You're a rhetorical analysis!

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The image of two leopards walking above is a provoking image, aimed at people who believe themselves to be high fashion by wearing fur coats or at people who are organizations like PETA who want to help stop the killing of beautiful animals.

The image is trying to convey that “high fashion” and animals furs hurt and take many lives, including families.  It is trying to show people the negative side of hunting creatures for the pelt, and that it should stop.  The photographer captured a powerful pathos- emotion- by placing the animals in a natural habitat and showing them as a family.  No one wants their family torn apart, and you can’t argue how sad it would be if this would happen here (we all cried during Bambi…).  Plus the size tags on their backs cause us to stop and think.

The group that uses the image to get their view across, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), also has credibility because they are a well known organization that helps support wildlife.  Their logo in the top corner helps to show this.