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Hey have you heard about how our government okayed the use of corexit (a toxic chemical) for oil spill clean ups? I wonder if they'll use it for the Saskatchewan oil spill 😤

Yikes. I hadn’t heard that.

Here’s an article from the National Geographic about it

Canada oks use of Corexit for oil spills—Despite What We’ve Learned in the Gulf


So when Canada’s government approved the use of dispersants in its amended oil-spill response outline last month, environmental advocates were not happy.

“It is sham,” says John Davis, director of ocean-advocacy organization Clean Ocean Action Committee. “[Corexit] doesn’t do anything to clean up an oil spill. It allows the toxicity in the oil to become more biologically available. The last thing you want is for oil to accumulate in the gills of a lobster.”

Before the updated regulations passed, several federal environmental statutes prohibited the use of dispersants to clean up oil spills because of the harm they wreak on wildlife, including the Migratory Birds Convention Act, the Fisheries Act and the ocean disposal provisions of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Safety information on the use of Corexit advises the chemical be kept out of contact with eyes and skin, which it can severely damage. It can cause nausea and vomiting if ingested, as well as chemical pneumonia if it is inhaled into the lungs. Seeing that Corexit, like other oil dispersants, are sprayed, this is a real danger not only for animals but also for humans applying the chemical to the surface of an oil slick after a spill.

I love him and he will never look at me that way. Because I am a storm shrouded by mystery, wreaking havoc wherever I go. But she is a field covered in sunshine and full of daisies. And as you the poetic deep thinker fall for the lover of analogies I am here alone, once more, wreaking havoc on myself.

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last time i watched chamber of secrets i thought about an au where tom riddle never became voldemort and lives as a 1950s james dean style bad boy wizard in his late 20s/early 30s, wreaking havoc with a cigarette between his lips and tbh @me wtf is this pls stop this makes no sense and sounds actually awful


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Hello, I love your Ishihime and Ichiruki stuff, especially the comic you have on the future Ichiruki daughter Hisana wreaking havoc. I notice you posted some info about the Ishihime kids, but I don't see anything about Hisana and her sibs. Please give us more info about these sweet babies!

I- I can’t believe I have people coming into my inbox these days and asking about what are essentially my ocs im dissolved in a puddle of tears on the floor


so basically, I have a vague idea for an entire Bleach nextgen story (+ headcanons of how I think things become settled after the Quincy War), and you can find posts related to it under my After the Quincy War AU tag. I will also direct you to this post in particular, which shows you my headcanon ichiruki children, their names, and age gaps! 

But to give you a bit more information on them: 

Hisana: eldest, kind of an even mix between Ichigo and Rukia in every conceivable way. Ichigo’s sense of justice and recklessness, plus Rukia’s ability to shut down and compartmentalize. Ichigo’s natural talent at swordplay, plus Rukia’s proficiency in Kido. Rukia’s ability to dish sly teasing out…. plus Ichigo’s inability to take it, lmao. Her main faults are 1) her ‘FITE ME’ dial is always set to 100 (kind of like Kenpachi) and 2) she’s kind of…. self-centred? Kind of got tunnel vision when it comes to her family and friends (which, tbh, is a fault she inherited from Ichigo). This is not to say she isn’t compassionate compared to, say, Souken (aka my Ishihime nextgen child, who is fully aware he puts his family and friends above ‘everyone else’ and is unapologetic about it), just that that’s how she is currently. She mainly uses her shinigami/vaizard powers in battle. 

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Stephen King’s “The Mist” has some similarities with Gravity Falls; according to wikipedia; the events of the “The Mist” were the result of a military experiment

“A military experiment performed in Shaymore, the “Arrowhead Project,” apparently intended to create a trans-dimensional window with which to peer through into other dimensions.”

And it resulted in tons of creatures from that world getting into our world and wreaking all kinds of havoc

The theme is not unfamiliar within sci-fi, horror, or Lovecraftian stories; but still interesting


Clean Room Vol. 1: Immaculate Conception (2016)  

“Astrid Mueller is the enigmatic and compelling guru of a giant self-help organization—a devastatingly powerful figure in the industry between psychology and religion. Journalist Chloe Pierce’s fiancé decided to pick up Astrid’s book, and within three months he was dead. Something in Astrid Mueller’s book made Philip blow his brains out all over Chloe’s new kitchen.

Now Chloe is on a mission to find out who Astrid Mueller really is. What is this Clean Room she’s been hearing about where your deepest fear and worst moments are revealed? Chloe intends to immerse herself in the Clean Room and wreak havoc on Astrid’s empire.”

Story: Gail Simone, art: Jon Davis-Hunt, Cover: Jenny Frison

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s i l l a g e | pt. seven

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 8,354 words.

Warnings: Death mention. Smut that is quite descriptive for plot purposes. Delicious angst foreshadowing that I live for. This is painfully unedited. 

The wrath of Joy occurs at the ripe, blood-curdling hour of seven in the morning. And it is a Sunday, the worldwide known day of sleep ins. Who even wakes up before ten? Joy does. Lively, enthusiastic, and downright frightening Joy.

She, in all of her natural form, comes like a whirlwind into your room, wreaking havoc and causing destruction in her wake. It is not unusual for her to barge in like this, declaring word of the farmer’s market or an early morning bike ride that you attend in such a lethargic state that you almost crash into a bush twice. But today is different, very different, because you are surrounded in another body warmth and a beating heart and a mouth gently snoring against your throat, a palm splayed messily on the small of your back beneath your sweater, the soapy vanilla and honey scent of his skin consuming your every sense in the most delightful of ways. Jeongguk is obliviously asleep, and you are barely waking, the slamming of your door against the plaster like a familiar alarm, a signal that your painfully zealous best friend was awake, and so therefore, you must get up too.

Though instead of the usual annoyance that pricks at the nape of your neck, your chest is rather weighed down by a dreaded, heavy leaded fear. You were most certainly going to introduce Joy to Jeongguk, but definitely not like this. Almost on instinct and in a feeble attempt of protection, you curl your arms tighter around him, who is mostly concealed by the duvet, blissfully unaware of the rude awakening he is quite literally about to receive. Inky black waves of hair bob energetically at the end of your bed, and you know that hell is a slow descent, and it is only just beginning.

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