wrapped up tight

His perspective

Her taking control of you for you when you can no longer handle things

Being able to expose yourself and she accepts you for who you are

Laying back and feeling her arms wrap around you from behind

Her fingers roaming your body and tracing circles on your weak spots

Watching her whilst shes in her working habitat staying on top of everything

When she climbs ontop of you

When she cups your face and leans in for a kiss

You getting tired so you fall asleep on her shoulder

That feeling of love when you are hurt emotionally and she tried her best to make you feel good

Those cute names she calls you when you see each other

When you try your best to surprise her and she loves it

That feeling of happiness when she coos sweet nothings to you

Her stroking your hair and petting you

Being able to be her rock to lean on when things get tough

When youre wrapped up tight like a burrito with each other both afraid of letting go

When she loves you

Idk any other /rr/ or /gfd/ things to write sorry :c

Dean and Sam sharing a bed in another nameless motel. In the morning, when Sam wakes up warm and comfortable, he gets all flustered not only because he’s all wrapped up nice and tight in his big brother’s arms, but because he can feel just how hard Dean is pressed up against his ass. (◕‿◕✿)

Alec 100% notices how Magnus rubs his fingers together when he’s nervous or unsure so whenever he sees him do it, he reaches out and intertwines their fingers and gently squeezes his hand and Magnus just instantly relaxes and pulls Alec a little closer to him

One kiss?
One kiss is all it would take……
There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, like kissing. A long, wet, you sucking on my tongue kiss. Wrapped up tight. Arms around each other. Hands exploring. My leg rubbing against your crotch. Naked kiss. So close we’re sweating from each other’s heat…….
One good long kiss is all it would take.
Yeah, one kiss.
One kiss?
Fanfic - Couples Costume - 1/1

Prompt: At Linda’s Halloween party Barry and Iris unintentionally show up in a ‘couples costume’

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1614

AN: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Everyone have a safe and fun night 👻🍬🎃

Iris arrived at Linda’s annual Halloween costume party late and alone.

The second she stepped into through the door she could see Linda had outdone herself this year. The main living area was lit up with hundreds of fake candles. Glow-in-the-dark spiders and webs covering the walls. Brightly lit jack-o-lanterns grinned at her wherever she turned. Linda had even gotten a smoke machine this year, filling the room with an eerie grey fog.

Carefully Iris made her way through the crowd of twenty-somethings in various states of inebriation until she spotted Linda in the kitchen along with Cisco and Wally.

“Iris you made it!” Linda squealed enthusiastically. Her witch hat nearly flew off her head as she bounded over to wrap Iris up in a tight hug. Iris pulled back to give her friends’ costume a once over. Linda had taken full advantage of the holiday by wearing a tight fitting, low cut black dress. Black leather boots reaching up to her thighs. The witches hat seemed almost like an afterthought.

“Love your costume,” Cisco called out through a mouth filled with caramel corn.

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Deciding to shoot some early-morning hoops this one was captured on the way home from the park and brought in for training. Captured early morning the day after the auction it was brought to a slave training facility that had been emptied out the night before and become the first acquisition for the next auction. With nothing else to do the board Slave Trainers decided to have a little fun. They wrapped this adorable piece of ass up tight and turned the vibrator on full blast, then they all laid down their bets on how many orgasms the fresh product could have before losing consciousness! :-)



Delirious is warm, wrapped up tight in a nest of blankets, his face pressed into something soft but firm. He wraps his arms around it and hugs it close.

A murmur above him, a soft chuckling has him cracking his eyes open to see Cartoonz watching him over the top of his phone as he plays another game on it.

“bout time you asses got up. I’ve had to piss for an hour now,” he rumbles but makes no motion to either put down his phone or even actually move.

Delirious stares at him blankly for a few seconds, then goes back to hugging Cartoonz’s leg. Snuggling in close to it and rubbing his face against the soft sweatpants the man always wears to bed like a cat against the hand that pets it.

On the other side of Cartoonz, Ohm mutters something neither one of them can make out, and begins to crawl right over Cartoonz’s lap until his face is buried in the other man’s lap. He sprawls out there, entwining an arm around Delirious’, and then curling it up and around the other’s back.

Ohm murmurs again, but even lower than before, and he’s already fallen back asleep soft snores slip out of his mouth as he grows heavy ontop of Cartoonz’s crotch.

Cartoonz sets his phone down on his chest and leans back against the pillows that support him.

“You ass,” Cartoonz groans, but drops a hand over Ohm and rubs his back through the soft grey shirt he sleeps in.

“I hate you two,” he continues, his other hand lightly running through Delirious’ hair. Drawing slow circles over his temple and just rubbing his head gently.

The sun through the window is warm, a heavy presence that slips over him too as he closes his eyes and settles back in against the bed frame. Giving in to sleep.

there is art of bokuto as a baby in the bokuto tag and i can’t stop thinking about bokuto and akaashi when they were babies so here are some headcanons:


  • a very quiet newborn. his parents think he’s just a blessing, how could we have a little boy who’s so quiet after his noisy brothers and sisters?
  • starts smiling (real smiling) so early. almost too early, but he does it so often and in response to stimuli that they know it has to be real.
  • pulls hair like it’s nobody’s business. his mom just chops all of hers off. 
  • starts to laugh at the same time that he begins crying more frequently
  • when he laughs he laughs loud, hears himself laughing and laughs more and more. a really delightful bubbly sound.
  • when he cries, it’s more of a whine, and it’s easy to calm him down if you just wrap him up tight in a blanket and hold him close. he does little hiccup cries into the neck of whoever is holding him, and just being touched and feeling safe calms him down.
  • gets too excited and pukes way more than normal.  
  • bokuto koutarou is a precious, precious baby. 
  • then he becomes a toddler and all hell breaks loose. 


  • akaashi is a nightmare. he’s one of those babies with colic the instant they exit the womb. he cries incessantly.
  • the only way to calm him is by bouncing him. morning noon and night akaashi must be bounced or he will SCREAM. 
  • cause that’s the thing, he doesn’t just cry he screeeeeches. 
  • akaashi is a manipulative baby once he gets some self awareness. he cries for attention, then stops as soon as he gets it. and in fact he doesn’t want attention at all he just wants people to move around. 
  • he refuses to smile unless it’s at a dog. he refuses to smile at a dog if people are around. 
  • he tosses things so people will pick them up. very good at tossing. his mother wants to tape his rice bowl to his high chair. 
  • he only laughs when he is tickled. this grumbly gravely deep laugh that they call the neighbors over to listen to because it is the weirdest old man baby laugh they’ve ever heard. 
  • akaashi keiji is a trial of a baby.
  • but everything calms down once he learns how to talk. 
Dating Zhang Yixing (Lay) Would Include:

Other Members: Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Chen | Kyungsoo | Kai | Kris | Luhan |  Sehun | Suho | Tao | Xiumin

• blowing on and/or kissing his neck just to see that ridiculously adorable reaction of his

• and he’d try to be mad and pout at you for it, but you both know he’d never really get angry with you over such a silly thing, so you just find his feigned anger adorable

• seriously just the best cuddles in the world. Like, Yixing would just want to give you his utmost love and attention constantly, and cuddles would be his time to shine, you’re just going to feel so loved when you’re wrapped up tight in his embrace

• so many phone calls and so much facetiming whenever you’re apart because he’d always want to hear your voice, or see your face

• because even just the thought of you puts this guy’s mind at ease

• impromptu dance battles at the most random of times

• you being his official agenda, keeping track of any kind of appointments or meetings he had

• and like, you’d start to feel like you’re nagging him about it all, but he’d honestly just be so grateful that he had you to help keep everything straight, since he’s got such a hectic schedule to try to keep up with

• having to remind him constantly that he doesn’t need to work so damn hard

• like, seriously, someone needs to force this kid to take some breaks for himself

• deep, completely serious daydreams about your future together

• him always buying you small gifts that may seem silly at first sight, but really hold some deep meaning or another

• him getting all flustered any time you compliment him, just because your opinion means everything to him

• him not being super touchy in public, but in private, he’s going to be one of the clingiest babies ever

• like, you’re not going to be able to do a single thing around the house without him being by your side

• him being absolutely flattered anytime you do something for him, even things as simple as cooking a meal for him, or doing his laundry, and he’s just going to be so friggin’ grateful

• him constantly reminding you how lucky he feels to have snagged a girl like you, even when you sincerely feel like you’re the lucky one to have him

The sweet girls,
Want to call me Daddy,
As I put my hands around their throat,
They find a beauty in the punishment
And the veins on my wrists,
Whilst they lie there and choke.

I want to,
Hurt them and break their skin,
Watch them alternate, pleasure, pain,
Feel myself grow as I watch them suffer
Blood pumps, veins grow lower,
Trying to make them sane.

My desire,
Is to wrap them up tight,
After we’ve spent ourselves into sin,
Sit and read to them their favourite stories,
Stroke their hair ‘til they sleep,
If they’d just let me in.

—  Care - holywoodmassacre

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for cuddling with the Paladins + allura and Coran?

sorry for the wait!! love this prompt, hope you like the headcanons :)


  • he’d be hesitant to cuddle unless you spun it like it’d be a big benefit to you
    • like he wouldn’t cuddle to make himself feel better, but if YOU needed cheering up then hell yes
  • he’d probably go for the side cuddle, w his non-metal arm wrapped up tight around u
  • would most definitely tuck your head under his chin & u could rest your head on his chest
  • the more you cuddle, the more he opens up (he’d be pretty amused by it honestly) and then spooning is an option
  • big or little spoon works for him, but little is best after nightmares


  • not the biggest cuddler around
    • mostly because he doesn’t have a lot of experience with it
    • but once he’s introduced to it, he warms up to it a lot! mostly because it’s with you
  • would probably like you to straddle in his lap and wrap his arms around you
    • tuck your face to his shoulder/side of his neck
  • would also enjoy having you rest your head on his arm/shoulder & drape your arm over his chest
  • and sitting in between your legs with his back to your chest so you can play with his hair
  • he’d just be very private about it, he wouldn’t do it at a time or place where someone could walk in on the two of you


  • he is a cuddling FIEND
  • dtc (down to cuddle) any time and any place
    • beware any time you sit on a couch because he’ll wrangle you into cuddles in an instant
  • tangles his legs up in yours and presses RIGHT UP to you
  • likes to face you when cuddling so it’s easier to talk & see your face
  • also does a psuedo-69, where you both rest your heads on each other’s laps, all curled up & you guys talk like that too
  • when he’s feeling down, he’s less grabby when looking for cuddles
    • he just sidles up beside you and rests his head on your shoulder, and then you wrap him up into cuddles, it’s a routine


  • looooooves to cuddle you
  • he says he’s ‘made to cuddle’ and you definitely agree
  • he likes it when you lay on top of him and he can wrap has arms around your waist and you guys can just talk for HOURS
  • he also enjoys laying down while you sit up, and he can rest his head on your thigh as you hang out
    • and it makes it super easy for you to play with his hair, he APPROVES!
  • it’s a surefire way to ease his stress and anxiety (and yours too!)
    • you can just pull each other aside, no questions asked, and relax together until you both feel calmer
  • and if he gets super caught up in mechanical & culinary projects, offer to cuddle with him. he will happily head off to bed


  • not a big cuddler; she has stuff to do, she can’t settle down to cuddle
  • but if she’s doing stuff sitting down, she could sit on your lap and you could wrap your arms around her
    • she’d act annoyed if you rest your chin on the top of her head, but secretly (secretly) she likes it
    • that’s also a way to get her to actually sleep, you’re very cozy and she just nods off (and then you’re trapped, mwahahaha)
  • will also leap onto your back while you’re standing/walking around and wrap herself around you and cuddle you like that
    • aggressively nuzzles the back of your neck
  • much softer with the cuddles when the situation with her dad & brother really weighs on her & she needs comfort


  • she really only cuddles at night and in privacy, when she isn’t busy
    • it’s a very intimate and trusting moment, which she wouldn’t want to have around anyone else
  • she is the big spoon, always
    • if she wakes up with nightmares, you just twist around and start holding her, rest her head on your chest
  • she just wraps you up in her arms and pulls you in close, and if she falls asleep like that, sorry, you’re stuck
  • when chilling before bed, she’ll sit with her back to your chest and you can play with her hair 


  • he’s very nurturing & i think that translates well with cuddles
  • especially if you’re feeling down, you can go to him for cuddles and he will be happy to
    • tells lots of stories during it (a lot of them don’t make much sense, but he gets really into telling them so they’re interesting anyways)
  • just rest your head on his chest or shoulder and he’ll wrap an arm around your shoulder
    • he frickin TICKLES YOUR CHEEK WITH HIS MOUSTACHE. on accident at first but then it’S ON PURPOSE. sneaky sneaky (it cheers you up so that’s Good)
  • they help when he’s feeling down too, just to have someone there to care