’ on-going maternal crisis.

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“Pickles make anything better. Anything.” for anybody 😊

“You know you’re my favorite, right?” Vetra leaned against Wren’s shelf. Her hands were presumably clasped behind her back.

“I thought Suvi was your favorite,” Wren replied. He blinked a few times, then rubbed his eyes; some nights, he just couldn’t justify sleep. It was bad enough to look behind him and see that empty void beyond the glass walls of his bedroom.

Ever since the Archon’s ship, he was finding it harder and harder to sleep. He could brush everyone’s comments about him dying off fairly easily, was used to letting that sort of stuff just wash off him, but when he was alone…

God, he just couldn’t get any rest.

“You’re doing it again,” Vetra nudged the wheels of his chair with her foot. “And to think, I walked all the way across the ship for you.”

Wren forced himself to turn away from his computer and look at her. “You’re right,” he leaned back and focused on her face, and not the stars outside. “I’m sorry. What’s up?”

“Liam said you were feeling off. I know sometimes something small can make you feel better, so I got you this…” she moved, producing a jar of pickles from behind her back.

“Aw,” he reached his hands out and took the jar from her.

“Comfort food makes anything better.”

“Pickles make anything better.” He tapped his fingers on the jar and looked up at her. “God. Thank you.”

“Hey, don’t get teary eyed on me. Next thing you know you’ll be wanting hugs or something.” Vetra joked, but her smile was soothing. She pushed off the shelf and walked toward the door. “Enjoy your pickles. And get some sleep, Ryder.”

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Prompt someone died and the crew mourns.

This is the first one I get. How.


“Hey hey hey, what happen to code names, Specter Five?”


Everything slowed down in an instant. The blaster bolts in the hanger bay continued to zip around Ezra’s frame, but his focus turned to the freight entrance. He could hear Sabine trying talk between breathes over the comm. Something was really wrong. 

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Moments of Impact: With a Love that is Greater than Love

Here’s my submission for Cherish the Peanut Week, Day Four: Friends and Extended Family. Big, big thanks to the folks who have organized Cherish the Peanut week. It has been such a lovely Tumblr week, and I’ve been reminded of just how talented this fandom is! 

Along the lines of those that came before it: Milestones , Drowsy Ramblings , Write Me a Long Song , and “Real”


She twirled round and round, her dress like a revolving parasol in the sun. The laughter that filled the air was intoxicating, no sweeter sound imaginable. 

Regina watched her daughter, the sun just beginning to gain momentum in the sky. Everyone else was still asleep after a late night, but this little girl refused to sleep when she could be twirling. 

They sat in the backyard, Regina sipping on a cup of coffee and Wren ignoring the slide, swings, and fort in favor of her dress. Regina couldn’t pry her from it. Since the wedding the night before, Wren had been glued to the sea of blue tulle, even insisting on sleeping in it. She had found her first love, Regina thought. 

Wren ran over, breathlessly giggling. She lay her head in her mother’s lap, Regina petting the sea of red curls. 

“Mommy, why do people get married?”

“Well, because they love each other very much, Peanut. And, I suppose that they want to be together forever.” 

“That’s a long time,” Wren replied.

“Yes,” Regina smiled, “It is a very long time.” 

“Can I get married one day like Aunt Emma?”

“Of course you can,” Regina told her, pulling her onto her lap. “But, you have to find someone very special before that happens.”  

“Like you and Daddy?” Wren bat her eyes; long, curled lashes accenting a brilliant blue. 

“Just like me and Daddy,” Regina agreed, pulling her even closer and nuzzling her nose into Wren’s hair. It made her happy to know that Wren could see how much she loved Robin, even at four years old. 

Wren leaned back into Regina, just the two of them in the morning sun; it was sacred, rare. It was one of those moments that felt like a shared secret, mother and daughter the only inhabitants of their own, little world. Regina breathed it in, recognizing the beauty of it and knowing that one day soon, these moments would be memories she could use. 

Wren went still in her arms; her breathing evened. Regina reached for her cup of coffee, knowing that if she tried to move Wren back upstairs to her bed, she’d find her second wind. 

So, Regina just closed her eyes and swayed their bodies back and forth, silently thanking the universe that she was her mother. 

The house began to bustle much later into the morning than usual. Everyone filed into the kitchen, eating what was more akin to lunch than breakfast. Pancakes were adorned with various toppings, the bacon plate passed around the table more than once, and the family made plans for the rest of the day. 

By early afternoon, the men of the house had retreated to the woods, and the girls were once again left to their own devices. 

“Well, peanut, what do you want to do with our day,” Regina ask her daughter, pulling the last of the dishes from the dish washer. 

“Paint!” Wren ran toward the closet that held her box full of art supplies. “Oh, wait,” she turned and ran back to the kitchen. “Mommy, may I please paint today?” They’d had more than one conversation about asking before painting on the dining room table, one or two pink streaks still remaining from the last unapproved art session. 

“I think that sounds perfect. Thank you for asking.” 

Wren ran off, and Regina could hear her digging into the contents of the closet, a crash or two indicating that she might be needed. Regina helped Wren set up everything she would need and set out to grab the few things she herself would need for the time. 

When Regina returned she held another cup of coffee in one hand and that familiar leather book in the other. 

“That looks beautiful, peanut,” Regina said, leaning over Wren’s shoulder. 

“Thank you,” Wren beamed. 

Regina took a seat beside her daughter and pulled out her pen. 


Yesterday, we watched Aunt Emma get married. She asked you to be her flower girl, let you pick out your very own princess dress which was far and beyond more elaborate than hers. You’ve refused to take it off since then, not that I can blame you. We spent most of the morning twirling together in the backyard. 

I think you’re just beginning to understand that you are, quite literally, a princess. My little blue-eyed, red-haired princess. Tenacious, ready to take on the world, yet compassionate and thoughtful beyond your years. That sort, that very rare sort of princess will make for a remarkable queen, Peanut.  

Attending your first wedding has sparked quite a few questions on your part. Can I get married one day? Will I have a wedding with a beautiful princess dress? Can’t we both just be married to Daddy? 

Once upon a time and for more reasons than one, I’d have never dreamed of being able to tell my daughter that I hope she finds a love like the one I’ve found with your Daddy. I spent a great deal of my life, after losing love, thinking that I’d never love or be loved again. My darkest moments were due to that hopelessness. My life was driven by its loss, much in the same way my life had been driven by its presence. At my darkest, I pretended not to need love, but all the while, I was desperate for it, for someone to care about me. I sunk so low that I’d have settled for anyone, just to feel like my existence mattered to another person. It took me a very long time to regain even my ability to feel love, much less to allow myself to be loved. Henry did that for me. He brought me back into the light. Then, Snow and Emma and your Daddy and Roland. You, Peanut. Now when I think back on my past, I think I was, ironically, the one who was sleeping, and it took a little prince to wake me up from my slumber. 

When I met your father, I slowly began to pull another layer of that armor down, trusting him with my heart. I was ashamed of the darkness in my past, yet he looked at me and could see the woman beneath the Queen. It wasn’t that he brought completeness to my life because I had to find that within myself, but his presence in my life runs along mine, weaving in and out as perfect complementarians. We exist, still, as individuals but know that we are better, stronger as a pair than we could ever be on our own. 

We are two people who may have been destined to love one another, but more than destiny, it was the choice we made to love one another despite the adversities of life. If you find a love like that, Peanut, always fight for it. 

Love, true love is magic and not just any magic, the most powerful magic of all. Love is the root of happiness, Peanut. The love I have for Robin, the love I have for Snow and Aunt Emma, and most of all… the love I have for you and your brothers. 



Regina looked over at her daughter, growing slightly more and more in love with her every moment of her existence. The way Wren sunk her teeth into her bottom lip at intense concentration, or how she laughed to herself without ever sharing the reason with another soul. 

Red curls flopped into the wet paint in front of her, mixing shades of blue and yellow and pink along the ends. 

“Mommy, I think I’ve finished. Do you want to see,” Wren’s voice broke into Regina’s thoughts. 

“Of course, I do, Peanut. Come show me.” 

Wren held the still-wet page in front of her, carrying it as the treasure it was. 

“It’s my happily ever after, Mommy.” 

Regina surveyed the painting, adorable stick figures sprinkled across the page. “Is this me,” she asked Wren.

“Yeah. And, there’s Daddy and Henry and Ro. And, there I am getting married!”

“Oh, well that is a very beautiful dress, my love. Who is that beside you there?”

“I’m going to marry Lila. She’s my best friend from school.” 

“Well, I think Lila will be a very, very lucky girl if she gets to love you, Peanut.” 

Wren bounded toward her paints again, working to fit in the rest of the family in the corners of the page. 

Later, when the paint dried, Regina would carefully tuck that picture into its rightful place, alongside a letter about the strongest magic in all the realms. 


Wren Reveals a Secret, Lucas Has a New Personality, and Why Charles Isn`t the Body Thief -  3x02-3x03 Analysis

There wasn`t that much going on in 3x02, clue wise, so I decided to double up and analyze 2 episodes - 3x02 titled “Blood is the New Black” also known as the episode where –A gives Emily a necklace made of Bethany`s? teeth (-A wasn’t kidding about playing with body parts, huh?) and 3x03 titled “Kingdom of the Blind”.


What Does Garrett Know?

Spencer visits Garrett in jail, and he tells her that someone close to her has her fooled, and that people lie but medical records don`t. Spencer doesn`t know it yet, but he is talking about the fact that Melissa lost the baby way before she said she did, and essentially lied about being pregnant for a long time. She didn`t want to deal with having to tell people about the miscarriage. Still, I can`t help but think that Garrett knows more…About the NAT club, about Ali`s disappearance…About Spencer. 

This is Why I`m Still Suspicious of Wren

While In Radley, Hanna gets frustrated with Mona and knocks over a chair. When she steps outside she has a very interesting conversation with Wren. First of all Wren says this.

Hanna replies that this isn`t about punishing Mona. “It`s not why I came here. I just lost it,” she says. Wren replies with – “I`ve done worse. I once threw a bowl of soup across the room when visiting my dad. In a place much like this, worse.” Hanna asks if his dad was in a nut house. Wren has this to say:

This is the first time we learn about Wren`s father having serious mental issues. This opens up whole lot of different possibilities. Is Dr. Palmer, who we meet in season 4, Wren`s dad? He is British, a former doctor, and he shows signs of mental decline, dementia maybe, when Toby visits him. Or could Bethany, who was locked up in Radley for her own mental issues, be Wren`s sister? 

Wren also introduces Hanna to the concept of “ambiguous loss”. He says that this is what Hanna has, as far as Mona is concerned. When Hanna asks what “ambiguous loss” is Wren explains that it`s essentially when you lose somebody, mentally, but physically they`re still here.  

“They`re gone, but yet still here.”

Wren talks about this as if he`s experienced it himself, which again makes me think of Dr. Palmer possibly being his dad. Or maybe Wren is referring to himself. What if he is Charles?  Physically, Wren is here, but for some reason people in Rosewood have forgotten who he really is. Would you be okay with Wren being Charles? I`m kind of into the idea :)  

Ali Fooled Aria

The girls have all put something in Ali`s Bethany`s casket before she was buried. Now that the body has been dug up, the trinkets reappear. Aria finds one of the earrings she put in the casket and we get a flashback of Ali and Aria going into Byron`s office and Ali finding the earring inside of a sofa. 

Alison calls Meredith a ‘bunny boiler’ and says that the earring belongs to her. Aria is in such a rage that she doesn’t question it much. Later in the season, when Aria shows the earring to Meredith she says that it`s not hers. Which means that Ali planted the earring on purpose, to get Aria all riled up. But why? Did -A/Mona make her do it? Was this a part of Ali`s plan, so she could get more money from Byron (she was blackmailing him because she needed money for something…)…

Another thing to point about it is that Ali wears a shirt with bunnies/rabbits on it. I think it`s supposed to be a cue that SHE plays the role the vindictive, home-wrecker in this scene, whether -A forced her to do it or she thought of it herself. 

Jenna, Her Snacks, And ‘Bitch Can See”

In this episode Jenna is eating pistachios which is an interesting parallel to the episode where Tippy is shown to be alive (in season 5) and a black hoodie gives her a nut. Some people say it`s an almond, some that it`s a pistachio. Nonetheless, the bag of pistachios in this scene was important enough for the camera man to focus on, so it must means something. 

Also, when Aria walks away Jenna pulls down her glasses and stares at her. Yes, AT HER, because guys, ‘Bitch Can See!”

Pig Clues

For someone who is tormented by -A just like the other girls, Aria has a lot of weird clues associated with her. The black swan dress, the limes, the “Wait up, Big A” and…pigs. Marlene King mentioned that Pigtunia, Aria`s beloved stuffed animal would make a return in season 6, so I`ve been keeping an eye out for any pig references in these older episodes. In 3x02 we see a piggy bank in her bedroom, and - 

she`s shown writing “You Pig” on a wall in her dad`s office (in the flashback).

3x03 “Kingdom of the Blind”

Here is what we learn in this episode - 

Lucas, Who Are You Anymore?

Lucas has a total change in attitude. He gets in trouble with the principle and burns a letter he`s supposed to bring to his parents. He burns it while he is at school! 

Then, when Caleb confront him and tells him that he knows all about Mona being -A, Lucas tells him that Mona isn`t the only one they should be worried about.

Is he telling Caleb that Mona isn`t in charge anymore and is simply one of -A`s minions? Or that Lucas himself is someone Caleb should be afraid of?

Later Hanna sees Lucas visit Mona. He was forced to do stuff for her because Mona had something on Lucas (he stole test answers and -A/Mona knew that). I think that at this point Mona had stopped taking her medication. Perhaps she stored her pills in a pillowcase just like Spencer did during her stay at Radley, and then when Lucas would come over she`d  give the pills to him, so he could dispose of them and the nurses wouldn`t suspect anything. At the same time, I think that Lucas is more involved with -A than he lets on.

This is what Lucas tells Hanna and Caleb when they bust him for visiting Mona. Sure, he could`ve said it trying to get Caleb and Hanna to leave him alone. The thing is, even though later Lucas confesses to Hanna what -A has on him and seems to distance himself from Mona and her games, in season 5 we learn that Lucas is sketchier than ever, holding secret meeting with Mona and Mona`s army, fooling police officers, and looking super guilty while standing in the crowd in front of Mona`s house after it`s announced that she was supposedly killed. Yes, the adorable nerdy Lucas from season 1 is gone, and I don`t trust this new version of him at all!  

Mona Stops Taking Her Medication

Mona is finally talking and Caleb visits her to basically let her know that if she messes with Hanna she`ll pay for it. When Mona gets tired of listening to him she uses her ’crazy’ against him. One moment she acts normal, and then next she gets up and starts screaming. This is proof that even though Mona is locked up in a mental institution, her mind is clear and she knows how to use her supposed mental issues to her advantage.  

At some point in 3x03 she also tells Hanna that you can`t trust anybody, not even family. What is she referring to? Who can`t Hanna trust? Her mother? Does she know something about Big A being related to Hanna?  I still think that Spencer is the one related to Charles somehow, but anything is possible at this point…

Speaking Of Hanna…

This is exactly why I was so confused by Hanna getting into all of these hard to get into colleges in season 5 when the other girls were struggling. Emily takes a make-up test and does poorly, but gets a high grade and thinks that -A has something to do with it. Hanna says that she wishes she could pull 90s. So she doesn`t? Or is she simply playing dumb and she has been as smart as everyone else this whole time?  

Why the Gun?

The girls find out that Jenna can see. She asks them to keep it a secret because it`s not safe for her. Someone is after her. Which is probably why she was seen going into a gun store.

But has it been revealed who Jenna was actually scared of? In season 4 Melissa says that all of them were scared of Wilden. But Jenna said that Wilden was a long time friend. My theory is that Jenna, as creepy and sneaky as she is, was targeted by Big -A just like the liars and she bought the gun just in case she was attacked. 

The Queen of Hearts

Oh, how I love these dark, creepy, Radley scenes. Mona sings a song and holds a card in her hand.

The Queen of Hearts. The choice of card makes sense when you get through entire season 3. Wilden and Melissa were both dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train. In season 4 Melissa tells Spencer that Wilden wasn`t smart enough to come up with this plan. Someone told him what to do. Which means that he was one of -A`s puppets, just like Mona.

I`m pretty sure the point of the plan was to get rid of Garrett. Still not sure why Aria ended up in that box with his dead body though… So as far as I can tell, this scene is meant to tell us that -A does clue Mona in on his plans and that the “Queen of Hearts” will be important in the future, which it is. 

Why I`m Confused About Charles  

This right here is messing with my theory. I think that Charles is related to Bethany, so why would he take his sister`s body apart and make a necklace out of her teeth? In the ending scene of 3x03 we see a black hoodie working on the necklace that Emily finds in 3x02. Two questions come to mind - why do we see this happen at the end of 3x03 when Emily gets the teeth necklace in the beginning of 3x02? Also, take a look at the drink on the table. 

There is a piece of lime in it. What does it mean? At times Ezra might not have any food in his house, but there`s always a furry lime in his fridge. Just saying…

And then we see black hoodie put a vodka bottle in a large cooler which also holds a body bag with Bethany`s body. First of all, gross. Second of all, not saying that teenagers don`t drink vodka, but I`m getting an older person vibe from this scene. 

Going back to why this scene is confusing to me as far as Charles and Bethany go. If my theory about Bethany being Charles` relative is correct, he wouldn’t disrespect her remains like that. Sure, he probably is crazy, but even a crazy person has to have some limits. Especially if Bethany`s death could possibly be one of the reasons why he holds a grudge against Alison/the liars/other people he`s torturing. So either Charles isn`t the one who dug up Bethany`s body and ended up putting it on the Halloween train OR he doesn`t know that it`s Bethany and truly thinks that it`s Ali.