wreckless things

Short fun story about me:

I have mentioned on this blog multiple times that I don’t usually get angry, and I don’t usually fight, or do wreckless things out of rage.


I used to get bullied at school, quite often. They would mock me, pass notes making fun of me, insulting me, they would call me names, speak badly about me, push me, hide my things, steal my writing books or text books (especially before crucial exams), a couple times I got hit and spat at… They would laugh at me quite a lot, and mock my heritage, and my accent, saying I was dumb, and would probably fail, because I wasn’t english, and I was at an english school (Joke’s on them, I got the best grades in my year, even in English Language!!)

But one time, one of these idiots decided to act cool and funny during my maths lesson, and grabbed my stuff, and put it on the floor, pushing my books off the desk.

he turned to me and said “Pick it up”.

I got up, and bent down, my fingers grazing my pencil case, and then I realized. Who the hell did he think he was?

So I stood back up, walked to his desk, and flipped it over, with everything on top of it too. and said “You pick it up.”

The teacher looked at me, smiled, and told the boy to pick his stuff, and mine. 

That day, I won my first battle.