Short Turbo - Me
Vanellope - http://Vanellope-Sugar.tumblr.com
Feferi - http://SpookyKittyBitch.tumblr.com
King Candy - http://forte7.tumblr.com/
Tall Turbo - ??

(Our Feferi took the very last picture.)

“You’re not from here, are you~?” Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay made and worn by me, Crash Candy Cosplay, and photo taken by Vaughn Photography!!!💖🍬🍫 (Like us both on Facebook!).

back to early november, there was an event held by the government at Jakarta, it was Jakarta Cosplay Parade, too bad the event went too slow, maybe because this is their first event, me and my partner Shuu as always, thought about what we would cosplaying at the minute H-6
hahaha, that was so close, then we chose to wear this, rushed it in 3 days, Ralph (Shuu) did manage to finish the car! ohh i’m so happy! (me as Vanellope)
so here is one of the sneakpeak catched by on the spot kameko (move on photography)
Later if we already have a proper photossesion, of course we will upload again :)

See ya