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“I’m never sparring with you again.” It’d been an eye opening experience for sure. He’d seen her fight before, countless times. Frank had marveled at the beauty with which she cut down her enemies. There was no wasted movement with Elektra. Everything was precise and elegant, the complete opposite of how Frank handled hand-to-hand situations. Some part of him had always assumed he’d be able to at least hold his ground against Elektra (and those other idiots that Red was always fighting). but he’d been shown fairly quickly that no, he couldn’t. 

“Never again.” It’d be a good thing for him to keep having sparring sessions with Elektra. It was a different style of fighting, and he’d do well to learn how to adequately defend himself if he was going to be helping her and Red with the whole Hand business. Relying on his guns would definitely get him killed with these fuckers. “I still can’t feel my fingers.”

I literally can’t remember the last time in my 25 years of existence that I’ve been as excited and hyped for a movie as I am for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Like, I’m not even the biggest fan of the animated Disney original. I mean, it reduces me to an emotional wreck and it’s #iconic, but it’s not even in my top 10. So why the fuck has this remake got me ANTICIPATING like fuck? I mean, I got a quote from the movie tattooed on my goddamn body a full 8 weeks before it came out because I was *that* inspired and affected by the trailer.

Like… I can’t.