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On This Day In History -- 25 May 1982

After shooting down three Skyhawks, Coventry and her comrade Broadsword came under attack by four A-4 Skyhawks. The first wave each carried one 1,000 lb bomb, while the second carried three 250 kg bombs each. They flew so low that Coventry’s radar couldn’t distinguish them from land, and failed to lock on. Of the bombs released, one struck Broadsword’s deck and failed to explode, wrecking the ship’s Lynx helicopter. The second pair of skyhawks headed for Coventry. With her Sea Darts not locking on and her 20mm cannon jammed, only rifles and machine gunners were left to defend Coventry. She was struck by three bombs just above the water line, on the port side. One bomb exploded beneath the computer room, destroying it and the nearby operations room, incapacitating almost every senior officer. The other entered the forward engine room, exploding beneath the junior ratings dining room, and the ship immediately listed to port. The latter hit caused critical damage, as it breached the bulkhead between the forward and aft engine rooms; exposing the largest open space in the ship to uncontrollable flooding.

Within twenty minutes, Coventry was abandoned and capsized, sinking shortly after. Twenty of her crew were killed and 29 injured. Afvter the ship was struck, her crew, waiting to be rescued, sang “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Her losses are as follows:

Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical) 1 FRANK O. ARMES

Acting Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer JOHN D. L. CADDY

Marine Engineering Artificer (Mechanical) 1 PAUL B. CALLUS

Acting Petty Officer Catering Accountant STEPHEN R. DAWSON

Stephen is commemorated with a headstone in St. Mary’s Churchyard, West Butterwick, Lincolnshire and also on the local war memorial. West Butterwick CofE Primary School present the Stephen Dawson Achievement Award each year to the pupil who shows the best progress and achievement.

Acting Weapons Engineering Mechanic (Radio) 1 JOHN K. DOBSON

Petty Officer (Sonar) MICHAEL G. FOWLER

Weapons Engineering Mechanic (Ordnance) 1 IAN P. HALL

Lieutenant RODNEY R. HEATH

Laundryman KYE BEN KWO

Acting Weapons Engineering Mechanician 1 DAVID J. A. OZBIRN

Lieutenant Commander GLEN S. ROBINSON-MOLTKE

Leading Seaman Electronic Warfare BERNARD J. STILL

Marine Engineering Artificer 2 GEOFFREY L. J. STOCKWELL

Acting Weapons Engineering Artificer 1 DAVID A. STRICKLAND

Able Seaman (Electronic Warfare) ADRIAN D. SUNDERLAND

Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical) 2 STEPHEN TONKIN


Acting Weapons Engineering Artificer 2 PHILIP P. WHITE

Weapons Engineering Artificer (Apprentice) IAN R. WILLIAMS

Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical)PAUL T. MILLS

Paul died on 29th March 1983 from a brain tumour caused by a skull fracture sustained during the the attack on 25th May 1982.

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ahhhh!! i need to know more about ??? because he's an edgy emo boy and i love. (also im sorry if this seems demanding, i understand you have work and commissions too!! pls don't stress abt this) ♡♡♡

It’s ok ♥ I’m glad to see ppl interested about Taemin’s AU ;;o;; ♥
Good thing I have a recent doodle of him (which I posted on my IG stories a few days ago)!

Basically ??? only wants to make his father (Saeran) proud of him ((in this AU, we continue from Jumin’s After Ending && Saeran was not rescued and everyone went on with their lives)) – also he steals Saeran’s eyeliner just like how Seojun steals Saeyoung’s makeup for cosplay lmao

*somewhere somehow taemin unknowingly wrecks this ship*

I’ll be posting some more info about them when I get to finishing their ref sheets ((since even im confused w their designs because all i have are doodles and some cgs HAHA)) ^__^ Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Take a trip to Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach as it is known, is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Greece, and home to the wreck of a ship that ran aground here in 1980. It is only accessible by water, but is definitely worth the trip to see the beautiful cove and spend time on it’s white sandy beach. 

Although you need to take your own amenities as there are no facilities… and the only little bit of shade you’ll find is in the shadow of the wreck. 

Got the travel bug? Discover more here.

An ethereal and seductive world is established in three acts as Florence traverses through the elements. Directed by Willo Perron, inspiration is drawn from Florence’s relationship to the alchemical symbols of water, air and fire. The film is broken into a three-act sequence, where Florence opens submerged in water, dances with the wind, and ultimately reckons with fire.

  • • let's get to the point, there is // so much // angry sex
  • • they are both left with bruises all over by morning
  • • instead of "I love you" It's a lot of "Fuck you" and stupid smiling followed by things like "You imbecile" and just a thousand loving/hateful insults
  • • they don't do things like hold hands or kiss cheeks; soft stuff like that isn't their thing
  • • Alex is a fighter; he absolutley doesn't fall at Jeffersons feet, and he absolutley doesn't beg for anything from the man
  • • Alex likes to play with Thomas' hair all the time, to the point of sometimes annoying Thomas
  • • Alex blurted out "I love you" in like the second week and it's the only time he's ever seen Thomas flustered and nervous
  • • Thomas cried after saying "I love you" a month later and Alex makes fun of him for it

*Plays The Beatles - I Want You (She’s So Heavy) covers by Lzzy Hale in the background.*
IT’S DRIVING ME MAD!” *Gituar riff*

So, I dove back into Tales of Series after two years of hiatus, wondering what was going one after a brief look on tales of Zestiria and boy…  
Did I miss a wonderful news? After over 20 years, we finally got a solely female protagonist? 
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Can this be one of the battle victory quotes or somewhat like this Bandai?

115th Anniversary of the Antikythera Mechanism's Discovery
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On this date in 1902, Greek archaeologist Valerios Stais sifted through some artifacts from a shipwreck at Antikythera. The wrecked Roman cargo ship was discovered two years earlier, but Stais was the first to notice an intriguing bit of bronze among the treasures. It looked like it might be a gear or wheel. That corroded chunk of metal turned out to be part of the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient analog astronomical computer.

The Antikythera Mechanism tracked planetary positions, predicted lunar and solar eclipses, and even signaled the next Olympic Games. It was probably also used for mapping and navigation. A dial on the front combines zodiacal and solar calendars, while dials on the back capture celestial cycles. Computer models based on 3-D tomography have revealed more than 30 sophisticated gears, housed in a wooden and bronze case the size of a shoebox.  


Miraculous | Ladybug and Cat Noir | The Love Square

     Lady luck tied two lovers together.
           But bad luck set them apart at odds and ends.