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ok but imagine if dylan and eric were stereotypical middleschool girls

Dylan:omg it’s not like i’d actually shoot him

Eric:ommggg you wanna shoot himmmm!11!

Dylan: O-M-G eric don’t tell everyone!

Eric: dylan and a tec-9 sitting in a tree! s-h-o-o-t-i-ng up the school!11

Dylan: omgggggg eric you’re making me blush !!

Teacher: What’s your favorite quote young man?
Me: *stands on desk* “Isn’t America supposed to be the land of the free. How come if I’m free then why can’t I deprive some stupid fucking dumbshit of his possessions if he leaves them in the front seat of his fucking van out in plain sight on a Fri fucking day night. NATURAL SELECTION. Fucker should be shot.”
Me: *sits back down calmly*


Ok so on Monday since it’s the anniversary of Columbine, we should all wear red on black and/or black on white. Maybe wear a trench coat if you have one, wear combat boots if you have them, any Rammstein or KMFDM or NIN shirts you have, maybe even a Natural Selection or Wrath tshirt. Eat some Slim Jim’s and pizza and drink Dr.Pepper and do all that. Buy 15 candles and light them as a memorial. Do all you can to remember them and what happened and the reality of it.

I realize some people may see this as “supporting” Eric and Dylan or whatever, but it isn’t. If any of you remember the whole fiasco on my original blog about the killer tshirt on the anniversary, let’s please not make it anything like that. This IS NOT meant to be in favor of Dylan and Eric. It’s just to remember them and the incident and show our support for ALL OF THE VICTIMS. Eric and Dylan were victims too.

Columbiners and true crime people please spread the word!

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best colombine blogs?

okay so this list got a little out of hand but they’re all really good blogs. get ready.
















































if you’re a columbine blog and you aren’t on the list, like this and i’ll follow you :)

upfront disclaimer: this is 99% personal headcanon and people are welcome to do whatever they want in their own works.

one thing i see pretty frequently in fanworks, and which i’ve never quite understood, is the idea that the Wrath is a celebrity figure within the Empire - well known and feared/respected, frequently to the point that they are repeatedly recognised in public/gossiped about/featured in the Star Wars equivalent of trashy celebrity rags - that their marital and familial comings and goings would be of concern to literally anyone outside of their circle of family and allies.

the thing is that as far as i can tell, the Wrath is essentially the Empire’s Boogeyman - the last thing you see before the Void, the shadow in the darkness that lurks and lingers right until you think you are safe from the Emperor’s vengeance before finally striking at the your weakest point.

Scourge, in his position, was an unknown quantity in the wider Empire, for numerous reasons but a large portion of it is the psychological fear of not knowing who or what the Wrath is, or if they’re even real. rumours are he’s a cyborg, he’s a series of people inheriting a single title, he’s immortal, he’s actually the Emperor performing his own justice, he’s a ball of speculative unknowns that are terrifying because they are unknowns. you see this in the JK mission on Quesh, where a former Council member is shitting bricks because the Wrath is coming for his head and he has no idea what to expect, other than certain death.

saying ‘oh yes, the Wrath is [this identifiable Sith Lord]’ lessens them, because they then become mortal - they have family, they have favourite food, they bleed, they die. in canon, Vowrawn was the one who knew the most about the Wrath, and that was mostly misinformation that Scourge had fed him in order to screw with him. it’s never established exactly how Vowrawn knows on Rishi that Scourge has turned traitor, (though it’s implied he learned it and other things by torturing a Servant) but that’s a discussion all on its own - if, after all, the Wrath can be identified a a Sith who betrayed the Emperor and lived to tell the tale, then that alone would be a massive blow to the Emperor’s influence. (this said, it would be easy for a Jedi to claim to same - and just as easy for a Sith to counter with their own he-said-she-said)

when it comes to the player character, BW have gone on record elsewhere that the SW story is the ‘Darth Vader’ story - which makes sense, to an extent. Though both Vader and the Wrath are the Emperor’s enforcers, though, Vader is a deliberately public figure (albeit one with a clouded past). He is the visible enforcer of Palpatine’s will, and a propaganda piece on his own on both the power of the Dark Side and the weakness of the Jedi. The Wrath, by contrast, does not exist in the greater galaxy - Scourge spent most of his existence squirreled away in the Emperor’s hidey-holes, leaving barely footprints behind him when he worked.

obviously this is not going to be a viable option for the player character - this is an rpg, and an mmo at that. players looking for a power fantasy aren’t going to be happy to have their characters hiding in a space station doing nothing (unless you count the many hours some people seem to spend afk on fleet). if nothing else, it’s fucking boring.

but this does not change the fact that even as Wrath, they are not going to be public figures - certainly no more than other war heroes, and arguably a good deal less. the Hand berate the Wrath for involving themselves in galactic affairs as it is - they are not supposed to be in the spotlight, and indeed being so makes them less effective - as it grounds them, it makes them real and mortal and fragile and flawed. in an arena where gameplay considerations do not have to be made, the Wrath - even one who is left mostly to their own devices by the Hand - is probably not going to be indulging in gilderoy lockhart-style self-promotion. even kilran, who has an ego the size of a small moon, is well known in the relevant circles but not the kind of person whose engagement party would take up any space whatsoever in the holonet’s gossip columns.

(of course, this could cut the other way; a very public Wrath would likely face a sizeable public backlash after Ziost, including blame for the event - up to and including grieving Sith deciding to avenge themselves on the Wrath and their nearest/dearest. fanatics in the style of Iven who turn on the Wrath for betraying their Emperor - or who see Ziost and take it upon themselves to slaughter more people on other worlds in an attempt to feed and satiate Vitiate. hell - just imagine for a moment you are a citizen of Ziost, trapped in the midst of the chaos that Vitiate has caused and desperate for a way out, and who should you happen to spy heading your way but Vitiate’s own Wrath, saber drawn, cutting down all who stand in their path. would you assume they are here to rescue you, or that they are there to serve their Master?)

any Wrath who wants to be any good at their job is going to have to consider all of this - and the additional concern that their position means that they and theirs are now particular targets of enemies of not just the Empire generally but the Emperor personally, inclusive of any mutinous Sith (see also: Malgus, arguably Marr). this would include not just threats of violence, but also scrutiny of their actions - whether it’s a DS SW being criticised for needlessly wasting or destroying Imperial resources, or an LS one being unnecessarily merciful to the Empire’s enemies. Sith are paradoxically free from restraints on their behaviour, and yet tightly restrained by what their interpretation of that freedom means - just as much as Jedi, in their own way. being a public figure, and thus constantly under scrutiny, is demonstrably not in their interests.

anyway i appear to have run out of steam for this post so imma stop here

tl;dr the emperor’s wrath is 99% not going to be on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Rishi. they are not a lauded public war hero the way the JK and JC are and that’s why i prefer them.