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She’s Gorgeous Pt.5 (Final)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

Pairing(s): Arat x Reader, Simon x Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 1,643

Warnings: none

Notes: Last part of this series, I’ll be posting a new story soon. Feel free to send in requests for Arat, I love writing for her. This part is featuring protective Arat and protective/hungover Simon, both adorable

You woke up to an arm wrapping around your waist, a chuckle in your ear, and a hammering on the door. “Hey.” Arat whispered into your neck. A grunt left your lips as you rolled over, peering at her. How the hell did she look so good first thing in the morning? “Who’s at the door?” You grumbled, practically becoming one with the bed as you burrowed yourself into it.

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A Story for you

So, every year, my dad tricks me into wrapping my own gifts. Usually, I’m able to catch on part way through, but this year he upped his game. He upped it good.

I didn’t blink when he kept coming back into the room “remembering” old gifts that he forgot to bring in.

I thought it was odd when he brought a large box and said “It’s a new straw doormat for mom”. Like ok, I guess she’d like a new one.

Christmas eve arrives. As a tradition each person opens one gift. He hands me a very large box. A very large box that I wrapped.

“OH, I see, dad. a straw mat. I’m glad I didn’t look in the box!”

I open it.

Another wrapped box. One that I wrapped.

I open it.

Another wrapped box.

And another.

And another.

Until I had realized that not only had I fallen for the Multiple Nested Boxes trick, but I had wrapped each of them myself.

The tiny black box in the middle was my gift. Well played, dad. Well played.


Jean and Marco live in a gritty urban city where not a day goes by without a mug case in some shady corner of their town. Marco Bodt is just another ordinary office worker, but has a secret no one knows about.. He possesses supernatural abilities and soughts to bring justice to their corrupted society. He takes out thugs when no one’s looking and keeps it under wraps so nobody knows exactly who he really is.

Jean Kirschtein is a young journalist who needs a story to really prove himself and he becomes obsessed with this mysterious hero. He really wants to figure out who this man is so he can get an exclusive interview with him.

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Hogwarts House Christmas Aesthetics
  • <p> <b>Gryffindor:</b> Waking up early to open presents. Drunken caroling. Stockings overstuffed with sweets. Mistletoe in every doorway. Elf on a Shelf. Terrible Christmas puns. 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.' Animated Christmas films. Ugly sweater parties. Handmade gifts. Sledding down the steepest hill in town. Staying up late and trying to catch Santa. The smell of cinnamon. Indulgently flavored coffees. Taking a nap after Christmas dinner. Brightly colored wrapping paper. 'Elf.'<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> Midnight Mass sung entirely in Latin. Classy Christmas parties. Breaking out the good china for Christmas dinner. Twinkling white lights that line the roof and doorway and windows. Sneaky mistletoe kisses. Driving around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to see all the decorations. Extravagant gifts. Ice sculptures. A perfectly harmonized arrangement of 'The Carol of The Bells.' A wine bottle Advent calendar. Snowman building competitions. The quiet crackling of the fireplace. Eggnog-spiked coffee. Shoving handfuls of snow down the back of your best friend's shirt and then running for it. 'A Christmas Carol'.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> Making snow angels with your friends and then helping each other up so there's no stray hand prints. Working the soup kitchens on Christmas Eve. Super thoughtful gifts. The smell of freshly baked cookies and fudge. Reciting 'Twas the Night Before Christmas from memory alone. Setting out treats for Santa and the reindeer. 'O Come All Ye Faithful.' Santa hats. Eskimo kisses. Candy canes in mugs of steaming cocoa. Curling up in front of the fire with your sweetheart and a heavy blanket. Building gingerbread houses. 'Miracle on 34th Street.'<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Late-night stargazing on Christmas Eve. The way the morning light shines through hanging icicles and casts prisms of rainbow light across the snow. Candlelight in windows. Perfectly hung tinsel on the Christmas tree. Personalized Christmas cards. 'The Little Drummer Boy.' Practical gifts. Building the perfect igloo in the front yard. Waking up to a fresh later of snow on Christmas morning. Sprigs of spearmint in your morning cup of tea. A family photo where everyone's smiling and no one blinks. Shimmering, decorative bows on all the gifts. Artfully arranged stockings. 'It's a Wonderful Life.'<p/></p>
Darling age of 20, 
you are honey sweet
and dangerously tender.
You are not a kid anymore, 
you are bold enough to
wear high heels,
you are adventurous
enough to let God in
your heart.
And your past wakes up
at night and watches
you sleep and it forgives you.
You have good hands
and less friends.
You bathe in oils
and clean the house.
You are about to
get married
and you keep your phone
conversations long while
you keep
the towel wrapped around
your head.
Your poetry is not just poetry
but statements ,
marriage vows,
Darling age of 20,
you haven’t always
been modest,
you haven’t always been
thoughtful with him.
You are still a cage of tigers.
And when he loves
you good,
really good,
you are a mermaid
with beautiful long legs. 
You have an alluring 
voice and it consumes him. 
It makes him want to marry you.
You are not a scandal anymore
in this town, 
and you’d have
given all your ages,
all your youth to feel like you feel now.
Darling age of 20,
you are still exquisite 17,
and romantic 18,
and curious 19
but you are his 20 now.
You are a decade older.
You are a revolutionary era.
You are the queen
coming to
the throne. 
And if they
don’t adore you anymore,
you will close your empire on them. 
Dear darling of 20, 
you’ve never been more 
in love than you are now.
—  Dear Darling Age Of 20 by Royla Asghar 
BTS  when their s/o is sleeping

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Jin would have come home from the studio, excited to see you, ready to tell you about his day he finds you asleep in the couch lightly snoring with your mouth open. He would find it adorable, he would get lost looking at your peaceful expression as he stood on the other side of the room. Eventually he would go and get you a blanket and tuck you in as he sat on the couch opposite to observe every last feature on your face.

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You two were on the couch together and suga was telling you a story about a performance he had recently done. after he finished he looked over to you respecting a response but instead saw you asleep, cuddled up to a pillow. at first he would be a bit annoyed, that was a really good story why did she fall asleep until he realised how late it was. sighing, he would grab a blanket and wrap himself around it before wrapping himself around you falling asleep.

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Rap Monster;

You was in the studio with Namjoon and it was late, all the other boys had left but Namjoon wanted to write some more lyrics. sighing you began to drift off on the one of the chairs next to Namjoon. He wouldn’t notice , too focused on his lyrics until he ran out of imagination. sitting up he’d look at you needing inspiration only to see you asleep next to him. He’d just look at you, soaking in everything about you. looking at you in that moment Namjoon felt like he could write millions albums about you.

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you’d go to sleep when Jimin was out working and wake up this beautiful site. Any time Jimin saw you asleep he’d spend that time just looking at you.

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Hed wake up before you and just spend that precious few minutes looking at you before the alarm went off. He would never tell you how much he treasured them moments in the morning just seeing your bare skin face, looking at all your features and wondering how anyone could think of you as anything less than perfect and oh my god i am not screaming

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The amount of will power it would take him not to go and squish you with cuddles and kisses because of how cute you looked is admirable. Many photos would be taken and sent to the boys with the caption look how adorable she is omg i cant acwqhfscw safe to say his reaction is basically our reaction to seeing him sleeping  

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You fell asleep on the couch when you two were watching a movie. he didnt realise, being so perplexed in the film until it had finished when he saw you. he awed at your cuteness before carefully picking you up and bringing you to your bed before tucking you inn. he wasn’t worried about waking you up because, like Jungkook you was a heavy sleeper. He would tuck you in and give you a kiss on the forehead admiring your face one last time before turning the light off and getting some sleep himself.

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SuperCorp family Sunday

Sunday. Sunday was a rare day both women had off. Kara had no Catco work and J’onn said he’d take today so Kara could have a well deserved day off. Something she is ever so grateful of. Turning Kara smiles at her wife laying with her hair fanning out around her face making her look like a angel. Smiling Kara slowly kissing her wife’s cheek then lips, smiling when blue eyes met hers “Morning beautiful” she whispers pecking Lena on the lips. Smiling Lena wraps Kara in her arms pulling her closer if that is possible “Hmm waking up to you sure is a good morning, I missed you last night, you didn’t come home till late, I had to put Astra and Kyle to bed alone telling them stories of their superhero moma” she smiles tucking Kara’s hair behind her ear “Are you okay?” she says checking Kara’s face knowing she doesn’t need to but it melts Kara’s heart that she checks anyway “I’m perfect baby, we got the guy after a while. Sorry for missing bed time and thankyou for leaving out dinner for me…well two dinners” Kara says giggling.

“Do you hear that?” Lena says “Hear what?” Kara says using her powers to check “Nothing, its past 7am and nothing, don’t get me wrong I love out little superhero’s but I love time with my Supergirl” she says kissing Kara’s neck making her giggle “Don’t speak too soon” Kara whispers closing her eyes at the feeling of her wife kissing her neck. Lena leans up kissing Kara’s lips and leans their foreheads together, they both close their eyes letting the feeling of being together blanket over them when suddenly their bedroom door slams open and their stood in a pink and purple supergirl pyjama set is a chubby faced girl with bright blue eyes and blonde locks cascading down to her shoulders, holding a little dark haired boy with the same striking blue eyes and a blue supergirl onsie. “And they are up” Kara says rolling out of her wife’s arms.

“Morning my little superhero’s come give moma a hug i missed you last night” Immediately the blonde haired girl carried herself and her baby brother in her arms carefully over to their blonde mother. “MOMA I MISSED YOU” Astra shouts as Lena takes Kyle out her arms and Kara picks her up onto the bed “Moma missed you too honey, and you too my little boy” she smiles kissing both their heads.
Astra is 5 years old and is a spitting image of Kara just more baby faced, she has the kindest heart and wants to be friends with everyone which sometimes causes problems for the two women. Their little boy Kyle is two years old he was carried by Lena but thanks to the DEO they were able to incorporate some of Kara’s genes so biologically both children are theirs, Kyle has Lena’s dark hair but Kara’s bright eyes. And honestly Kara believes that her children are the most beautiful she has ever laid eyes upon. 

The family of four laid on the bed until 9am when Kara’s stomach and their children’s stomach growled “Breakfast time it is” Lena smiles “Astra why don’t you take Kyle and go watch some TV while me and Moma get ready” Astra nods “Okay Mommy, come one Kyle lets go” she says taking her brother into her arms. 
Once they leave Kara raises an eyebrow “Supergirl, really?!” Lena just laughs “They missed their Moma I wasn’t going to say no, anyway not that I’m not thankful but weren’t you supposed to work today?” she asks and Kara nods “I was but J’onn covered for me, I was told to leave” before she could finish Lena interrupts “What why you said you were okay?” she says eyes becoming worried “And I am honey, but I wanted to tell you something” Lena nods telling her to go on “I’m pregnant, it worked baby! we’re having another baby!” tears welled up in both women’s eyes as they kissed. Before they could do anything Astra shouts “MOMA, MOMMY BREAKFAST!” laughing they both start getting up “We’ll celebrate this later.” Lena says kissing her wife.

The family of four was about to become five.

reasons why k@llura won’t be canon

-keith is a very gay-coded character 
-allura is a very adult-coded character
-allura has romantic buildup with shiro
-all the k@llura moments were not intended to be romantic
-that hug at the end? wrapping up a story arc
-the keith catching allura in his arms and her jumping out of them? comic relief with a side of “this isn’t gonna happen lol!!”
-keith and allura touching? at all? fanservice for the older viewers, tbh
-the entire platonic base of their relationship
-like seriously
-interactions between keith and allura are: platonic, sometimes full of rage
-in the original, allura was in a romantic relationship with the paladin of the black lion, who’s shiro in vld
-shiro probably won’t die tbh
-keith and allura are in a perfect setup for a sibling relationship
-they have literally no chemistry

in conclusion: stop worrying you’re going to be fine

One kiss?
One kiss is all it would take……
There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, like kissing. A long, wet, you sucking on my tongue kiss. Wrapped up tight. Arms around each other. Hands exploring. My leg rubbing against your crotch. Naked kiss. So close we’re sweating from each other’s heat…….
One good long kiss is all it would take.
Yeah, one kiss.
One kiss?
A Dangerous Game [Chapter 10]

Mood board by my babe @jinbumg7 who is also the one who inspired this story!!

Chapter 10 of A Dangerous Game

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7  Ch8  Ch9

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

You awoke to the feeling of the bed sinking in next to you. A hand tucked your hair behind your ear as he gently placed a kiss to your temple.

“Mmm… Good morning handsome,” you cooed, eyes still closed. You and Jaebum had shared a fantastic night together and you couldn’t wait to be wrapped back up in his warmth. It was amazing really, how open and raw you were with each other in just a few short days. It felt as if you were brought together by something greater than the both of you.

“Good morning, baby. Did you miss me?”.

The voice you heard sent an eerie chill down your spine. Your eyes shot open and there he was, sitting beside you.

“Jinyoung,” you whispered in shock.

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Being Klaus’ daughter would include:

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-All of the family being extremely protective over you.

-Elijah sharing all his favorite books with you.

-Constantly babysitting Hope and teaching her all your little tricks–which Klaus hates. 

-Rebekah taking you on shopping sprees–whether or not you want to go.
-Girl time with Rebekah can mean anything from lunch and girl talk to full blown spa treatments.
-You two also raid one another’s closets on a regular basis.
-Also trying to set you up on dates–again whether or not you want them.
-Your Father being visibly upset when she does. 

-Klaus hating anyone you date because in his eyes no one is good enough for his first born.
-Elijah helps by telling embarrassing baby stories to those he doesn’t deem worthy.
-Realizing that if you want to keep a partner for longer than two dates you can never introduce them to your family.

-Kol trying to kill anyone who breaks your heart.

-Klaus being unable to stay mad at you.
-Kol teasing him for being wrapped around your finger.
-but then going and wrapping Kol around your finger as well.

-Klaus ensuring that you know how to defend yourself.
-Klaus placing you under the protection of his hybrid bodyguards despite knowing full well that you can protect yourself.

-Klaus teaching you all about art and history so that the two of you have something to bond over. 
-Having painting sessions with him–those sessions may or may not lead to pain wars…

-Him not letting you pay for whatever you wanna do–anything from furthering your education to traveling the world to a bookstore shopping spree.

-Knowing that no matter what happens you can rely on your family because they’ll have your back.
-On the same note never feeling alone because they constantly reassure you that they love you. 

-Klaus overall being loving and trying his very best to be there for you no matter what. 

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Imagine cuddling with Oliver Queen.

You ran your fingers absently through Oliver’s hair, your focus more on the book you were reading out loud to him than on anything else. Oliver’s head was on your lap, his arms wrapped around your torso loosely as he listened, a blanket draped over both of you.

Oliver chuckled, drawing you out of the story and you glanced down at him. “What’s so funny?”

Oliver smiled up at you, “I just love that you love this.”

You ducked your head, embarrassed, “It’s a good book.”

“It’s not just that,” Oliver pulled your hand to his mouth, pressing his lips to your knuckles. “You’re just so passionate. I can hear it in your voice. How many times have you read this book?”

You shrugged, “I’m not sure. A bunch of times, I guess.”

“That’s what I mean. You’ve read it so many times already but you don’t make it sound boring at all.”

You smiled, “Are you going to keep talking about me or can I keep reading to you?”
Oliver chuckled, the sound reverberating through his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too, you big dork.”

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rebecca in every episode:

“I was having triplets and, on a whim actually, we just decided to name them Kevin, Kate and Kyle. I lost one of the babies during delivery, but your baby showed up at the hospital the very same morning. It felt like destiny. ..I appreciate this, I wanted to know his story, and that there was good here. ..I also need to know that you’re not going to come back for him. I need to know that I can move forward. Because he will have your blood and the blanket you wrapped him up in, but that’s it. That’s the deal.“

Josh Dun Imagine Snapchat

Anon requested: Can you do a Josh Dun x Reader where they’re just laying in bed messing around with snapchat and the reader ends up falling off the bed and Josh gets it recorded, and the reader refuses to get off the floor and the end up naming it. (True Story)

“No, that one makes me look ugly.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t look ugly.” You grinned, rolling your eyes at the cheesy comment, but still loving it. Josh had an arm wrapped around you, his other hand holding his phone. You were messing with the filters on snapchat.

“Oh, I like this one.” You tilted his phone to get a good angle and took a photo. Josh grinned at you adoringly, his hand tracing the skin on your hip. 

“I’m hungry.” You whined, pouting your lips at Josh. He chuckled and rolled over onto his stomach. 

“Really? I’m Finland.” Josh laughed at his joke, clutching his stomach and you rolled your eyes. 

“The dinosaurs called, they want their joke back.”

“Ooh burn. You got me good there (Y/N).” Josh replied back and you shook your head, but still smiling at him. You sighed, deciding to get some food. Slowly, you rolled over, but hadn’t realised how close to the edge of the bed you were and rolled off, landing on the floor with a thud. 

“Are you ok?” You heard Josh cackle, as you lifted your head, your face red with embarrassment. He leaned over, his head poking out from over the bed. His face creased again when he saw you. 

“Ha ha very funny.” You said sarcastically and Josh stopped laughing, but still wearing a goofy grin.

“Sorry. Do you need help getting up?” He asked, holding out a hand. You slumped back down, resting your head on the floor.

“I’ve instead decided to stay down here and wallow in my shame.” You replied, closing your eyes. 

“You know I recorded the whole thing?” Your eyes shot open and you glared at Josh. He grinned cheekily, dangling the phone above you. He pressed send, but you couldn’t help smiling at him. 

“Come back onto the bed. I miss my cuddles.” josh spread his arm childishly and you got up, curling back into his arms.

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1d as cures for insomnia...
  • Harry : lights up some candles (a lot of candles), puts on some new age music, and stands in the middle of your bedroom, showing you how to do the camel pose. Is good sleep a person, is it a place, is it an emotion? Who knows.
  • Niall : takes you out to a pub, makes you laugh until you're crying and gets you a little drunk. There's nothing a few beers in good company can't cure.
  • Louis : drags you to a club, then hits you up for some good old fashioned Mortal Kombat if you're still on your feet when you get back. If you're not snoring as soon as your head hits the pillow, you just haven't partied hard enough.
  • Liam : makes you some hot cocoa before putting on Toy Story with the sound way down low, wraps an arm around your back, a comfy blanket over your lap, and lets you cuddle up to him on the couch, getting soothed by the low rumbling in his chest evrrytime he tries to keep his laughter down. No matter how much you want to stay awake you're asleep in 10mn flat.
Imagine getting Bucky and Sam to act civil for a while, and you all end up having a really good time...

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“I don’t know what you did, but thank you.” Steve whispered in your ear as he wrapped his arms around your midsection, as you sipped your beer, with a smile on your face as you watched Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, the oil and water of your friend group, drink beers together and laugh as they swapped stories.

“Well lucky for you Steve, I am persuasive.” You answered

“Listen you two knuckle heads.” You hissed, the rage and annoyance in your voice apparent as you gave both men the death glare, which finally stopped their bickering, “Steve wants one section of a day, not even a full 24 hours, where we all get together and do something together. It is all he wants and I swear on the staff of Loki, if you mess this up… if you fight once, if you act uncivil, if you make Steve upset, I will not stop until I have castrated you both and made it so you never forget the fact that you hurt the man who considers you both his best friends in the world. Remember I am a level 7 SHIELD, and a hell of a lot scarier then Nat.” You warned, as the two men looked at you in horror, “Now you will get your asses on that couch and stop acting like fucking children.” 

“Well thank you.” Steve replied, kissing your cheek as you smiled, making both men on the couch uncomfortable as they watched you out of the corner of their eyes.

The Houses as Fall/Winter Activities:

Gryffindor: cheering on their quidditch team with friends, attempting to wrap Christmas/BDay gifts perfectly, giving up half way through and later just bagging them, cramming at the last minute for finals, sharing a laugh and a good story with friends by the fireplace, setting wet socks and gloves by the fire after a day spent playing in the snow, challenging everyone and anyone to a snowball fight, writing letters to home to figure out what everyone wants for Christmas, planning an epic New Years Eve party in the dormitories.

Hufflepuff: raking up leaves and later collecting their favorites for a scrapbook, drinking hot coco, tea or coffee and studying with their closest friends by the fireplace, making scarves or other warm clothing as gifts for Christmas/BDays, making small gifts for the house elves and anyone who feels left out during the holidays, writing letters to friends while on break, making cookies with their siblings and/or families on Christmas Eve, coaxing everyone to smile big for the holiday pictures.

Ravenclaw: pumpkin patch roaming with friends, creating a totally original and fun costume for Halloween, studying early for finals so they can spend their last few weeks with friends, joyfully unpacking all of their fall and winter clothing, mix and matching fun scarves, sweaters and hats, creating the perfect fall and winter-themed fanfictions/crafts and hot drinks, using the changing of leaves and the first fall of snow as an inspiration for a creative project.

Slytherin: sticking tongues out for snow and creating snow angels with friends and family, beging excited to finally wear their fancy peacoats and sweaters again, wool socks and gloves, being warmed by the fireplace with their lover, rereading favorite holiday books and short stories, acting like their family annoys them when they goof off but secretly loving being home again, wrapping gifts with prestine perfection and love with each bow, begrudgingly smiling in the camera for holiday photos, feeling proud and happy to have picked the perfect gifts for those they love.


Being best friends with Ponyboy (Headcanon) 

-Going to the Nightly Double together, and always making sure you bring Ponyboy’s jacket because he never think’s to bring his own. 
-Being the only person that can read over his shoulder without making him uncomfortable.
-Asking Ponyboy to proof read all your essays before handing them in to your English teacher.
-Being there to comfort him when he has a fight with his older brother.
-Ponyboy holding your sobbing, broken body when you get jumped by Soc’s. 
-Ponyboy walking you home from school every single day after you got attacked, refusing to let you go anywhere alone. 
-Curling up on the lounge and reading stories together.
-Ponyboy wrapping his arms around you as you watch the sunset. 
-Being close with Johnny and always giving him advice. 
-Defending Ponyboy when your friends call him a “No good Greaser”
-Being extremely jealous of all the girls that Ponyboy has a crush on.
-Watching all of Elvis Presley’s movies at the Nightly Double.
-Being there for him, no matter what happens.

Rin’s Reaction to someone hurting his S/O:

  • is not gonna have it
  • is not putting up with it
  • hell no
  • he is trying to be good though
  • he’s trying to not start fights and what not
  • so (so long as this isn’t physical towards his S/O) he’d try and keep it civil
  • “Hey man, back off.”
  • arm wrapped around you protectively
  • pissed off scowl & glare 
  • if someone physically tries to hurt his S/O?
  • thats a different story
  • lmfaoo
  • he wouldn’t even think
  • just fuckin charge
  • decks whoever the offender is
  • knocks the offender on their ass
  • tries to leave it there
  • keeps his eyes on the offender
  • makes sure you stay behind him
  • if the offender doesn’t try and fight back - he’d dip with you under his arm
  • but if he wants to fight - Rin’ll do it 
  • doesn’t care if he gets hurt - he heals fast (even if he didn’t heal fast - he still wouldn’t care) 
  • he just wants you to be okay

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What do you think Tessa, Will & Jem were like as young kids? I hope you're having a great time in Korea :)

Jem was serious but happy. He took his Shadowhunter training seriously, he took his violin practice seriously, he took any and every responsibility very seriously. He had a sense of humour but he was more serious than the average kid. He was proud of his accomplishments and well loved by his parents and generally a happy kid.

Tessa was much the same but very quiet. She was full of questions but often suppressed asking them to her Aunt so she wouldn’t add to Harriet’s stress. She was very emotionally aware and pretty demonstrative. She regularly gave hugs and gifts to family members. She wrapped herself up in books and stories even when she was little.

Will was happy and a little bit spoiled. He had few responsibilities beyond his lessons with the governess. He liked learning things and had a good memory so that wasn’t much of a hardship for him. He was affectionate with everyone, hugging the maid when she brought him a snack, making gifts for his sisters. He was a bit of an attention hog: one of those kids who would climb something and shout “Look at me!” before doing something stupid and dangerous. He broke a lot of limbs as a kid and kind of loved having people fuss over him when he was in bed with a fractured ankle.