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I go tagged by @rozigetsfit and I needed a mental break from work, so here are my answers! 

One insecurity: my height. I’m 5′9.5. I’ve always felt BIG, regardless of my weight. I will never be a lady who isn’t stuck in the back of group photos. 

Two fears: Becoming my mother (not having children will help me avoid this some). Freddie dying (which at 9 years old I know will happen, but I’m going to be a wreck and I hope it doesn’t happen for a very long time - note Freddie is my Pomeranian for those of you new here)

Three turn-ons: A sexy mouth, being funny, and being strapping!

Four life goals: not get divorced, do a half ironman, have a menagerie of dogs, stay as healthy as I can

Five things I like: talking, roller coasters, live music, being right, iced coffee

Six weaknesses: my right arm, my left arm (haha T always comments how I have no upper body strength). I’m a terrible typer, I procrastinate, I love my phone too much, I enjoy gossip, my inability to turn down free food, and I’m not a detail oriented person

Seven things I love: Freddie, T, Full/Fuller House, the beach, NYC, the color orange, witty banter

Eight people that I’m tagging: If you’ve done one of these or do not want to participate, no need to! @94monkeys, @veggielife, @squirrelsandswings, @amanda-healthyhappywhole, @builttoprotectnottolove, @niki-noo, @mabtv3, @marathonmelissa

If I Wait A Little Longer (Hoseok x Reader)

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It had been an exceedingly long week. It was quarter end at work and it wasn’t that you were in danger of not hitting your numbers. Rather, it was the high octane environment of this last week of the month. Now it was Friday evening and you were free to relax. Normally at the end of a stressful week you’d forgo making plans and draw a bath to enjoy before sitting with Hoseok in front of a funny TV series.

But alas, he wasn’t home, and hadn’t been in several weeks. He was in the midst of a fifteenth anniversary tour with Bangtan and North and South America had to be traversed, ten cities stuffed into fourteen days. Normally their tour dates were spread further apart, but with everyone married and some with kids, it was easier to have everything in a short amount of time. You and Hoseok had no children yet though you supposed that was soon on the horizon. It was just that you’d only been married two years and it had already passed in a whirlwind of trips, activities and each other.

You sat contemplating all this while aimlessly guiding the cute rubber duckie Hoseok had brought home as a joke. He was due to be home tomorrow morning and you were happy because you could spend time with him over the weekend with no distractions like work. You were used to him being away, although it seemed to be less now than when you were dating. Two weeks did feel incredibly long at first but it did pass quickly between your job you loved and the plans you made sure to make with your girlfriends. You even went to see your mom and spent a night with her, reminiscing and enjoying anecdotes.

You hated turning into a prune and so climbed out after 20 minutes, looking with distaste at your slightly wrinkly fingertips. You always lingered a few minutes too long. You donned a t-shirt, one of Hoseok’s that seemed to have his smell stuck to it and climbed into bed. It was 8 and too early to sleep but it claimed you anyway.
At 11:47 pm, you cracked open an eye after hearing what sounded to be someone nosily bumping into a wall. It seemed to come from the living room but you considered that impossible. Hoseok had said his flight would land around 10 am. But another bump and you wearily sat up, half resolving to reach for the bat in the closet a few steps away and half resigning yourself to a dismal fate. You were just too tired.

You took hold and hesitantly crept towards your bedroom door, wondering if you should just barricade yourself behind the door and be done with this whole mess until the burglar got what he came for and left. The knob felt too cool in your touch and you stopped again before turning. This was it.

The moment you turned, you felt resistance from the other side. You wanted to scream but held it in. Letting him know you were frightened would only give him more power. You breathed deeply and tried the knob again, only to find the burglar’s hand must still be upon the knob. You decided to back up two paces, remove your hand and let him come in then molly wop him as best as possible before calling the police. Another deep breath and you executed your hasty plan.

As soon as you took your hand off the knob, the door flew open and you reared back to throw the bat as hard as possible.


“Oh Hoseok. It’s you,” you breathed out and couldn’t help but toss the bat aside and step into his arms, making him drop the suitcase he had in hand. You squeezed him tight around his middle and he reciprocated, laughing heartily close to your ear. He was taller than you and you could feel the vibrations of his laugh in his chest and you relished in it against your face.

“Jagi, did you think I was breaking in?” He asked in a playful tone. You finally released him and smiled sheepishly.

“I fell asleep early and felt really out of it when I heard you out there. So I prepared for the worst.” You twisted your fingers together and felt a little embrassed. The area your lovely apartment you and Hoseok lived in was in a very safe neighborhood and you felt ashamed for going there with yourself mentally. You knew you should’ve had a glass of wine before bed. Then you would’ve slept right through.

Hoseok’s brightening smile in your view made you forget those thoughts though and you pushed back his hair just the way you liked before kissing him deeply. You did miss him very much although you kept busy. You dared to touch the apples of his full cheeks and he smiled against your lips before drawing you in closer. His bag was now long forgotten. Normally Hoseok liked to quickly unpack, dirty clothes in the hamper, shoes in the closet, toiletries in the bathroom. He was organized and clean and you appreciated all of that about him.

“Did you take your bath jagi?” He asked after drawing back to breathe. You couldn’t even reply before he was kissing your head and you marveled at how tender he was.

“Yes it was great.”

“I want a bath,” he whined and made a pouty face and you could only giggle before kissing his cheeks. “I’ll take one with you tomorrow,” you whispered against his skin and you looked up to take in his dimples that appeared when he made the pleased face.

“Then a quick shower for me and I’ll join you,” he said and grinned, pinching your sides before walking away to start the shower in the bathroom. He left the bathroom door open and told you highlights of the trip while you quietly moved around and unpacked his bag listening to his enthusiastic stories about the fans and his brothers. When he finally emerged from the bathroom, he found you curled up in the bed, smiling at him adoringly. He took note of his unpacked suitcase now put away in the closet and took a flying leap into the bed, hastening to pull you into a tight hug and showering your face in kisses. Hoseok’s kisses were one of your favorite things and you tried to kiss him back through his. They came slower and slower and finally he lingered at the corner of your mouth before asking lowly, “Are you tired jagi?”

You shook your head before replying, “No, I slept four hours so I’ll be up.” He suddenly grinned wickedly and you recognized that face. The face that told you would get sleep, but not until the early hours of the morning.

“In that case,” and he dipped down to give you what felt like your first kiss every time he poured this much into it. You could only hope he understood how much love you felt for him in return when you held him as he held you.

“Hoseok?” You asked at 2:52 am. “Yesh,” he replied sleepily. His mouth was right at your ear and his arms wrapped around you to hold you tight to his chest.

"How did you come early?” You meant to ask when he first arrived but got distracted by his plan for the two of you.

“I switched my ticket for an earlier flight. Couldn’t wait to see you,” he mumbled and pressed a wet kiss to the shell of your ear. You wiggled a bit and he chuckled a low sound that made you freeze.

“I love you so much jagi,” he said suddenly, voice thick and deep.

“I love you too Hobi,” you replied and turned in his arms to kiss his chin before settling down to sleep. 

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Sergeant Zimmermann

Remember when I said I have a Wreck it Ralph-Hero’s Duty / Check Please! AU? Welp. In which Jack is the glitching one trying to fulfill his destiny. took a break from school and comic stuff to draw this and aughh it was fun! 

baby just take aim

for @agrabitches, because she puts up with me

In four years with the Wellies, Jack had never had a nickname stick.

(It was two years before anyone even tried giving him one, because somehow the boys read ‘crippling anxiety’ as ‘completely boring’ and never bothered. Then a small blond with a penchant for pet names and pies came in with a Mr. Zimmermann and, like all other aspects of his life, everything changed.)

His first season with the Falconers is much the same.

Tater calls him Zimmboni for about two weeks before Thirdy drunkenly announces the name is ‘no good.’ “Jacky-boy doesn’t clean up the ice,” he tells the faces that haven’t asked. “He wrecks it.” They cheer and they drink and the subject is, Jack hopes, dropped.

It isn’t.

They try Zimmy next, and Zimms, and then just Zimmer; each lasts a game or two before the awkward shuffling in the locker room as whichever teammate (not friends, not yet, but at least he goes out with them once or twice when asked now) stutters out how it’s not right. It just doesn’t fit. “Sorry man,” Marty pats his shoulder. “You’re just a hard dude to nickname.”

Jack tries to smile but isn’t sure he succeeds. “So I’ve been told,” he manages dryly, but really he just wants to go - not home. His apartment, sure. To bed, yeah. But he hasn’t once called or even thought of his place in Providence as home. 

Instead he goes out with the team to celebrate the win, half because his parents and his therapist have been urging him to start setting down a root or two and half because an earlier text said that Bitty was going to a movie with the Frogs and wouldn’t be home until later.

Maybe it’s because that’s already the direction his mind was taking, but he gets to the bar and can’t help thinking about Bitty. Maybe it’s because that’s already the direction his mind was taking - or maybe it’s the song blasting over the speakers that he can’t help but recognize. “Beyoncé,” he says mostly to himself, because it’s a lesson that he’s had drilled into his brain over the years.

Snowy laughs when he overhears. “Of fucking course,” and he slaps Tater’s arm to get his attention. “Of course this Canadian motherfucker doesn’t get a single fucking one of our references, but fucking recognizes Beyoncé in under ten seconds.”

Tater laughs his sweet, infectious laugh and slings an arm across Jack’s shoulders. “Of course he know,” and the sentence trails off into a rather enthusiastic, if off-key, rendition of the chorus. “Everyone know Beyoncé, even Jacky Z.”

The table shakes from the force of Guy pounding his fist onto it; it startles Tater and Jack, and gets the attention of the other players (and the surrounding tables). “Holy mother of hockey,” and Guy turns his too sharp, too serious gaze on Jack. “Jack Zimmermann.” When blank stares and a few confused nods are all the words earn him, the knuckles around his glass go white. “Jack Zimmermann,” he tells them again, voice gruff. “J.Z.

There’s a stunned, almost reverent silence around the table as six of the seven men accept the words like a sudden lightening bolt of truth, and the seventh wishes desperately that he had never come tonight. “Jay-Z,” they whisper among themselves, and Jack knows without knowing how that this will be the one that sticks.

Later, when he’s laying in bed in the apartment that still isn’t home, Jack rubs the back of his neck and admits over Skype “So they gave me a nickname today.”

Bittle is, predictably, thrilled for him. “Honey, that’s great news! I’m so proud of you for getting out with the team mor-”

“It’s my initials.”

There’s a moment where Jack watches his face fall and knows that Bitty is concerned that maybe the initials is a sign he’s not being welcomed, followed by a moment where his eyebrows shoot up in surprise as he says the letters to himself. The resulting pause is broken by a stuttering start-stop of Bitty’s mouth opening and closing wordlessly, and finally a cut-off shriek. “Oh my - I never - all this time and - I can’t believe I - of course - oh my-” He gropes weakly at the screen of his laptop, voice gone progressively squeakier. “Jay-Z.”

For a moment the under-decorated bedroom feels a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more like a place he could be happy, and Jack laughs. “I think I’m a little bit ashamed for you that someone else realized first.”

“Don’t you chirp me over this,” his glare is rendered ineffective by the way his face splits into a beaming smile. “I just found out I’m dating Jay-Z.”

Jack hums a few bars of a familiar tune. “Hey, Ms. Carter.”


And finally, #26 to #31 of my Inktober entries. They’re mostly Yuri on Ice… oops.

I barely followed the prompts for these last days that have been mostly catch up, but still : 

  • #26 Box
  • #27 Creepy
  • #28 Burn No Prompt followed
  • #29 Surprise
  • #30 Wreck No Prompt followed
  • #31 Friend No Prompt followed (or ?)

I hope you like it. I enjoyed this challenge even if for some reasons I couldn’t post it day by day, even though I drew mostly day by day. It was exhausting though.

Stancest week day 1: Teen Stans

Stan never ends up giving the sunflowers. He doesn’t want to interrupt anything, so he sneaks them back to his car. It can stay in the back seat for now, he thinks.

The next day, Ford wins first place in the school science fair.

Jump around and get outside, it’s Sugar Town ! 

Little WIP of the Lazy Town Kids as Sugar Rush racers, from Wreck it Ralph ! (got inspired by Dreamflnder crossover) I hope to finish them, I think they would make cute stickers… 

i hope wreck it ralph 2 is about ralph getting ripped from an arcade cab so that someone can play the game in an emulator on a pc and that’s how he gets in the internet 

Castiel didn’t meant to say it.
His angel blade gripped tightly between white knuckles as he gulped at the air. His lungs were heaving, his eyes stinging with each blink, and his heart was thudding so loud for a second he feared it might suddenly stop.
The reaper corpse at his feet was nothing but a testament to how bottled his feelings have been, how naive he once was in thinking that he could deny it.
He loved these three people. Loved them more than his so-called family up in heaven, more than the whole of humankind that he once swore he would cherish above all else. He loved them, gave everything for them, and yet… yet he still couldn’t believe he admitted it.
‘You mean too much to me..’
His mind came back to this moment, halted by the reality of this statement. He found Mary’s eyes first. Hers were that of shock, or care, of a mother’s understanding and warmth.
Sam’s eyes were almost heartbroken. They reached out to Cas, reached into the deepest parts of Cas’ falling grace as if to convey the brotherly love that wasn’t forced, wasn’t faked or staged. There was love in their eyes, both of them, that made it easier to finally look into Dean’s eyes.
The green, perpetually keeping Castiel grounded to this earth, were misted. They were barely recognizable as tears filled then flowed over the brim. The Righteous Man was crying and Cas couldn’t for the life of him not mirror the sentiment.
The four of them stood there, the reaper forgotten, as Cas’ words hung in the air like stale crisp sheets strung up to dry in the wind.
His heart was out there, his intentions in the clear so everyone finally acknowledged it.
“I will kill a hundred more to make sure the world never sees a day without a Winchester.” And that was his final statement before the angel blade slipped from his fingers.
The clank echoed for a few wayward seconds before the eldest brother moved. It was lightning fast, almost too quick for Sam and Mary to react to right away. Not a minute passed between Cas’ lips closing and Dean’s full weight being shoved against his chest.
Embraced in that hold, the one they’ve been dancing around since the barn all those years ago, Castiel breathed in the reassurance that he was wanted.
“We love you, too.” Dean’s rough voice whispered against the side of his neck. “And we will never stop needing you.”
That night, as Cas fell asleep in arms he never thought would hold unto him so steadily, he closed his eyes in the safety of the family that would always love him.