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Stuff I remember from the Ava’s Demon formspring (part II)

- If Ava hadn’t insulted Odin, he wouldn’t have planned to dump her off on the next planet. 

- Pedri’s mask is the skull of Wrathia’s previous husband. 

- Wrathia and Pedri truly loved each other. 

- Pedri is supposed to look like a mummy.

- We will see what a failed pact looks like. (dun dun dunnnn)

- The booze that Gil gave Maggie was actually poison. Maggie survived because she’d already pacted with Tuls. (Damn Titan, you scary.)

- We will see Odin blush a lot more.

- Ava tried on Odin’s ring because she had never owned jewelry before.

- The scars on Ava’s arms are from Wrathia’s failed attempts to kill Ava/induce her to commit suicide. 

- A host doesn’t have to die in order to make a pact with their demon. That was just Ava’s particular situation. 

- Maggie’s door knob is not a type of collateral from Tuls. Again, just a unique Ava situation. (So no, the door knob isn’t Tuls’ heart or anything) 

- Every host will have some sort of entrance to their bodies like Ava’s drawer and Maggie’s cupboard. 

- The gang will “maybe” be in a situation that calls for formal outfits. 

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flaming arrow prompt: ava finds out odin is the host for wrathia's husband

- Who Are You, Really?

He was seated on the couch half-dozing as they waited for the ship to reach its destination. Gil had vacated to the other side of the vehicle in a not-so-subtle attempt to get as far away from himself and Ava as possible. Maggie had attempted to follow after the boy but considering the argument he’d heard taking place soon afterward, he was under the impression the younger teen had been rebuffed and sent away. Heh, serves her right for lying so much. Karma always came back to bite you in the ass for things like that.


Odin’s gaze moved towards the fourth and final occupant of the ship, currently laid asleep on the sofa beside him as if she had no care in the world whatsoever. You would have never thought the girl capable of decimating an entire TITAN headquarters if you looked at her now.

Her eyes moved beneath her eyelids as she shifted, and Odin jerked when Ava rested her head against him, the abnormal heat from her skin seeping through his clothing. It was like having a human hot water-bottle pressed against him. Just as he was questioning what to do with her, he felt it.

A wetness on his shoulder.

“Urgh-!” Shoving her off the sofa he recoiled away, the “dangerous alien” landing with a thud and yelp.

“W-Wha….” There was a pause as she quickly took note of her surroundings at the abrupt awaking. Then, another when the relalisation of what had just happened sunk in. “Hey-! What the hell!?” Pushing herself up, Ava pinned him with a sharp glare which he easily returned.

“Y-You drooled on me!”

Her eyes widened at that, anger giving way to embarrassment and cheeks flushing golden. “I- I did?”  Her voice was a squeak.

He pointed to the wet patch upon his sleeve. Her eyes took it in, face burning brighter and seriously- was this really the same girl who had annihilated an entire haven of TITAN followers?

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Considering how horrendously counterintuitive Wrathia’s plan to get Ava to form a pact was (”Let me just repeat the word “PACT” to a toddler until they agree, then when that inevitably fails treat them like shit for the rest of their lives so they commit suicide because obviously she just doesn’t want to cooperate and I’m not being unclear at all!”), I feel like she was a hilariously bad ruler who made all kinds of knee-jerk decisions.

Like, imagine a more psychopathic version of Emperor Kuzco…

Okey guys, since everybodys hyped about Pedri, i came up with a theory! Let’s talk about Pedris mask:

It is confirmed that Pedris mask is the skull of Wrathias previous husband.

Notice how it fits him perfectly

ALSO: The Vengess are a pretty diverse race, for example:

They look different than Pedri and Wrathia!

So my theory is: could it be that Wrathias previous husband was Pedris relative? Maybe his brother, or even his twin brother?

( “…pedri’s last name is based on a navajo god, nayenezgani, slayer of alien gods. has a twin brother. son of the sun god…”)

How to show affection, by Wrathia Bellermina:

  • Insult your husband.
  • Covering yourself in everything purple.
  • Exact revenge. Husband can wait until Titan HQ is a smoldering pile of ash at your perfectly pedicured feet.
  • Makeouts?? Maybe????