wrecked exotics


This is my 1994 Toyota Supra, it has 41,000 Original miles, It’s completely converted to a 1998 Model including the interior, from head to toe. I bought the car on my 16th birthday with my own money. As of now I’m 22 turning 23, me and my Supra have gone through a very rough And long journey over the past few years. Criticism was the fuel for this fire, before I even had a license I had people personally going out of there way to make fun of my crumpled soda can joke of a “car” well now this crumpled up can is a fucking time machine, and let me tell you I don’t need to take it out of the garage to pick up the ladies. As beautiful as it is and especially with all the new parts, low miles and mint interior, I’m currently in the process of finally titling her, she truly is the dream machine. Finding a body shop to actually take on such a rare car with such heavy damage and a certification saying it can’t be legally driven. Through out many years of hard work, minimum wage, and a little schooling as a technician, here we have the end results. Brought back from the dead and made out of more than 50 supra , we have Spartacus, my knight rider. Any questions or feedback or highly welcomed and recommended. I have 50,000,000 photos of the process if anyone’s interested, thanks tumblrs!