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This is THE BEST Wren is A theory I have ever read, and while Wren being A normally bores me, this theory ties Aria into it and just makes so much sense. I actually wouldn’t be too upset if this were true. TURN ON SUBTITLES (CC) to read the theory, or else you’ll just be watching clips from episodes. 

What pisses me off even more is looking back at how easy the clues for CeCe were. We spent hours and hours analyzing Wren’s scenes and clues we got from social media and everything made perfect sense. His clues were so much in depth, him talking about his dad’s mental issues, ambiguous loss, that whole Mona scene, his OCD, Eddie being so sketchy of him, him literally colouring that fucking picture of the family in red while talking to someone about Mrs. Hastings and how you can’t trust anyone, “I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours”, “Walkin’ After Midnight”, LauREN, and on and on but none of that apparently meant nothing but all CeCe had to do was wear a black hoodie? Fuck outta here.



Not only is Wren one of the only characters who pops in and out of the show, doesn’t really know anyone and has no real connection to the plot of the show (so far).

In this scene in 3x02, Wren talks to Hanna about Mona and refers to his own experience of his father in a mental institution - COULD IT BE that his story is actually HIS own experience (meaning that his dad was the one visiting him and threw the bowl) 

ALSO, he goes on to talk about “ambiguous loss” saying that it is just as hard to mourn the death of someone who’s mental state has gone rather than there being a dead body. He slightly lingers and the end of talking about dementia (note the use of the word ‘relative”). 

I am positive that Wren is Charles, and this was a real experience of his. As he seems to know a lot on the topic of losing control of ones mental health. 

Who IS this monster?!

I think Aria is A.

I’ve finally finished my theory and it’s kinda long so stick with me.

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So let’s start at the beginning, her ‘shh’.

-Why was she the only one who got to do the ‘shh’? Because it sure as hell wasn’t because she was the best at it, I mean look it’s all lop sided.

Maybe it’s because she has the biggest secret, she’s Big A.

-The A messages started when she came back from ‘Iceland’. And how do we even know that she actually went to Iceland?

Is Iceland just code for Radley?

Maybe Ella and Byron didn’t want anyone to know Aria was in Radley because what people think in Rosewood matter, and people might think she killed Alison.

Also, if my friend disappeared and people thought she was murdered the last thing I’d do is leave town… Unless I was the one who did it.

(Obviously we know now that Alison is still alive, but maybe Aria was the one who hit her… Or Wren?)

-Which brings me to the cousin theory. I’ve seen a lot of people think this and I personally love this idea. I think Aria is Wren and Bethany’s cousin.

-Aria is the only liar who hasn’t had a one-on-one conversation with Wren. Or an actual conversation at all for that matter. Maybe because she’d recognise him?

And without even knowing what he looked like she managed to spot him, before Spencer.

-As we know Byron’s brother had a mental illness and so did Wren’s dad. Mike, Aria’s brother, also had a mental illness during the fetus seasons of PLL.

Mental illness could run in the family. Wren and Aria could both suffer from one, Aria may have MPD* and Wren could have BPD*.

MPD is multiple personality disorder.

BPD is borderline personality disorder.

-A common sign on MPD is looking in mirrors. We all know who seems to be always looking in the mirror.

Norman Buckley said that he uses mirror shots for a reason… To show multiple personality’s maybe?

-Aria’s clothes are very alternative compared to literally everybody else on this planet.

Sometimes they’re clues.

For example the masquerade ball, we all know ‘A’ was dressed as the black swan. Aria’s dress was almost exactly the same as an old black swan poster.

The dress is kind of perfect for the episode, isn’t it Marlene?

-Also in that episode it was said that A was to be unmasked but the only person who was physically unmasked was Aria.

-I’m not saying Aria is Charles/Charlie/Freddie/whatever it’s name is, because that A is a guy, I’m saying that Aria is Big A and Wren is Uber A.

They kind of boss Charles around and make them do all their dirty work. I think that they, Aria and Wren, sent him that birthday gift from ‘Your friend and Ally’ I felt like that was trying to torment him after what happened at his ‘birthday party’.

-Also Mona’s nickname for Aria is a bit suspicious.

Bit annoyed there, ay Aria.

Then again if someone who worked for me shouted my alias in a place people could hear it, I’d be pretty annoyed too.

-Aria has had the fewest messages from A out of the liars, and sometimes A even helped her…

-She has cheated on every single one of her boyfriends and not once has she been exposed by A.

-As Big A, Aria doesn’t normally have to do any dirty work for herself, normally all she does is steal things from the girls. For example, things from their bedrooms for the doll house which she has easy access to.

So things like killing people isn’t normally on the to-do-list for Aria. That’s why when she killed Shana she was upset and started hallucinating (which is actually a sign of a mental illness).

-Aria claims in Shadow Play that she used to be tomboy until she fell in love. She said that she spent more time climbing tress than she did in her bedroom.

In 6x6 A was in a tree, I got the feeling there was more than one person there, maybe Aria? We never saw where she went once she saw Ezra in the brew with Nicole.

Maybe A Team meeting?

-In 6x7 when talking about removing the chips Aria suggested they should “leave them in”.

-Emily called Aria Arlene when the girls found her at Alison’s dug up grave in season 3, Arlene is a feminine version of Charles. Maybe Aria was there with Charles when the grave was dug up.

-Which brings me to this… In 1x1 and 3x1 Aria is always first to wake up on screen (off screen Spencer is but who knows what’s going on then). Why? To make sure her everything goes to plan.

-Aria’s outfits come into a clue once again.

-She literally says she’s A.

-Her A is exactly like the infamous A that A does.

(Way too many A’s there, let me rephrase)

She did the second A of her name exactly like the infamous written trademark A.

Is that better?

-A lot of people have pointed it out, she was handcuffs around her ankles, strange don’t you think?

-And finally her fence instalment, just before the whole doll house thing. Strange?


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Their Motives

Aria’s motive for wanting Alison dead could be about Alison’s constant mention of Byron’s affair and Alison wanting her to expose it. The daily reminder of it led Aria to dislike or even hate Alison.

Plus, unlike the rest of the girls, Aria didn’t seem as close to Ali.

Emily was in love with Alison.

Hanna admired Alison.

Spencer had a love/hate relationship with Alison.

But Aria? Even she admitted she didn’t know why Ali ‘chose her’.

We all know Alison knew everybody’s secrets, maybe Aria got tired of her knowing her secrets so she created one that nobody would find out… That she was A.

I think that The Jenna Thing was the thing that fueled Aria’s anger, and Wren’s, the most.

Bethany and Wren both knew about Jenna, probably heard about her through Aria, and it was Wren who was looking through the window with Bethany.

When Alison saw him Wren got nervous and ran to the shed and told Jenna that Alison would be looking for them. Wren had already got out of the shed when Bethany got there and Jenna explained they needed to leave.

Alison through the firecracker into the shed just as they was about to leave. Jenna got blinded and pulled out by a doctor, Bethany got her face burnt and pulled out by Wren.

Ever since then Bethany became obsessed with Alison, so badly that her mum sent her to Radley where she met Charles and the plan begun. Jessica, who was originally visiting Charles, grew close to Bethany and Bethany even told her what Alison did.

(Hence Shana saying “your own mother was afraid of you”)

Jessica felt bad for what Ali did so she began taking her on days out, unknowingly getting her own son jealous and mad.

When Labour Day came the plan took place, Aria was drugged so she couldn’t help but she had done everything that she needed to do anyway.

Wren sneaked Bethany and Charles out of Radley, and gave them the things they needed.

Bethany hit Alison on the head with the rock and Mrs D buried her, Bethany was scared so afterwards she ran… Only to be stopped by Charles bashing her on the head with a shovel, he heard a voice and ran. Melissa saw the body, assumed it was Ali and buried her where Alison had been pulled out minutes before.

Wren woke up the next day with a missing sister, but he just assumed she had gone to her live with her dad in England because of a guilty conscience.

Aria woke up to a missing friend, who she thought was dead.

Aria’s parents woke up to the fear that Aria might have killed her so she was shipped off to Radley.

Mrs D woke up to the ‘shock’ of a missing daughter.

The other three girls woke up to a missing friend.

Mona woke up to Alison leaving, and a new found appeal of being A.

And Charles… Charles woke up to a life on the run. Until Mona got sent to Radley and Aria became Big A and hired her A team.

So I think that pretty much covers it.. If you’ve read till here you are like my new best friend!!

{Some gifs/images weren’t mine so credit to whoever made/posted them first}


Wren from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is NOT A! If you remember the episode where the girls removed the numbers, Spencer said ‘I’m going to block all the numbers I don’t know’. Later on, when Wren said that he tried to text her, but she blocked him, she said “Oh, sorry, no, that wasn’t supposed to be meant for you.”