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anonymous asked:

"Hmmm you're new. An incubus? Haven't seen one of you in a while." (ask-the-wrath-devil)

“We tend to keep to ourselves, so tell me what’s a cutie like you doing speaking with such a low creature like myself~”

annieisyourfavourite  asked:

What's your personal favourite character to headcanon as diabetic? :)

@mindfulwrath has been writing this fic series called powered and it is I kid you not one of the best my all time effing favorite stories in the whole world and there’s a cannon t1d character named panda in it who I simply adore his also a knife child which is also my super Favorite and is massive cutie and wrath very obviously put a lot of research into writing so it’s really really accurate something it’s almost too relatble also the story and all the characters and character realationships are really really really good and I’m constantly in awe of how clever wrath is!

Also I really love diabetic! Wirt and Nico di Angelo and preghoul kaneki!!! Sorry for gushing and thanks for asking friend >\\