wrath of dragon


- I’m going to film your death, Dr. Lecter, as dying, you meld with the strength of the Dragon.
- It’s a glorious and rather discomforting idea.

Winter’s coming, but not fast enough. These books will tide you over until Game of Thrones season 6 premieres.

Looking for some kick-ass ladies?

Maybe you like your kick-ass ladies to come with a great destiny?

What about fierce battles and daring deeds?

Need a touch of magic?

One word: DRAGONS.

Happy reading!


Chapter 224 Meliodas telling past Elizabeth that he will keep his promise to her (Meliodas before realizing he’d have to watch her die over and over again)


Chapter 11 Meliodas telling present Elizabeth that he will keep his promise to her (Meliodas after watching her die over and over again) 

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