wrapping paper cat

things I associate with achilles and patroclus

achilles: metal scraping against metal, bare skin touching the sheets, comedy shows, scissors gliding through wrapping paper, purring cats, soaking your feet in warm water after wearing boots, unconsciously peeling off skin from the side of your fingers, shirts with logos on them, grinning, road trips, plugging in your battery at 1%, small apartments, blood red roses, the snooze button, running down vast hallways with echos, london, flowing white curtains, sand in your eyes, 400 second long snapchat stories, vandalism, bared teeth, pop music, laying hours after waking up, silent anger, flicking a lighter on just to see the flame dance, balancing on sidewalks by putting one foot infront of the other, arms wide open, chalk over a black surface 

patroclus: museums after closing hours, stacks of letters in the corner, 20 tabs open at once, the notification sound, new york, stretching your fingers after typing continuously,  squinting at the sun, blue dreams, smiling with your tongue out, thick wooly blankets, the crackle of a dying bonfire, biting your upper lip, sitting in plain fields, classical music, smell of rain, back rubs, glitter in between your fingers, shouting till you’re hoarse, dark wood, liking the smell of gasoline, hair ruffling, holding your hands behind your back when nervous, journals with stuff written unintelligibly, blowing away dust from an old book, running up escalators, one strap bags, headphones on eyes shut, empty subways

Process of Wrapping Christmas Presents in my house

1. Remove cat from box. 

2. Put gift in box and tape shut. 

3. Find the wrapping paper. 

4. Remove cat now sitting on top of box. 

5. Roll out paper. 

6. Move cat off of paper. 

7. Put box on paper. 

8. Move cat off paper.

9. Cut paper to size. 

10. Move cat off paper.

11. Wrap gift. 

12. Get ribbons. 

13. Move cat off of wrapped gift. 

14. Fend off cats as I cut ribbon. 

15. Put ribbons on box. 

16. Chase cats down to retrieve the rest of the ribbon. 

17. Put everything away. 

18. Move cat off of wrapped gift. 

19. Put gift under tree. 

20. Watch cat sleep on gift.

Why you delete my caption, Tumblr? Anyway. Effort posted her cat, so I must post one of mine; two Christmases ago, D.T. was fondly deemed the “Wrapping Paper Cat”, but I promise he is really a sweet feline. Definitely not Basement Cat’s brother.


P.S.: I totally didn’t forget about this Tumblr. Nope.

P.P.S.: No idea what PinkBerry is, but frozen yogurt’s all over Texas, man.


Cats of 100 Days, Cats 91 & 92

Cat 91 is a mosaic I did of Roscoe and Patterson as kittens. Cat 92 shows Patterson hiding - not too well - under a piece of wrapping paper. Like all cats, he loves to get under blankets, newspapers, bags … 

I’m trying to decide which cats to include in an exhibit of Patterson and Roscoe based on the work I’ve done for Cats of 100 Days. Please help me, friends, by voting for your favorite of the two cats today. You can vote by liking cat 91 or 92 or by writing your favorite in a comment.