I found this website where you can type in a character’s name and there ‘last words’ pop up. So I did this, Homunculus style.

Pride: “You traitor!”

Lust: “Don’t worry, I’m a professional.”

Greed: “What are you holding behind your back…?”

Envy: “yolo”

Gluttony: “No, give me all YOUR money!”

Sloth: “When I die…don’t touch my computer.”

Wrath: “Why didn’t you get more ammo, you idiot!?”

GreedLing: “SON OF A BI-”

can u even imagine though how awkward it must have been in the bradley house though

like wrath and mrs bradley calling each other cute pet names and pride snickering the moment she leaves the room but the next day pride’s asking her to tuck him in before he goes to bed and pride can see wrath dying of laughter behind her

of course the moment they’re alone together it’s just coldly talking about how weak humans are but it’s always a little uncomfortable because they both know


Years after years, life goes on. But we all interact with each other in the end. We will all die in the end, from immortal or mortal. That’s what makes us humans after all. We must protect our fragile little world, even if it’s cruel and merciless.” - Unknown