I love how King Candy’s imagination of what Vanellope’s avatar would look like became canon, but then a headcanon formed in my head like

All the avatars are pictures of the racers that were taken at the start of the game’s life, and Vanellope’s was lost so she had to get a new one, and while the other racers make these cool poses, Vanellope is like very nervous about it all and still fears the gamers aren’t going to love her so she just smiles awkwardly


a self ship collection! :D (not entirely updated, but close enough XD)

Ralph breaks the internet thoughts and some interesting details I learned

So we now have more details on the story. I am not too worried that Ralph and Vanellope will still be pals by the end of the film although some things might change a bit.

I doubt Shank will be a bad guy. If anything  the most likely candidate for a twist villain would be Yessss but I am reserving judgement until further notice

Apparently from what I have read Felix and Calhoun are gonna end up becoming like mom and dad for all the sugar rush racers while Vanellope and Ralph are away

Knowsmore the searchbar guy was intended to have a much bigger role in earlier drafts of the films

We all know Sonic is gonna be coming back although what role he will play is still a mystery.

Still hopeful Mario could be in there somewhere considering how they have stated they want to include Mario in the sequel and there have been rumors of Charles Martinet being in the film.

It mebbe years ay watchin’ david tennant & peter capaldi but Ah understaun everythin’ Merida said😂

Subtitles:Ah gae mah mammy a cake,she turned intae a big bear,mah Auldjin(old man) tried tae dae her in,if that’s nae a pure mess Ah dornt know whit is!

Can you guys just send me messages directly? Lol. I think it’ll be better to understand each other’s view points if we speak directly.

Read carefully, young padawan.

I don’t hate the idea of her being lesbian. It’s actually quite enjoyable. I have nothing against the people who choose to have that as a head canon. The only issue I have is when people treat as if it’s canon. To me, it was just a minor annoyance that I posted about. I’m not apologizing for your feelings being hurt, I’m not apologizing for my post, and I’m not apologizing for you misunderstanding my post.

Also, did you know that there’s more than just gay and straight. Don’t automatically assume I’m calling Merida straight. Also, the Mulan part was fucking shit.

Just because she has boyish tendencies, doesn’t mean she’s lesbian.

I dislike that.

It’s just annoying at this point.

I guess I should clarify, I have nothing against the lgbt community.

It’s the fact that everything has to have a gay character or people will get mad. It might be your headcannon, which I can respect. It’s just annoying to see people want everyone to be gay.

Just my opinion.

This has become a shitshow. Lol.

This really blew up, didn’t it? More attention for me I guess.

I’m fucking gay as shit. Stop calling me homophobic. Lmao. Also, I’m not scared of anyone, so fuck outta here with that shit.

Alright guys, let’s act civil here.

Just because my opinion is different, doesn’t mean you have to try to change it. I’m not apologizing to you because you don’t like a different perspective. And, I don’t want to fuck anyone at the moment. I think I’m good. Lmao.

Hey. Why do you resort to violence when we don’t agree?

I didn’t say I’d slaughter your family for not agreeing with me, so don’t say you’ll fucking bust my kneecaps. That’s so uncivil. The point if this post wasn’t that Merida can’t be gay. It was about people wanting so desperately for it to be canon. I see her with no preference, honestly.