wren noble

That whole almost memory wipe scene, all I was thinking was holy shit she’s his Donna do-over. This time it’s not life or death so he can chose to let her keep the extraordinary experience that meant so much to her!

Then she said “just imagine how it would feel if someone did this to you“ and I was like, oh yeah, Clara happened. OH YEAH he doesn’t have to imagine.

But even then I was like ok, that’s great, but that’s more like icing on the cake of the whole memory thing that was Donna. Donna’s thing was a badly healed wound, Clara’s thing was what tore it open again to be healed properly.

And then I come on here and it’s all the Clara thing, and I’m just???

Because yes the Clara thing was important, and will always hold extra importance to this doctor while he has this face, but before we had memory drama with Clara, we had memory drama with Donna and I feel like that gets swept to the side so much. Because Donna was normal, and Clara was some how pre-destined.

She was just a temp from Chissick, with a firey temper and a loud mouth, who happened t become the Doctor’s best friend, without a single hint of romance. She was smart, and she was kind, and she kept shouting even if the world had no interest in listening. She was important because she MADE herself important, even if she never seemed to realise just how profound an effect she had on the universe. She was important because of who she was, because of the potential she didn’t believe she had but kept acting on anyways, and eventually she was so important that Time itself sat up and took notice.

And then there was Clara. Smart, bossy, compassionate, the kind of woman who could definitely made a good companion all on her own, but whose character was too busy being stretched and twisted to fit a storyline that made her important for no other reason than she was supposed to be important. She wasn’t important in the way Donna was, she was important because other important people messed around with this, and she was the result. From day one she was presented as being special when all other evidence suggested she should have been ordinary, and it grated.

Don’t get me wrong I like Clara. It’s just so much of her storyline annoys me, and I really fucking miss Donna.