wren decides to art

I needed to draw something that was NOT for any deadline, or my head would have exploded….
So, Stony hugs!! As requested by the cap-im chat :D
(I thought “might as well be Winteriron, you can’t see his face!” and then I realized I drew both hands. Well. Oops? (Feel free to imagine a non powered AU or something where he’d hide the metal arm in public))



i came up w/ a slime concept the other day, and i wanted to try to emulate the game’s style, so i drew up these!

the slime is called a wisp slime, and its based on clouds! when its happy, its a pale gray-white, and the more agitated it gets, the darker gray it becomes. when agitated enough, small flashes can be seen in its body, and thunder can be heard. an agitated wisp slime will strike nearby slimes with lightning, agitating them as well. it will also strike beatrix, doing a decent amount of damage. its a fruit eater, and its favorite food would be the nimberry, which would look like a small cluster of white berries with fog surrounding them.