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Me as GLaDOS and Princess Vanellope at Youmacon 2013

Photos taken by my bby arcanum-order (she’s my bby go follow her)


Throwback Thursday! This time it’s to my Vanellope cosplay I made in 2012, just over a month after originally seeing Wreck-It Ralph! To this day, this is one of my most favourite cosplays - not only am I insanely proud of how it came out, but Wreck-It Ralph is my most favourite movie of all time and Vanellope means the world to me. ^^

Cosplayer - anyapanda-official

Photographer - avieur


Sugar Rush!! Loved every second of this one and cant wait to do it again!!

Group shots Photog / Single shot Photog / Vanellope / Crumbelina / CandleHead / Jubileena Bing Bing