wrapped in rubies

  • Weiss, nudging Ruby: Ruby, wake up, come on we're going to be late for class.
  • Ruby, groans and rolls over: But class isn't for another hooooourrrr.
  • Weiss, now shaking Ruby with much more effort: Daylight savings time was this weekend you dolt!!
  • Ruby, wrapping her head with her pillow: UUUGGHHHH
  • Blake, cautiously poking a mound of blankets on Yang's bed: I don't think I'm having any luck with this one either Weiss.
  • Weiss, tapping her foot impatiently before sighing: Ah well, let's just go to class. I guess I'll only be able to treat you to breakfast Blake.
  • Yang, bursting out of her blankets: FREE BREAKFAST!?!?
  • Ruby, already at the door: COME ON WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR BRE- I MEAN. CLASS.
  • Weiss, arms crossed and shaking her head as Yang and Ruby bolt out the dorm: We have the oddest teammates.
  • Blake, giving a small laugh: But you wouldn't have it any other way. And we both know that. Come on, let's get to class.
  • Weiss, smiling brightly, nodding, before linking arms with Blake and walking out: Very very true. Let's hurry!

Sketch of Weiss and Ruby sleeping together wrapped in Ruby’s cloak. :) Sorry it is a bit messy but I hope you like it. I tried doing their uniforms from memory. 


The night has come to hold us young

  • Yang: You guys believe me, right?
  • Weiss: 'The innocent never run' is what I once told you Yang. You haven't run along with it, with what the camera shows, but instead you've stayed and fought for your case. After what Coco said about her seeing an illusion herself during her battle with them, it's entirely possible foul play is happening.
  • Blake: I've seen a lot of malicious attacks before. Every time the person who did the harm would stand their gloating or smiling at what they'd done. After you hit Mercury you were completely confused which doesn't make any sense except if you saw something we didn't. In the time I've known you Yang you would never hurt someone intentionally.
  • Yang: Ruby?
  • *Ruby rushes forward and wraps Yang in a hug*
  • Ruby: I don't believe the sister who took care of me and dad when mom died, who rode her bike to the vets with Zwei in the basket when he cut his paw, who time after time has put me before her and has always been there for me since day one, would ever do something like that unless there was a reason too. We believe you Yang.
Ruby and Sapphire (I)
  • Sapphire: my hands are always cold
  • Ruby: don't worry my Sapphy I warm them for you *grabs her hands*
  • Sapphire: Ruby you are on fire
  • Ruby: thanks my cutie <3
  • Sapphire: no I mean literally
  • Ruby: *wrapped in her own flames*but I look cooler *grin*
  • Sapphire: yes also your flames shows how much you love me <3
  • Ruby: *embarrassed* yeah...
  • Ruby and Sapphire kiss each other
How Ruby and Sapphire fell in Love - 2
  • *Both of them are trying to fuse for the first time*
  • Ruby: I can't CONCENTRATE!
  • Sapphire: Let me lead you... *takes Ruby's hand and starts up a slow dance*
  • Ruby: *keeps looking down and sort of sweats*
  • Sapphire: *lifts Ruby's chin* Look up. Just go with the flow... Look at me...
  • Ruby: *blushes and starts to smile sheepishly, suddenly having fun* Heheheh...
  • Sapphire: *wraps her arms around Ruby*
  • Ruby: Sapph....Sapphire....
  • *they fuse and Garnet stands there, hugging herself for a minute, before realizing it worked*