wrapped in velvet covered in chocolate

Christmas Morning

Louis: His eyes are focused on you as he halfheartedly unwraps a present from his sisters. You squeal when you open your gift, wrapping paper in shreds on the floor, along with the present itself as you throw yourself into him, sending you both flying back onto the carpeted floor. He chuckles, holding your waist to steady the two of you as you pepper kisses across his warm, sweet skin, rambling out murmurs of thanks. His laughter grows, and fills the room along with yours, a mess of smiles and lazy kisses as he squeezes your hips with a teasing grin as he sings, “Merry Christmas to me”

Harry: “Morning, pretty girl.” he mumbles, running fingers through the ended of your tangled hair, bleary eyes scanning over your features with a lazy smile on his lips, “Happy Christmas.” You smile when he presses quiet kisses to your cheeks, your forehead, giggling lightly as his lips ghost over your own. And in your own little world, his lips and his hands and his sleepy chuckles fill your mind. There’s presents to be opened and people to call, but right now, all that matters is him and the hums that spill from his lips that sound something like a Christmas carol.

Niall: “Don’t scold me baby, it’s Christmas!” he whines as he reaches for the tray of cookies from last night, you sigh and hand them over, letting him have his poor excuse for a breakfast as you move to put the disc into the player. Having gotten to eager and opening all the presents late last night, you both settled for cheesy holiday movies and hot chocolate when you woke. So when he has his fill of cookies, setting down two mugs of the warm cocoa he prepared, he curls up under the covers around your body, and settles in for the day.

Zayn: “Go on and open it, I’ll be there in a minute.” He murmurs with a soft kiss on the cheek, leaving you to the small, red wrapped box under the tree. Smiling fondly as the delicate necklace in the tiny velvet jewelry box, you admire it and turn to thank him. As you spin on your heels, you grin even wider seeing him standing behind you and wrapping you up in a hug. “Do you like it? My Granddad gave it to my Nan when they were our age, and passed it on to me and I didn’t know if you’d like it but-” his words halted when your lips touched his.

Liam: “All I want for Christmas is youuuuu” you both sang, loudly and carelessly as you sped down the hall, racing and shoving each other down the stairs. He laughed loudly as he scooped your body into his arms, holding you tight against his chest, still hurrying towards the tree. Both clad in warm pajamas and messy hair and bright eyes, you dove to the presents, opening them in silence without a care in the world, sharing what you got and smiling at the presents for one another. “You’re the best gift I could’ve asked for, though baby girl.”