wreck ship

When her eyes were open, all she could see was the good in the bad, the beauty in the chaos around her in spite of living on a wrecked ship that was barely floating. She had fire in her bones and bleeding wounds in her flesh. They all fell in love with the angel on her skin but none of them had the courage to even talk about the demons in her. And when the reaper held her hand and asked her of her wish, her only answer was, ‘To climb to the top of the world one day’.
—  Lukas W. // The end

sam leaves jude in a mess of himself, gripping the locket tightly to his chest like a bomb set to explode ( or maybe that’s just sam ). his heart is pounding, his blood is racing, his eyes are pinned to the slumped over figure, wide and alert just in case jude stirs. he can hardly believe that actually worked. he’d planned it and everything, and it really succeeded—how exhilarating! but then jude mumbles something in his sleep and sam reminds himself to get the hell out of here. thirty minutes before jude wakes up. how long after that until he figures out this was all a trick?

they won’t be friends after this, he’s sure of it.

sam turns and runs, everyone else too busy with tearing down the decorations of the festival to notice him, thankfully. he ought to be helping them but this is more important right now and there’s not going to be any other opportunity. no second chances, no other options. sam has exhausted ever other course of action he can think of—sam is himself exhausted. he hasn’t slept soundly in months, he’s had a headache since july, and all his paintings recently keep pointing to something big happening, something bad; tsunami waves of water and then fire. with each new painting, sam feels less and less focused, less in control, like he’s floating downriver towards a waterfall. his drawings are becoming messy, chaotic, distorted.

he’s getting worse, and no one knows.

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how could someone so wonderful do something so terrible? - a klaus + fiona mix

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Take a trip to Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach as it is known, is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Greece, and home to the wreck of a ship that ran aground here in 1980. It is only accessible by water, but is definitely worth the trip to see the beautiful cove and spend time on it’s white sandy beach. 

Although you need to take your own amenities as there are no facilities… and the only little bit of shade you’ll find is in the shadow of the wreck. 

Got the travel bug? Discover more here.

cutepunkk  asked:

ahhhh!! i need to know more about ??? because he's an edgy emo boy and i love. (also im sorry if this seems demanding, i understand you have work and commissions too!! pls don't stress abt this) ♡♡♡

It’s ok ♥ I’m glad to see ppl interested about Taemin’s AU ;;o;; ♥
Good thing I have a recent doodle of him (which I posted on my IG stories a few days ago)!

Basically ??? only wants to make his father (Saeran) proud of him ((in this AU, we continue from Jumin’s After Ending && Saeran was not rescued and everyone went on with their lives)) – also he steals Saeran’s eyeliner just like how Seojun steals Saeyoung’s makeup for cosplay lmao

*somewhere somehow taemin unknowingly wrecks this ship*

I’ll be posting some more info about them when I get to finishing their ref sheets ((since even im confused w their designs because all i have are doodles and some cgs HAHA)) ^__^ Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

An ethereal and seductive world is established in three acts as Florence traverses through the elements. Directed by Willo Perron, inspiration is drawn from Florence’s relationship to the alchemical symbols of water, air and fire. The film is broken into a three-act sequence, where Florence opens submerged in water, dances with the wind, and ultimately reckons with fire.

  • • let's get to the point, there is // so much // angry sex
  • • they are both left with bruises all over by morning
  • • instead of "I love you" It's a lot of "Fuck you" and stupid smiling followed by things like "You imbecile" and just a thousand loving/hateful insults
  • • they don't do things like hold hands or kiss cheeks; soft stuff like that isn't their thing
  • • Alex is a fighter; he absolutley doesn't fall at Jeffersons feet, and he absolutley doesn't beg for anything from the man
  • • Alex likes to play with Thomas' hair all the time, to the point of sometimes annoying Thomas
  • • Alex blurted out "I love you" in like the second week and it's the only time he's ever seen Thomas flustered and nervous
  • • Thomas cried after saying "I love you" a month later and Alex makes fun of him for it

Concept: In a surface-level battle Poe gets hit and his ship, careering out of control, crashes into Finn’s and takes down that too.

They both manage to land in one piece, Finn is even able to get out of his wrecked ship with minor scrapes, but Poe is stuck. A piece of warped metal is pinning his legs. Finn rushes over to help, scales the wreck and together they try to cut off or move the debris pinning Poe.

Above their heads the battle rages on - ship after ship is hit.

One is shot down right above their heads. 

Finn watches in despair as hundreds of tonnes of metal is hurtling towards them from the sky - Poe is screaming at him to run, to leave him, but he can’t.

Instinctively Finn flings his hand out, as if it could stop the plummeting ship…

And it does.

For a long moment, the Universe itself seems to be holding its breath. Finn himself is breathing heavily, hardly believing what he’s just done. Experimentally, he waves his hand, as if shooing the ship away, like an offending fly.

Slowly, almost gracefully the enormous machine tilts to the side and crashes into the ground, shaking the ground and covering the two men with dirt.

And Finn, Finn pitches forward and has to support himself on Poe’s shoulder for a moment, because the the narrow walls of his perception have just exploded and finally, finally he can see it all, he can feel it all, all the strings of reality that bind us all, that connect us all, he’s free

And it’s so easy to reach out and pull on these strings until they rearrange themselves and pull back the metal debris… He’s vaguely aware that Poe is shouting in elated disbelief, but all else is drowned out by a single thought as he frees his friend and they stumble to find shelter.


This is how the Force works.