wrapped up in a

Concept: We wake up wrapped in each other. It’s still early, so we agree to stay in bed a little longer. I kiss you on the eye and ask how you slept. It’s cold and crisp outside, but warm and soft in our apartment. Quiet sounds of traffic come from below. We eat breakfast in bed, listening to music all the while. I take breaks to kiss you on the forehead. We’re in love, and I don’t know how I lived without you.


If the writers really wanted to, they would’ve found a way to make Peridot coming to the rescue mission work, because think about how interesting it would’ve been if Peridot came instead of Pearl! 

We could’ve seen how she would’ve reacted to seeing her former leader, Yellow Diamond, being in such an emotional state regarding Pink Diamond! We could’ve seen the inner turmoil inside her; about how she still thinks about Homeworld and how conflicted she feels about going against everything she ever believed in, that she was literally made for, for the Crystal Gems! We could’ve seen how it became Peridot’s CHOICE (as opposed to initally being FORCED) to stay with the Crystal Gems OR, alternatively, have some foreshadowing of a future rift between the Crystal Gems and her, maybe even have her siding with Steven about being bent in learning the truth about Rose Quartz and what happened between her and Pink diamond! 

We could’ve! Had so much character depth! with Peridot!! 

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I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE TO ASK: I bought an iPhone at Target today & got along with the 'Tech Target' employee. When the transaction was wrapping up, she pulled out a support card and wrote her number on it. We're both women in our late twenties and I don't think I came off as tech clueless. When I asked if she did this for everyone (how would she have the time??) she sort of hedged and said she and the other tech guy did it on occasion. Did I just get a girl's number or am I totally misreading?

I’m not sure why you picked me but I’m thrilled. You 100% just got their number and if you don’t give them a ring I will be personally so disappointed in you. If you go on a date I will mail you a roll of stickers, no questions asked.

The Alec & Simon dynamic is probably one of my fave things to write about. Like Alec being 100% done with Simon on the one hand but they also are friends and care for each other on the other hand, you know?

In other news, yes, I need more of that on the show. Especially when Simon starts dating Izzy and Alec will find out. I am already dying at the thought itself. It will be GLORIOUS.

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Could you write a thing about Alex and Maggie using pet names like 'babe' for the first time?

Alex lies on her couch, stretching and grunting slightly at how full she is after devouring nearly two pizzas and a few beers with Maggie, wrapped up in each other’s arms, watching some ’nerdy crap that I’m only watching because your face gets all cute and excited when the sciencey stuff comes on Danvers’ in Maggie’s words. Alex sighs in contentment, grabbing a blanket from the armchair for something to keep them warm; even though it was spring time and the days were getting longer and the sun brighter, there was still a slight chill in the evenings.

Alex hears her girlfriend rummaging around in the kitchen.

“Mags what are you doing? Come back here I miss you,” Alex whines out and Maggie laughs.

“I miss you too Danvers but I’m currently trying to locate some soap, you’ve run out in the bathroom.”

“Cupboard under the sink with the other cleaning stuff,” Alex calls back, not even bothering to look up as she hears her girlfriend let out a small shout of satisfaction as she finds it.

“I’ll just sort out your apartment for you, don’t worry Danvers,” Maggie teases and Alex laughs.

“Thanks babe,” she replies and then freezes because shit she’s said babe She’s done it now. It had rolled off her tongue so easily and she hadn’t even thought about it but now she can’t hear Maggie’s reply and oh god she’s fucked it now. Babe? Babe, god that was lame. Do people even say babe anymore? Oh God what if Maggie hates that pet name, she’s clearly too cool for babe. Alex what have you done? Alex’s internal monologue rages in her brain as she panics and feels her heart rate speed up, and not in the good, butterfly inducing way it usually does when Maggie is involved.

“Alex…” Maggie trails off, standing in front of her girlfriend with a bemused look on her face, and Alex hadn’t even noticed that Maggie had come back to the couch. "Are you ok?“

“Err. Yeah. Totally fine.” Alex shifts her body slightly so she’s sitting upright and she clears her throat.

“You sure?” Alex nods and Maggie just raises her eyebrows.

“If you say so…babe,” Maggie smirks and Alex groans.

“Oh God Maggie I’m sorry it just kind of slipped out. I dunno why, I guess it’s kind of lame and you probably don’t like pet names do you? I mean you always call me Danvers and Al and I love that and yeah, I just said babe. But I won’t again because it’s dumb right and-”

“Alex. Please breathe,” Maggie laughs out softly and Alex takes a deep breath, chuckling slightly but Maggie sees the panic in her eyes and kisses her softly.

“Relax baby, I loved it. It sounds so good and perfect coming from your lips. Please don’t ever stop calling me that.”

Alex smiles into the kiss and hums softly. “Baby?” She asks softly and Maggie nods.

“If that’s ok?”

“That’s more than ok Sawyer. I think I could really get used to this. You, me, us being disgustingly cute together and having pet names,”

“Me too babygirl me too,” and Alex smiles and her heart races because god she’s falling in love with this woman.

The signs biggest career mistakes:

An ☆Aries biggest career mistake: May find it difficult to be a team player or take direction from others.

A ☆Taurus biggest career mistake: You’re unwilling to be flexible and intent on doing things your own way.

A ☆Gemini biggest career mistake: Being “all over the place” or unable to commit and follow through with just one thing.

A ☆Cancer biggest career mistake: You sometimes let your emotions get the best of you in the workplace.

A ☆Leo biggest career mistake: They can be overbearing.

A ☆Virgo biggest career mistake: They get too wrapped up in analyzing every little thing trying to achieve perfection. 

A ☆Libra biggest career mistake: You’re so focused on keeping others happy, you let your own career take a backseat.

A ☆Scorpio biggest career mistake: Sometimes can come off a heartless, cutthroat, or intimidating. 

A ☆Sagittarius biggest career mistake: You can be impatient and reckless.

A ☆Capricorn biggest career mistake: Not taking chances and staying in the wrong job for too long.

An ☆Aquarius biggest career mistake: Not asking for help when you need it because you assume you can do it all by yourself. 

A ☆Pisces biggest career mistake: Not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Future || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: Feelings are revealed when Jack and (Y/N) spend the weekend at her others house back in the countryside. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, it was so so fun to write so thank you so much xo

“Have you finished your vlog yet, love?” (Y/N) asks quietly as Jack walks into the living room. She stands up and walks toward him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head onto his chest as he brushes his hand down her hair and tilts her head up. Their eyes meet and she smiles adoringly, counting the colours of his eyes. “Hi.”

He tilts his head to the side and smiles, leaning down to press his lips against hers for a few seconds before pulling away away and pressing his forehead against hers and staring into her eyes. “Hi.”

“Did you remember to finish your vlog?” She asks again, her voice softer than usual as she tried to keep the atmosphere as relaxing as possible. Being loud seemed unnatural in that moment, so the words they shared were lulling and quiet.

They were spending the weekend at (Y/N)’s mums house, and Jack had decided that since you were gonna be showing him around the place you grew up and he was seeing everything form your past for the first time, that he wanted to document it all. That day, she’d taken him to see her old secondary school, and gone on to show him all of her hiding spots where she and her friends would stay if they wanted to bunk classes. It’d been a day full of laughs and Jack teasing her about how much of a ‘bad girl’ she used to be; but now it was almost eleven pm and they were both beginning to get sleepy.

When he nods, she smiles and entwines their hands, taking a step back and tugging him along with her. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”

Jack frowns in confusion but allows her to tug him up the stairs toward her bedroom, his eyes flicking from the photographs on the walls to the shelves of trophies and medals. She lets their hands fall apart and nods toward the window with a small smirk. “How good are you at climbing?”

His eyes wander to the large window that she was stood beside, and he scrunches up his face nervously. “If I say I’m shit, will I not have to do it?”

“That isn’t how it works.” She grins, holding out her hand and nodding toward the window. “Come on, I promise that once we’re up there you won’t regret it.”

And she was right. After following her lead and managing to climb onto the roof without an issue, the view was beautiful. One of the perks of living in the country side was the fact that there was hardly any light pollution during the night, barely anything compared to London: and so the stars were visible in the sky and the moon was their only source of light.

They sit with (Y/N) between Jack’s legs and her head resting on his chest, simply inhaling the fresh air and basking in the scent of freshly cut grass. The small lights from surrounding houses were comforting, and the way Jack’s arms wrapped themselves around her waist made her sink into him with a happy sigh. “You know, I used to spend hours up here when I was younger. Used to lock my bedroom door so my mum couldn’t walk in and realise I wasn’t there.” She purses her lips and smiles. “God, I drank my first bottle of vodka up here.”

Jack chuckles, resting his chin on the tip of her head and running his hands up and down her sides. “You really were a rebel, huh?”

She giggles and throws her head back, closing her eyes when he places a chaste kiss on her lips and sighing happily thereafter. “One day, I want to move back here. Maybe once I’ve got a family, and I’ll have a huge dog and two kids and maybe I’ll have stables a-”

We’ll.” Jack interrupts, causing her eyes to flutter open in confusion. “When we have a family, when we have a big dog and two two kids and stables for our horses and a lock on every single window so that our kids can’t sneak onto the roof and drink vodka like their badass mum used to.”

She sits up on her knees and turns to face him, still between his legs as she furrows her eyebrows in confusion but can’t keep the overjoyed smile off of her face. “You want that- with me, I mean?”

He nods, a look of disbelief on his face as he cups her cheeks in his hands. “You thought I didn’t?”

She shrugs and shakes her head, glancing down and blinking quickly to keep her emotional tears at bay. “You grew up in Brighton, and you adore London. I can’t take you away from that.”

“Baby, you wouldn’t be 'taking me away’. You’d be giving me everything I’ve ever wanted. A family, and beautiful kids who’ll have the most amazing, fun parents possible.”

She sniffs and wipes a stray tear away from her cheek, laughing a little and staring at him with a smile. “Fuck, do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Wiping her eyes with her thumbs, he watches in adoration as she leans into his touch and pulls her lips between her teeth, a habit she’d picked up after him do it whenever he was happy about something. This was the girl he’d fallen for; her face free from any trace of makeup and his clothes hanging loosely on her significantly smaller frame. Her hair was in two loose French plaits and she had dark circles beneath her eyes due to the fact that they’d stayed up until three am the previous night; but she was still the most beautiful human being he’d ever played eyes upon.

“Enough to marry me?”

Her eyes widen and her breath gets caught in her throat, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in shock. “Jack-”

“I know it’s not ideal, this isn’t how I wanted to ask you; but this is perfect. We’re gonna have a family, a future together; and I can’t imagine not being married to you when that time comes.” He says, looking down for a second before looking back up into her tear flooded eyes and smiling softly. “Be my wife?”

“As if I’d ever say no,” she says, her voice cracking midway through as she flung herself into his arms and presses her lips against his, laughing against them when he got thrown back against the roof with a crash.

This was their future: and they could hardly wait to see what surprises it’d bring.

I’ve seen people being like ‘pfft Emma how can you try and talk yourself into moving on so quickly’ but honestly what else is she supposed to do? Emma Swan has lived her whole life accepting the fact that people just don’t come back, that they go one minute and she’s left alone the next. 

She’s trying to cope the only way she knows how.

And Killian Jones knows this. His brain was clouded for one brief moment that a mini sojourn could remind him how to be the person Emma knows and loves so he could come back to her, and be that person with her. Back to her.  Always back to her. But I am so glad at the last minute he realised that leaving her and running will never teach him that.

But knowing that she probably thinks that’s what he’s done because that’s what people always do…

I’m going to spend the next week imagining reunion hugs like you wouldn’t believe.

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oh look it's the comPAINion fic. I want to wrap Vitya up in a blanket and set him up on a shelf, the small thing.

he needs it! (and will need it more in the future!)

Friendzoned (Reid x Reader) Part 3



The reader had a tough childhood. She was one of the unpopular fat kids, , always being mocked. Fate twists and she becomes one of the hot girls, not realizing she transforms into what she hates the most , a bully. Will meeting Spencer help her realize who she really is? And will she get out of the friendzone?

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Explicit sexual content.

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended

P A R T 3 - Airplane Ride

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You had just wrapped up a difficult case in L.A and everybody is just trying to pass time on the plane ride back home.
Hotch is going over office stuff with Rossi, quietly not to wake up JJ who’s fallen asleep on two seats vis-à-vis.
You have proclaimed the couch and you’re watching ‘The count of Monte Cristo’ (again) with your headphones on. It’s a movie that really helps you relieve the tension, accumulated after a few challenging days like the ones you had.
But Derek and Spencer seem to be having a very interesting conversation. You constantly check on them with the corner of your eyes and they’re all laughs and joy. Curiosity eats you alive so you decide to click pause and ease-drop.
‘Then I asked her if she wants to have a coffee sometimes and she said she thought I’d never ask’ Spencer smiles , obviously slightly embarrassed by what he’s speaking about.
‘Good job, kid, I’m proud of you’ Derek pats his shoulder and returns to his ipad.

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Something that seems like a legitimately lost art in professional wrestling is the art of captivation. The first time I remember being legitimately shocked by the mere appearance of a wrestler was when I saw Sabu in the pages of wrestling magazines. There was this man, scarred up, biting nails, wrapped in barbed wire, flipping off of chairs, holding rods of fore, and he always seemed to pop up in magazines on the dark pages where I would rarely see someone I recognized (see: non-WWF/WCW). It seemed like this man existed in the underworld of wrestling rather than being bathed in spotlight, as you constantly saw him in peril but always holding his fist (and finger) high in the air, which told me everything I needed to know about him. He was insane, he went through hell, but he rarely lost.

I’ll never forget the first time I watched a wrestling event that Sabu came out on. I was sitting with some friends at a sleepover and it was like 1, 2 in the morning. We had been up all night playing Crash Bandicoot and were jacked on Mountain Dew when we started flipping channels and came across ECW. Axl Rotten was putting someone through a table and we all just watched as these monsters went through the most brutal of conditions for professional wrestling glory. Then, after maybe two or three matches… out he came. The madman I had seen in magazines, the monster of the Middle East, shrouded in a turban and growling at everyone who dare to make eye contact with him, SAAAABUUUUUU! “Homicidal, suicidal, genocidal.” That SCREAMED to me, ‘pay attention!’. Here was a guy who not only wanted to kill people, but wasn’t afraid to die, and wanted to wipe out the entire human race!

Imagine something like that happening now, in today’s internet age. Imagine being able to merely see crazy ass photos of a wrestler without immediate gratification of finding videos online. Imagine being so excited to finally see someone wrestling that you only thought existed in dreams or in the dark reaches of the world, and now they’re on TV and you get to see them kick ass! Watching that TV screen, the entire room fell silent as I kept telling them, ‘THIS GUY IS IN ALL MY MAGAZINES, HE’S CRAZY, HE LIGHTS PEOPLE ON FIRE!’ We all watched as Sabu flipped off of chairs, put someone through a table, used a steel pipe to bash the head of his opponent, and won the match just as the fans started to go crazy, rabid with violence that they got to see their bloodstained hero in the scarred-up flesh. After the match, we all kind of sighed as our adrenaline had gone skyrocketing and looked at each other with nervous giggles, trying to act like we weren’t all mentally shitting our pants, saying things like ‘he’s AWESOME!’ and ‘holy crap!

My god, what a moment. I wish anything excited me in life quite like seeing Sabu wrestle for the first time on a dim TV in my friend’s basement.

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I know exactly who you're talking about and, tbh, they're so wrapped up in their own headcanons that it's like they've lost all sense of what the characters are actually like in canon. Like, I don't even understand why you'd even bother playing a game like diabolik lovers if you didn't want to engage in its darker aspects.

Yeah that’s basically one of the most infuriating aspects of the fandom. They’ve taken the demon out of them and replaced them with infuriatingly fluffy pussy bois with no other traits other than their ONE defining trait. And then a good 25% of all writers refuse to write about their actual sadistic traits because they are “triggered by past events” or something. If abuse triggers you, then why do you want the diaboys so bad? People’s headcanons destroy the boy’s true canon. Less than 5% of the time i see the boys portrayed as anything but stereotypes. And it really hurts them in canon. People tend to not like certain characters based on the shallow wat they are portrayed by the fandom. Newcomers in the fandom might expect a fluffy game where there is nothing but happy endings. When that’s certainly not the case. And then they run off scared and scream about how the fandom “glorifies rape and abuse” even though that’s not even close to the truth. But to an outsider, that’s exactly what it looks like because of the stark contrast between the real game and the fandom.

Fandom Shuu: apathetic sloth who loves “s/o”

Shuu in canon: apathetic self loathing man with symptoms of PTSD and depression and has issues attaching himself to anything. He is borderline suicidal and doesn’t want the connection of love with anyone. He is afraid of hurting the people around him that he cares whether he causes it or not. He desperately wanted a connection to hold on to to feel something other than emptyness and pain. He uses sex to alleviate his pain and sorrow.

Fandom Reiji: Nerd, loser virgin

Reiji in canon: severe inferiority complex regarding above mentioned older brother. Severely neglected by his mother and treated like a lowly back up dancer rather than his understudy. Maintains intelligent gentlemanly nature in order to help distance himself from the brother he despises.

Fandom Ayato: Dork, geek, easy to love,

Ayato in canon: severe narcissistic personality disorder. Wouldn’t mind snapping your neck for not calling him “ore-sama” truly believes that he is the greatest thing in the world. His mother has subjected he and his triplet brothers to severe abuse. His way to rationalize it was by developing an ego the size of Tokyo metropolitan area. Very dangerous person to try and appease. Most people don’t realize that they would die within a week. He won’t love you. He only loves himself and blood. Don’t you forget that

Fandom Kanato: angry smol demon child with a teddy bear. Can be appeased with sweets.

Kanato in canon: could possibly suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. Very severe bipolarity. Extreme mental abuse. Severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Doesn’t really understand complex emotions and it doesn’t matter to him. He has anxiety and constant nightmares and the only thing keeping him from going absolutely insane would be a teddy bear given to him by his mother and a vile of him mothers ashes, whom HE burned. WHICH HE EATS WHEN HE HAS AN ANXIETY ATTACK.

Fandom Laito: pervert who has no life other than to whip out his penis. Likes macarons.

Laito in canon: victim of sexual abuse by his mother throughout his “young adult” life. Ignored for not having a voice like Kanato’s or being the “heir” like Ayato. Severly beaten and scared beyond belief by his father after figuring out he situation. Then he gets cucked in front of him by his uncle. Truly believes that all love is fake and is all only lust. Rationalizes his traumatic life as sex=lust and love isn’t real therefore. He is suicidal and wants someone to be able to kill him. He too has nightmares about his mother and likes to preoccupy his time doing crosswords and drowning himself in the pleasures of sex to forget that woman who scared him so. He has really bad self loathing issues and doesn’t feel worth the life he was given. He is abusive to the reader/ Yui to project his unending suffering onto you. He throws women aside just as he was and he doesn’t care because he was taught that it was alright to just kill them or leave them behind when he got bored. And above all, he hides all his emotions behind his smile and cheery personality. He’s bottled himself up for years.

Fandom Subaru: sweet sinamon roll, an angel, a good boy. Super tsundere.

Subaru in canon: Grew up with a mother plagued by mental illness. She constantly fought with herself between loving him and hating him. Constantly begs her son to kill her. He developed severe anger issues. He distrusts all women and thinks they are all liars. Hates relationships because he is afraid that he’ll hurt the person around him or the people around him will try to break him down. Will kill those who get too close. He hates women who like him. He also hates formal relationships for fear of fucking it up or you taking advantage of him. Has emotional damage like his brothers.

All the boys are sadistic bastards who have no problem torturing you, raping you and leaving you for dead with no blood in your body or turning you into their personal slaves. Laito may even take your soul and turn it into an emotionally drained husk of a woman and turn it into a familiar which will follow their every command till the day you die. These boys are not relationship goals. These boys are not nice. They will not take care of you. They will kill you. This is not a nice fluffy fandom. This is a cruel, sadistic, sexually deviant, game series that focuses of dark themes of mental illness, child abuse that carries into adult hood and rape. And i hope to god that non of you forget that. And if any of those things or descriptions trigger you, why are you here?

Im sorry for the rant for my non DiaLover followers. It’s a lot more complex than you think.

so i have to harness this insane burst of creative energy that enabled me to write electioneering in fifteen days and i have to use it to wrap up my actual novel and THEN onto lgbt youth group au we go

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What's your opinion on the Booker/HHH feud from '03, it was obviously a pretty shitty angle but do you think people over-exaggerate it? I mean it was just a wrestling angle

People react to things how they feel, I’m not going to tell anyone how to take that angle. It was designed to be controversial and it was.

Where they completely fucked up is having HHH go over. Clean. You can tell a complex story like that in a film or TV series or something, probably, and have it work artistically, but wrestling can’t. The end result of the story they told had to be Booker T winning. There is no other acceptable outcome. And then they didn’t do that. Thus they nullified any creative slack you may have given them by botching the ending of the story. And it made all of it more repulsive in hindsight, because they didn’t even wrap it up correctly. It was a mess.

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imagine lukas and philip being all cuddly? like it's really early in the morning, like 5am, and they're all wrapped up in each other? philip has his head on lukas' chest and for some reason they're both awake but like Almost asleep? they're playing with eachothers fingers and lukas' free hand is in philip's hair. it's raining outside and they're listening to the rain and relaxing together


ive said this before but grouper means soooooo so so so much 2 me.. like in a very private personal way that i never even bring up.. but shes just always been a comfort and inspiration and her music like.. reflects my guarded heart! and all the fuzz and beauty in it .. anyways i love her so much and i still listen to her every night to go to sleep and whenever i need to feel like my whole body n soul are wrapped up in sound


Norman and a few of his many boo boo’s. I’m sure we could find a way to make those all better! (pics found on pinterest) 

Anyone catch last nights TWD? Can’t believe one episode left of this season.  I tried but couldn’t get into FTWD. I can’t stand the Nick character, and probably because that actor played a young Voldemort LOL. At least we can look forward to a new season of Ride With Norman soon as they are currently wrapping up filming. 

Happy Monday