wrapped up in my hogwarts blanket

gryffindor/hufflepuff friendships
  • staying inside on a cold night, wrapped in fluffy blankets, watching the flames in the fireplace whilst sitting in a comfortable silence 
  • dangling feet over the edge of a dock, feeling the cool water splash against toes, enjoying the scenery, soaking in all the colors of fall
  • laughing hard about old memories, and the stupid decisions that were made along the way 
  • trying to cook up an exquisite dinner, but failing so miserably, that the only decision is to get take-out, in fear of burning down the house 
  • a reassuring shoulder after a heart-breaking experience, soft words exchanged, and the warm feeling of knowing that someone cares 
  • telling the other individual to look behind them, but try not to make it obvious. but that doesn’t help, because they do it anyway 
  • going camping and spending hours up late. someone holding a flashlight while the other is looking up different constellations, and trying to find them in the star-lit sky. singing old camping songs, and teasing each other about who sings better. opening the tent the next morning, allowing the cold mountain breeze to blow through. smelling the sweet smell of nature 
  •  getting somebody ready for an interview, and being extremely picky about what they wear or how their hair looks
  • making up handshakes, and then completely forgetting them a couple minutes later
  • giving each other the “look” when that special someone walks by, and then giggle and chatter like a group of young naive schoolgirls as soon as that someone is out of view 
  • that kind of friendship where one is quiet and smart, while the other is bold and headstrong, who often butt-heads, but couldn’t be anymore perfect for each other