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Teen Pregnancy with Draco would Include:

-You being scared to tell Draco for fear that he’ll get upset or push you away.
-Draco doing just the opposite and being extremely happy and excited to meet the baby.
-Both of you being nervous to tell Lucius and Narcissa.
-Narcissa being brought to tears of happiness because she’s so excited.
-Lucius: “Why couldn’t you use protection? Come on, Draco, even a muggle could do it.” But after a while, he warms up to the idea and becomes as excited as Narcissa.
-Draco going to every single one of your doctors appointments and shedding a tear or two when he hears the baby’s heartbeat.
-Finding out it’s a boy.
-“That’s mine!” Draco points to your stomach. “I helped make that. My son.”
-Getting gifts from all of your friends (including a knitted hat and socks from Hermione and a sweater from Mrs. Weasley).
-“Draco, I’m not naming my baby ‘Phoenix.’”
-“Why not?”
-“'Phoenix Malfoy?’ I don’t think so.”
-“Fine. What about Scorpius?”
-“Scorpius. I like it.”
-“Only two more weeks until I get to meet my son! It’s happening! I’m so excited!”
-“Yeah, only two more weeks until my womanhood gets ripped open and painfully destroyed. Hurray.”
-“You’re a ray of sunshine.”
-Labor hurts, but you forget all about it once you see your little baby boy. He gets all cleaned up and wrapped in a little blue blanket with a matching hat, some blond hair poking out. You get to hold him first. Draco’s jaw drops when he sees him and he just bursts into hysterics.
-“That’s my baby!” He cries. “My son!”

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Cloak Tricks: Harry Potter One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request:  Hi :) Could you please write a one shot where Harry is using his invisibility cloak for some reason and then sees Y/N standing alone on the wooden bridge so he watches her from underneath the cloak. After a while Y/N feels like she’s being watched so she looks around but she doesn’t see anyone. Harry starts teasing Y/N a bit so she gets scared. The rest is up to you. Just make sure it’s funny and cute :3 Love your blog!

Your P.O.V

I was sitting in the green field just outside the Forbidden forest. My back was slumped up against a thick tree behind me. My head and eyes were gazing upon the castle that I called my school. Hogwarts was its name, and it’s been my home for the past four years.

 It’s nearing one o'clock in the morning, and a crisp breeze was blowing just beneath my nose. I wrapped my wool blanket tighter around my body as I began to shiver underneath it’s touch, but I didn’t want to leave.

 I glanced at the crystal clear black lake in front of me, admiring it’s subtle movements as I became even more relaxed. A soft light as shining in my skin, the lights of Hogwarts gleaming into me, causing me to go into a trance that I never knew before.

 I rarely go outside and sit like this. It’s one of those guilty pleasure things, you know? No one knows that I’m out here at times, and I wouldn’t dare tell anyone. As much as I like going to Hogsmeade with my friends Ron, Hermione and Harry, it’s just as nice to be with myself at times. It gives me such a fresh start. Even if it is late at night.

 Although, something was very different about tonight. Yes, the lake and my surroundings were the complete same. The feeling of it wasn’t. There was such something that was altered before I came here. Twigs were fiddling with one another, and the leaves were crunching behind me as if someone was walking. I questioned my theories, but brushed it off as it being some mindless first year.

 After a while, A strong feeling of someone watching me washed over me. I turned around hastily, to meet a sight that was completely and perfectly empty. I had been worrying about nothing.

 "What the hell is going around here? It’s never been like this before.“ I whispered to myself, squeezing the blanket closer to me than even before. A magic school is capable of doing lots of things, but, believe it or not, it is capable of bringing peace and quiet at some points in time.

 I tried to focus on the beautiful scene in front of me, but I just couldn’t. Something was behind me. I knew there was. I’m not going crazy.

 I decided to look back once again, and I was again met with the sight of absolutely nothing in between. Why did I become so worried?

 "Bloody first years need to sod off.” I snarled, rolling my eyes in frustration. 

 Just a while after, I felt my eyes become heavy. I was yawning here and there, and my arms became warm. I knew it was time for me to go back, so I got up from my spot. Just as I was about to make my first step, three branches fell from the tree.

 "What the bloody hell?!“ I exclaimed, clearly awoken from my sleepy trance.

 I started to speed walk into the direction of the forest, almost beginning to run as I hear footsteps behind me. The centaurs weren’t out tonight, what could be?

 I inched closer and closer to the castle when I heard a loud thump and a very familiar voice yell out "Ouch!”.

 "What the-“ I said, taken back by the voice as I moved closer to the sound.

 After another thud and profanity leaking out of someone’s mouth, I immediately knew who it was. It was Harry Potter!

 "What the hell you doing here!? You damn near killed me!” I screamed at him, yanking the invisibility cloak off of his body.

 "I-I just wanted to say hi.“ He stammered out, following behind me as I walked into the castle.

 "You couldn’t have just said that back at the tree? What the actual shit were you thinking?!” I yelled at him, not caring about the numerous paintings that were complaining around me.

 "Would ya keep it down? I’m trying to sleep!“ An old man shouted at me, flailing his hands in the air.

 "Oh sod off you git.” I sharply told him, scoffing and continuing to grow the anger inside me towards Harry. The old man looked dumbfounded.

 "Please just listen to me (Y/N)! I was bored tonight and I couldn’t sleep. I got my cloak and headed out, and I saw you. I wanted to say hi, I truly did but…“ He trailed off, biting his lip as we met the sight of The Fat Lady.

 "But?” I questioned.

 "I just wanted to tease you for a bit…“ Harry said, as if he was afraid of my reaction. I just rolled my eyes and said the password. I walked into the common room with Potter still hot in my tail, following me to the couch.

 "How could you do such a thing? I was scared for my life, Harry.” I told him after a short while. I was starting to feel hurt by this. 

 "I know, and I’m so sorry for that. Please forgive me, (Y/N). I promise I’ll never do such a thing like that again.“ He told me, holding my hand. He seemed very serious about this. I could see the look of sadness plastered on his face, and I just couldn’t resist.

 "Okay, fine. Just please, don’t drop half a tree on me next time.” I chuckled, him reciprocating the action.

 "You know, you look kind of cute when you’re mad.“ He whispered. I whacked him in the arm. earning a soft laugh. 

 "Oh shut up, Potter.”