Reflection; The Lack Thereof

You are a conglomerate
of all of the problems
you have found in
other people.

Quick to excuse your faults
reflected in the eyes of others.
Swift with mercy for self,
and none else.
Dismiss your own demons, yet
use the vices of others
to justify your actions;
Every sin you forsake
rules your own heart
with heavy hand.

To you, the world
is an oyster; Yours to
consume whole, ignorant
that there are other mouths
to feed.

cut up knuckles from street fights,
his cheekbone is bruised,
his skin is a rainbow of colors,
anger simmers in his veins.

meet wrath.

rings glitter on her fingers,
she spins them round and round,
crunches diamonds between her teeth,
hording like a dragon.

meet greed.

he stays in bed all day,
books piling up next to him,
it can all be done tomorrow.

meet sloth.

she tips her chin up at the crowds,
her lover spits at her,
angry and in tears,
she watches but does not apologize.

meet pride.

her hands claw at shirts,
pulling them over her heads,
filling the room with slick sounds and thick smells,
this is the life.

meet lust.

his hands are outstretched,
reaching for the thing in someone else’s arms,
the world sits before him,
he begs for the object.

meet envy.

she grips the jewels in her hand,
bright flashes catching her eye somewhere else,
there is never enough,
more more more.

meet gluttony.

it’s the whole family,
watch how quickly they’ll kill you,
deadly habits.

—  7 deadly sins; l.m.


Just think of how epic this would be if it were a thing!

My life will not be complete until this is real.