What is the Wrath of God? Why was the Old Testament God so Angry, yet Jesus was so Peaceful?

What is the Wrath of God? Why was the Old Testament God so Angry, yet Jesus was so Peaceful?

Here is a Spiritual Conundrum submitted to Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life by a reader named Garret: One question that I don’t think you addressed sufficiently in the articles I have seen so far is this: How do you explain the anger recorded in the Old Testament that God seems to feel a lot of the time? Because the God of the near death experience is never angry, ever. Except when somebody…

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can u even imagine though how awkward it must have been in the bradley house though

like wrath and mrs bradley calling each other cute pet names and pride snickering the moment she leaves the room but the next day pride’s asking her to tuck him in before he goes to bed and pride can see wrath dying of laughter behind her

of course the moment they’re alone together it’s just coldly talking about how weak humans are but it’s always a little uncomfortable because they both know

WRATH, they call me. More white flame than red rage. More slow fire burn than volcano eruption.

Sometimes, I think I’ve faded. I am not a feeling. I am to be harnessed, reigned in and bottled up. I am a thousand stallions charging over the sea - wait, I stand corrected. I was.

People clench their fists now and call the surge in them by my name. I laugh at them. I spit in their faces. I am not a passing moment. I am not a fist fight in an alley and a beer the next day. I am not people punching walls.

What’s to become of me? I think I’m starting to forget myself.


Seriously, have we forgotten how they left the White House when GWB moved in?
Phone lines cut.
Drawers glued shut.
Door lock glued shut.
Obscene messages.
W’s missing on computer key boards.
Stolen paintings and furniture.
AF I vandalized.
This was all before Benghazi, the E-Mail deletions, the $6 Billion missing, etc. Wake up America.

Don Williams