ok wowowowowowo WOW Brian rocks


Funny bit from the episode 332.

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This animation is absolutely hilarious and really well animated!

Listener Sven just created an AMAZINGLY well animated cartoon of Wreckless Media Radio. Everyone has to see this!


Bryan Corpolongo is leaving the show and moving to a far away land (Florida) and this is a dedication to him. Made by listener The Dirty Slaunch.

Watch on wrecklessmedia.tumblr.com

Ava goes nuts when she hears me on the Cyanide and Happiness animation that I voiced. #cyanideandhappiness #wrecklessmedia #babies

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Happy freedom day, Greg turns into the Mexican Hitler, finger exploding, watching the sexiest weight loss commercial, send us more weapons, WMR Gibberish Politics, drive-by compliments, and stupid science with Nathan Glitch.

Would the Tumblr followers like it better if I post the actual audio file on here like this when I release a show????? LET ME KNOW!

WMR Episode 352 OUT NOW!

Episode 352 is out now w/ special guest co-host, Brendan. Get it on iTunes or right here:

Brendan is here, People keep hiding under my bed, Get the real story about Bill Cosby being a molester and a transformer, Brian almost gets in a fight with a bum, The cleansing, SORRY FOR THE LONG MUSICAL BREAK, Brendan won the lottery SERIOUSLY, Roughneck E-Cig liquid is soooo manly.

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