Heheh… This was supposed to be 4 fun but then I actually liked how it turned out! Soo…

They’re trying to scare Vanellope. XD

@theroyalpixelatedglitch @imadorxble @coolgirl6love Candy-ollope and any Vanellope’s out there..

Headcanon #4056 - Hair and Eyes

Black hair is rare in Sugar Rush. The most common hair colors in sugar rush are green,brown and blue.
Hazel eyes are also very rare because they have two colors in one eyeball.
I’m not sure why I made this but I just found it interesting that Vanellope, the ruler of a candy kingdom has ‘normal colors’ in a colorful world while her fellow racers had colorful ones.


But the best part of my day is when the Nicelanders throw me off the roof. Because when they lift me up, I get a perfect view of “Sugar Rush,” and I can watch Vanellope racing. The kid’s a natural, and the players love her, glitch and all, just like I knew they would. Turns out I don’t need a medal to tell me I’m a good guy. Because if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?