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Headcanon where Carmilla takes Laura to some of her favorite places to view the sky (like the roof of the Silas library), because now she has someone to share them with. 


P.S. this fluffy Hollstein doodle is really gross and I’m sorry.

Fusion Character Arcs

One major complaint I’ve seen about SU is that, while fusions are MEANT to be separate characters, they’re not really developed all that well. This is somewhat understandable, given that they’re made from other characters in the show, but it’d still be interesting to see them as people.

But how do you write a character arc for a fusion? What would their issues be? How do you make them distinct from the people who make them?

Here’s my attempt at guessing that.

Opal - And if it were me, I’d really wanna be a giant woman…

Opal is scared of not being enough. Maybe it’s a it obvious, but both Pearl and Amethyst are so insecure that it makes sense for Opal to share that issue with them. Whenever she forms, it’s because she’s needed for something, and she wants to do that something well - but failure could have terrible consequences. And if Opal fails… will Pearl and Amethyst want to form her again?

After all, go back to her introductory episode. Pearl and Amethyst haven’t formed Opal in a long time because they’ve had a falling out. That’s got to be pretty horrifying for Opal, right? If Pearl and Amethyst aren’t getting along, then the only reason they’d fuse her is because they HAVE to. And if she fails,  then they’ll find an alternative way of dealing with things, right?

Isn’t that a scary thought? If you fail, you stop existing, because you failed the people who determine whether you exist or not.

Enter Steven, who adores Opal. He’s always happy to see her, and wants to be like her, because she’s a GIANT WOMAN! Or rather, he adores her simply because of who she is. This puts even more stress on Opal, because failing Steven would hurt both of them. 

And if you put a gem under enough pressure… it cracks.

Sugilite - And I know that we can be strong, in the real way…

Sugilite knows she’s cool. Heck, she’s not just cool, she’s awesome! So why the hell don’t Garnet and Amethyst want to be her more often?!

Or, more accurately: Sugilite knows she can be great if the Crystal Gems just give her a chance. And to be fair, she’s pretty awesome at wrecking stuff! It’s just that, well, the Crystal Gems have been in a rough spot ever since Rose died, and no one’s really in the right mindset for fusion… and while Sugilite also misses Rose a lot, it’s kind of hard to miss someone when you don’t exist.

So when Sugilite does show up, she goes all-out in an effort to prove to Garnet and Amethyst that it’s worth being her more often. Not to mention she wants to impress the Ste-man! Eeeeexcept she’s totally missing the point of why Garnet and Amethyst aren’t becoming her any more. So she’s angry at them, because what, is she not good enough?! And they’re not her, but they’re part of her, so she can’t really lash out at them

…I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Ironically, the solution to this problem really is to form Sugilite and let her get her emotions out constructively! She’s got every right to be upset, and she’s never had a real chance to mourn Rose. Give her some space and some time to think, and things will start getting better pretty quickly. 

It’s just… you kind of have to figure out that this is the issue first. And if Sugilite’s not around to talk about it…

Sardonyx - I forgot how great it felt to be us…

Angst? What angst? No time for angst when you’re a STAR, darling! Sardonyx finds herself completely above all the issues facing the Crystal Gems. She’s here to perform and save the day. She has no time to dwell on problems - just smile, be nice to everyone, and put on a heck of a show!

Yeah, Sardonyx? I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t even remotely sustainable. Especially not for Pearl and Garnet, who just find it so easy to leave their troubles behind and be Sardonyx, who is ignoring basically every problem except whatever she’s been called to deal with.

If Sardonyx is herself for too long, she starts to break down and break down badly. All of the stresses facing the world catch up with her, and she can’t take it because she keeps trying to run away. Actually dealing with stress feels like an impossible task. All she can do is act and fake it until she makes it.

Spoiler alert: that won’t happen. She really, really needs to stop running and deal with things.

Don’t fuck this up for her, Pearl.

Stevonnie - I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…

Stevonnie’s facing the unfortunate issue in canon that they’re being absorbed into Steven and Connie’s being ignored. So how do we fix that?

Well… Stevonnie is meant to be a metaphor for growing up, right? How about an arc where they find their place in the universe? They’re a completely unique being - the first fusion involving a human - and this is kind of a strange situation to be in. It doesn’t help that every other fusion around them is either established or a really unhealthy fusion. 

They need to figure themselves out. Work out who they are, both in relation to Steven and Connie, and independently from them. It doesn’t help that they’re a 13-year-old in terms of maturity, and are therefore at an age where nothing makes sense anyway.

Who is Stevonnie Maheswaran-Universe, and what is their place in the world?

(For bonus points: Dysphoria metaphor!)

Malachite - I used to think I was bad, now I know that it’s true!

Malachite is a pretty shitty situation for Lapis and Jasper. But what is it like to be made up of two people who utterly loathe each other? What is it like to be the physical incarnation of a toxic relationship? What is it like to be a poisonous, angry, damaging fusion surrounded by fusions of love, friendship and kindness? What is it like to wish you didn’t exist, but to be forced to by two people who don’t like you, each other, or themselves?

Malachite is a fusion of hatred on every conceivable level: self-hatred, abuse, misanthropy, everything.

What can it possibly be like to be THAT?

Pidge: Okay, so help us out

Lance: Wish I could, but I can’t

Lance: Well can, but won’t

Lance: Should, maybe, but shorn’t

Hunk: Lance, please

Lance: What part of shorn’t don’t you understand, Hunk? 

micchikureshima  asked:

Okay so if Genji told Gabe about the shit that went down with Hanzo imagine how hard Gabe is going to be side eyeing Hanzo post recall and redemption, Mercy too. Probably anyone who probably knows the details of how Genji nearly died probably gives Hanzo the worst sideye and passive aggressive jabs.

haha yessss omg thank u for this! because i’m 500% convinced that genji is the only person who not actively pissed to see hanzo when he joins overwatch. like he’s all, “Brother, come join us!” very cheerily and meanwhile mercy, zenyatta, and mccree have weapons pointed at him and look very unwelcoming the entire time and would always be ready to Wreck him at a moment’s notice

but gabe…… warnings for implied manipulation way below just fyi but gabe wouldn’t stand for it at all

dude before reaper joins them again, he’d always go after hanzo on the field. like even prioritized before his normal one-on-one with 76, he’ll lock in on hanzo and go into Sudden Death and won’t even make it look good for show. like he’ll go straight for head shots and strangulation, he’ll be mocking him and saying, “The Shimada heir, not even fit to lick my boots—And you have the balls to show your face? I should mark up that face of yours, tear your limbs off, give you a taste of your own fucking medicine—” 

and that’s around the time genji comes whooshing in to save the day and reaper retreats in his wraith form, pissed and steaming with how much rage he has towards that man 

and when reaper joins back up?? hoo boy my pal. hoooooooooo boy. because reaper has semi-emotional reunions with mccree and mercy and genji, is already back to coddling them and complaining that no one’s been feeding them right

it’s a huge shock how happy genji is. it’s an even bigger shock how happy genji is when his shitty brother is standing not even fifteen feet away. it’s a HUGe shock that when gabe snarls and dives at hanzo the minute he sees him, hands wrapped around his throat, that /genji/ is the one who pulls him off 

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we’re lucky enough to get our faves to do meet and greets, but all it takes is that one person to ruin it. it’s the celebrity’s choice for doing these things, and honestly it’s one of those things that is out of his comfort zone, and he still decided to go and do these things despite his anxiety and confidence issues. and I just, that’s so brave of him to do that. he deserves the best, and only the best from everyone that truly cares about him. ❤️❤️