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Hannibal Recap: Digestivo

Previously on Hannibal Recap:

The episode opens with the corrupt Italian police force, led by Commendatore Benetti, busting into Sogliato’s apartment where Hannibal is sawing open Will’s head. Hannibal seems a little surprised to be suddenly inundated with police officers, but his reaction is less like he just got caught sawing open someone’s head and more like someone interrupted his dinner, which I guess is ACTUALLY THE CASE.

Hannibal reluctantly puts aside the saw and gets on his knees, while Jack identifies himself and asks for help. But “helping” is not on Benetti’s ‘To Do’ list. The officers knock Hannibal over the head, hog tie him, bag Will’s head, and decide what they’re going to do with Jack Crawford.

They do that and get promptly shot by Chiyoh.

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