greenjimkirk  asked:

8,19, and 29!

08: What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

um well i’m weird with feedback. there’s like…two things going on here. i have really shitty self esteem and conditioned myself to believe anything positive spoken my direction is wasted effort and should just be redirected elsewhere. and secondly (sort of related), i had to learn early on to never rely on validation from the outside.

so i’d have to say the best feedback i get is when someone tells me i inspired them to write or helped ease writing/posting anxiety.

19: Do you prefer writing on a computer or longhand?

pSHHHHhhhHHh i could never do creative writing longhand and if you’re someone who can, you’re made of magic.

29: Which do you find easiest: writing or editing?

i wredit, so both are hell. i said this a lot in the past but whatever. like unfortunately, i get really caught up in details. i’m working on this one thing now that was supposed to be really quick. but it’s been 2 weeks of editing a little over 2k and i basically hate myself a lot.

honestly, i wonder how authors don’t get stuck when they write. like…how do you just…move forward and not get hung up on details? i feel like something is fundamentally broken in my whole process. i’d take a writing class if i ever got the opportunity to tbh.

~ thanks for asking!! ^_^

Good: More determination than a bulldozer
Bad: literally you only think of yourself please care about everyone else too

Good: chill typical hungry af anime boy
Bad: kinda a womanizer and kinda rude

Good: so tiny and so full of love for everyone
Bad: killed his granny and crush’s bird oops

Good: nice and can breathe even in fluids ???
Bad: “paradise doesn’t really exist lmao we all died just to be reincarnated again wtf who doesn’t love a good try huh?”

Good: heart o’ gold under all that leather
Bad: you’re such a putz

Good: knows how to style long hair
Bad: all this because your wife died and your grandpa was cursed. really dude?

Good: good at throwing parties and maintaining a spotless city
Bad: why the FUCK would you kill wolves just to make them statues and drink their blood you stupid yandere

Good: turned around and was such an old softie
Bad: don’t you point that gun at my children what the hell

Good: embodiment of rational feminism and femininity
Bad: um her hair never gets messy?

Good: follows the people he loves the entire way through, is a literal puppy
Bad:  lol the fuck you thought, Hubb is perfect bye