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Secret Santa - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: Reader is surprised with a present she wasn’t expecting. 

A/N: My third Christmas fic. I don’t know if I will write one more. Regular One-shots will be back after Christmas. I have a few requests I am really exited about. 

I walked through the packed mall regretting my decision to shop for Christmas presents the day before Christmas. I should have listened to Clint when he told me to start shopping a month in advance. Or to Sam when he suggested online shopping. But I was irresponsible and waited till the last minute.

I had managed to buy most things from my shopping list, there was a few things I had to substitute for because what I wanted was sold out, now there was only one thing left to be crossed out from the list. Steve’s present.

Even after dating the super soldier for a while now shopping for him had never gotten any easier.

I couldn’t really get him electronics because in a way I would feel as if I was insulting him, and clothes was too simple of a gift.

Halfway through my shopping my phone begins to ring.

I reach into my pocket and pull it out before answering.

“Hello,” I said placing the phone between my ear and my shoulder.

“How’s last minute Christmas shopping going (Y/N),” Steve asks.

“Did you call to make fun of me,” I frown looking through a rack of clothes.

“I would never do something like that,” he laughs from the other line.

“Listen Rogers,” I say sternly, “not all of us do our shopping weeks in advance. I happen to like the rush of last minute shopping.”

“Well the party is at eight, and you know how Tony is if you’re late,” he says. “Are you going to finish in time?”

“I hope,” I mutter.

I mindlessly walked around the mall for a while looking at possible presents, but nothing jumped out at me.

I walked into one final store hoping they would have something I liked.

“Can I help you,” the clerk asked as I walked in.

“I hope so,” I sigh hauling all my shopping bags into the store. “I’m looking for something for my boyfriend.”

“Do you have anything in mind,” he asked.

I scanned the counter in front of me. Jewelry wasn’t my first choice to buy Steve, but maybe a nice watch.

“A watch,” I told the clerk.

He smiled and motioned me to follow him to where the watches where kept.

I looked at the selection of watches and saw one I liked. It was simple, but it was something I could easily see Steve wearing.

“That one,” I smiled pointing at the watch.

After paying I left the mall in hurry to get home and wrap everything.

By the time the party came around I had managed to wrap everything and get ready for the party.

All the Avengers stat around the living area of the tower. The large tree in the corner was filled with everyone’s Christmas presents.

Everyone takes turns handing out his or her presents. Tony was always the first to go.

“Now I just want everyone to know that there is no reason to feel bad that the presents you bought are not as great as the ones I will give you,” Tony said handing everyone there present. “It’s the thought that counts.”

“Shut up Stark,” I call out tearing through the wrapping paper.

“Don’t be mean (Y/N),” Tony says. “Its Christmas.”

I stick out my tongue at him and finish opening the present.

When it was my turn I handed everyone what I had gotten, and waited patiently for Steve to open his.

He tears through the wrapping paper and opens the box reveling the leather band watch I had gotten him. It was engraved in the back saying ‘Love, (Y/N)’.

“Thank you (Y/N),” he said smiling at me. “I love it.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I smile kissing him.

“That’s enough you two,” Tony says breaking us apart. “You’re the last one to go Rogers.”

Steve turns to frown at Tony before standing up and passing out the presents.

Everyone gets one. Everyone but me.

I don’t say anything thinking maybe he forgot to give it to me, but he doesn’t say anything. No one does.

The night continued and it was getting harder to hide my disappointment.

How was it possible that my very own boyfriend had gotten everyone a Christmas present, but me?

“Hey (Y/N),” Nat calls. “What’s that under the tree?”

I look at her confused before turning to the Christmas tree.

“I don’t see anything,” I tell her.

“At the very back,” she says.

I frown and have to get down on the ground to see what she was talking about.

In the very back of the tree, wrapped in red and white wrapping paper and a green bow on top, was a small present. I stretch as far as I can to grab it. Once it is in my hand I stand up and examine it.

It had my name on it, and nothing else.

Confused I turn around.

“Who’s is this,” I ask holding the box in one had. “It doesn’t say who it’s from.”

“Open it,” Clint calls out. “Maybe its from a Secret Santa.”

I open it.

The paper tears off easily, and I let it fall to the ground as I hold a small velvet box in my hands.

I look at the box for a moment before lifting the lid.

My hand flies up to my mouth as I gasp when I see what is inside the small box. It was simple silver band with a large diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds.

A warm hand grabs mine and takes the box from me.

I look up to see Steve in front of me smiling as he looks down at me.

I stand frozen as he drops down on one knee and holds my hand in one of his and the ring in the other.

“(Y/N), I love you with all of my heart. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will love you tomorrow,” Steve said looking up at me.

A smile appears on my lips as tears begin to blur my vision.

“Will you marry me?”

I drop down to his level and kiss him.

“Yes,” I whisper pulling away. “A thousand times yes.”

He captures my lips in his again. There is cheering behind us and we pull apart smiling to see everyone celebrating.

Steve stands up and picks me up before spinning me around. I burst into a fit of laughter holing on to him tightly.

He places me back on my feet and slips the ring on my finger.

“You didn’t really think I wouldn’t get you anything for Christmas, did you,” he asks as I admire the ring on my finger.

“I’m not going to lie,” I grin looking back up at him. “You hade me worried for a moment.”

“I love you,” Steve smiles.

“I love you too,” I say as he leans down to kiss me again.