wrapped in rubies


A recent project I finished up for someone special.
This piece includes one self-found piece of selenite, a red and green garnet, and a raw piece of ruby from India.


Rubies in Granite wrapped in antiqued bronze wire- Inspired by English Rose Gardens🌹
This is another piece that’ll be available during my June 1st Etsy update.

all my love

summary: a 95% fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever needmerry christmas, here’s to many more, and i was yours from the start

word count: ~12,200

also read on: ao3, ff.net

a/n: This is the last oneshot I think I’ll ever write for this universe as it ties up all of the loose ends really well. I hope you enjoy! Thanks @swans-and-pirates for reading this and flailing for an hour you’re a herooooo <3

(also please listen to this song for the title inspiration) (lowkey it’s emma’s song mkay bye)

The proposal is this: they’ll film them for a couple of months, on and off, and it’ll all go into the production of a short six-episode miniseries that will air on Enchanted TV.

They claim it’s only because Emma and Killian were the most popular couple to come from the show, that the band’s success is a huge pull for viewers, so it’s a win for them and it’s a win for Emma and Killian.

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Hurricane - Captain Swan - Song Fic - One Shot

A/N: I have been having a lot of fun writing in the Captain Swan fandom and once I heard the song Hurricane by Luke Combs I knew I had to write a fic based on the song. It has quickly become one of my favorite songs.

In case you missed it in the tags and in the summary, this is an Alternate Universe fic where Killian has both of his hands rather than a hook.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the creators of Once Upon A Time. The title of the fic and any references to the lyrics of the song belong to Luke Combs and the writers of the song Hurricane.

If you enjoy this, please consider leaving a review. The nice ones make me smile! :)

Love always,

This was the last place he expected her pretty blonde head to come bouncing into in all of Connecticut. After they had split, there was an unspoken agreement between the two. He stayed on his side of town and she stayed on hers. Both sets of friends knew where that invisible line was and tried their hardest to keep from crossing it.

However, that night, fate intervened.

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[Weiss walks into her room, a look of disappointment passing over her as she realizes Yang isn’t present]

Blake- What’s the matter Weiss ?

Weiss - It’s kind of cold out today [wraps arms around self for warmth] Her semblance might have been useful

Ruby - [from down the hall, quickly growing louder] Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss

[A flurry of Rose petals envelop Weiss, dissipating to reveal that Ruby Rose had wrapped herself around her]

Ruby - [face in Weiss’s face] Hi

Weiss- [stumbling due to the impact] [muffled] [face red] Get off me you dolt……..

Ruby - But Weiss ! You said you were cold ! D= 

Weiss-  [muffled as she stumbles backwards] and how is this supposed to help ?!

Ruby - [determined] In times of extreme hardship people huddle together for warmth

Weiss- [surprise] W….what ?

Ruby - [nods with determination] Freezing people get warmer by lying close to one another 

Blake- [crosses arms solemnly] She’s right you know 

[Weiss’s leg hits the edge of her ,causing both girls to fall on top of it]

Weiss- [face red as she tries to look away from Ruby] 

Ruby - Don’t worry Weiss ! You’ll warm up in no time !

Blake- [leans over to look at Weiss] You want me to find Yang ?

Weiss- [squeak] [fighting off a smile]  N…no. T….this is f…..fine

Ruby - Oh no! It’s so cold that she’s stuttering [hugs Weiss tighter]

[Weiss feebly lifts her arms and wraps them around Ruby]

Ruby - [gasps] 

Weiss- This is….nice [smiles]

[Ruby blushes]

Ruby - Y….yeah

[Both girls lay wrapped together in silence, refusing to look at one another]

Blake- [looks down at the pair skeptically, shrugs and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her]

Writing Requests are OPEN

For the contest(?)

Love Bug would turn into a Pegasus pony named Ruby Bloom who has a short auburn colored mane/ medium tail, azul pastel colored fur and her cutie mark would be a ruby with a rose wrapping around it. Ruby Bloom was an orphaned Pegasus pony raised in a no name town in the outskirts of Griffonstone, she left home and traveled to equestria where she became an up and coming punk rock singer/ bassist who’s voice would steal the hearts of rebellious youths nation wide.

MOD: Here you go!! Love Bug has a new form, Ruby Bloom!! 

Her special talent is turning fillies gay- jk jk,,,, kinda,,,,,,,

Idea submitted by: @roadietones 

Dreams (RWBY Snippet)

“Ruby,” Weiss growled. “Ruby!”

The dark-haired woman jolted awake and tumbled out of their bed. “Ouch… Weiss… what’s going? Why am I on the floor?”

The CEO of the Schnee Dust Company stuck her head out over the edge of the bed and poked Ruby on the forehead. “You were having the cookie dream again, so I had to wake you up.”

“The cookie dream?”

“Yes, the one where you dream about cookies and end up biting my shoulder.”

“Oh.” Ruby winced. “Uh… I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?”

Weiss huffed. “You were licking my shoulder and mumbling about cookies, so I decided to wake you up before you got to the biting.”

“Oh…” Ruby got up and climbed back into bed. “So no harm done, right?”

“Yes.” Weiss relaxed as Ruby wrapped her arms around her. “But you’d better not have that dream again.”

“I don’t know,” Ruby teased, pressing a kiss to Weiss’s shoulder. “Who knows what I might do if I dream of Weiss-flavoured cookies?”

Ruby, Blake...first kiss? When, where, why, and how? (Asked by anon)
  • Ruby, getting flustered and hides in her hands, rolling over to bury herself into Blake's chest: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!
  • Blake, laughing and wraps her arms around Ruby: When? A few weeks ago, about a month into our little dates. Where? Right outside the dorm room. Why? Because Ruby here felt it was finally about time. How? Well...coming back in from our date Ruby grabbed my hand before I could open the dorm's door, and before I could ask her if anything was wrong....
  • Ruby, muffled thanks to her hiding, but in a cutesy sing-song tune: Kiss~~
  • Blake, kisses Ruby's head with a smile and yawn, closing her eyes: Yup....kiss~
Young Love

Summary: youngdan! Youngphil! Dan saves Phil when unfortunate events occur while out playing with his friends. Phil’s true feelings are revealed during a sleepover.

Word count: 1691

Genre: angst, fluff

Note: this is a oneshot I’m not really sure if I want to continue it but who knows, first fic I’ve ever submitted bare with me haha. Also I’d like to note that Dan and Phil are in the 13-14 age range (I also had to re-upload this due to minor fixes)


“Now where are you going so early?”

“Um gonna play with Phil and Ruby.” Dan said skipping around the kitchen nibbling on a pice of toast his mom made.

“Don’t be out too late alright.” She called.

“I won’t!” Dan yelled and was running out the door excited to see his friends and continue their adventures. The air was warm and the grass was damp. Summer was Dans favorite season, when the flowers scattered across the fields in bright oranges and pinks, and the sunsets could be shared with his very best friends, but most importantly because it’s when Phil came to visit.

“Dan!” Ruby said running to wrap her arms around him. “Ruby!” Dan returned hugging her back. Her red hair tangling in the breeze. “Where’s phil?” Dan asked looking around.
“Up there.” Ruby giggled pointing to the tree above them. Dan smiled seeing Phil swinging his legs while sitting on the branch directly above their heads. “Look out below!” Phil called before slipping himself off the branch tumbling ontop of his friends. They fell back in a fit of laughter. “Are you ready to go exploring.” Phil said smiling at Dan with wide blue eyes hand outstretched. “I’m always ready.” Dan said jumping up and running passed Phil challenging him to race. “Hey no fair! You got a head start.” Phil whined but broke out laughing as he watched Dan trip over his own feet and fall flat on his face.
Ruby held her stomach from laughing so hard. Dan just huffed looking back to his friends as he too broke out into a wide smile. “Hey it’s not funny!”

“It’s quite funny.” Ruby squeaked, still laughing. “I thought I was the clumsy one.” Phil snickered

They all spent the rest of the day playing tag and exploring for hidden treasures to which Ruby found a rusty bottle opener and Dan held up an old sock but screamed and flung it into Phils face. They all sat on their backs pointing to the various shapes of the clouds and laughed when Phil pointed out one he claimed looked like Dan. To which Dan playfully shoved him. The sun began to go down signifying that the Day was almost over and all would have to go back home. “Hey guys up here.” Ruby called up from a steep hill. Dan and Phil struggled up the dirt that kept pulling them back down but finally made it up both of them trying to catch their breath. Dan dramatically fell to the ground holding his chest “I’m gonna die right here.”

“Nooo, I’ll save you Dan!” Phil played along pretending to resuscitate his heart. Ruby just rolled her eyes laughing at their little show. “Guys look isn’t it pretty?” She asked barely whispering. Dan gazed up his breath catching as he stared at the view in front of him. Building lights twinkling in the distance, purple and pinks jut across the sky making it look straight out of a fairytale. Phil stepped to the edge of the cliff to which a few pebbles fell. “Phil be careful.” Ruby said worry written across her face. Phil shrugged, only holding his stance mesmerized by the view. “Dan look at-” Phil began to lose his balance as the rock under his feet began crumbling. Ruby screamed.
Dans arm shot forward grabbing phils arm. Phil held onto dan as tight as possible, the rest of his body dangling off the cliff. “Phil hold on.” Dan yelled desperately holding onto his friend with all the strength he had. Phil looked up at Dan his eyes wide in fear “don’t let go.” His voice quivering as he spoke.

“I won’t.” Dan said through clenched teeth digging his heals into the dirt under him. “Grab my other hand.”
“I- I can’t I’ll fall.” Phil cried tears dripping from his eyes. Dan stared straight into phils eyes determination and adrenaline rushing through his veins “I won’t let you fall.” Phil weakly lifted up his other hand towards Dan. With one swift movement Dan grasped phils other hand and pulled. Phils body emerged over the side of the cliff. Phil fell on his stomach as Dan fell back wards. Both boys lay there for a while panting, hair sticking to the sweat on their foreheads.

“Dan, Phil !” Phils mom rushed over followed by dans mom and Ruby. “Are you boys alright.” Dans mom asked worry written all over her face. “Phil you scared me half to death !” She hugged Phil tears in her eyes. Dans mom pulling him in an embrace, looking over him to spot any injuries. “Mum I’m okay I promise.” She looked as if she was holding tears back. “Ruby told us what happened and I- we were so worried we thought we lost you both.” Ruby rushed over to Phil hugging him tightly. Phil hugged her back showing her he was okay.

It was only then Dan could feel his cheeks were wet with tears. Phil ran over to him throwing his arms around Dan. Both crying but smiling through their watery vision. Happy that life had given them a second chance. Phil sniffled pulling His friend close burying his face in the crook of dans neck while Dan tightened their embrace. They parted and Phil looked at their moms and Ruby
“Dan saved my life.” He croaked. Smiling at his friend .“Dan I don’t know how I could ever thank you.” Phils mom said rushing over to hug Dan.

“Your a hero!” Ruby exclaimed, they all laughed even though everyone was still shaken up and very much emotional.That night phil slept over at dans, both of them fighting sleep.



Phil turned his body to face Dan.
“Your my favorite person in the whole wide world.”
Dan turned to face Phil, his blue eyes glittering against the moonlight and Dan swore he could see the entire galaxy in those eyes. “Really”

“Really, really” Phil said giggling.

“Good cuz your mine too.” Both smiling and snuggling deeper into their blankets. Though Phil was a couple years older than Dan he never felt younger, he felt the same to Phil and frankly never wanted either of them to get older. “Hey dan?” Phil’s whisper barely audible through dans thoughts. “Yeah?”

“Remember when you liked Jenna?” That was random, Dan thought. Nevertheless he remembered the girl from his art class and her butterfly burettes, she was quite mean to dan always laughing at his choice of clothes but even still he still longed to hold her hand. “Yeah.” Dan wondered why Phil asked since it seemed very out of place. “How did you know you liked her?”

Dan had no idea what to say, he didn’t like Jenna anymore and he didn’t want to talk about her “I dunno, I don’t like her anymore.” dan defended. Phil nodded. “Did you want to kiss her?” Dan felt his eyes widen “no!” He whisper yelled. His friend just laughed at his flustered state
“Oh I just thought that’s what people did when they like someone.”

“I didn’t..I-i didn’t like her like that.” Dan sputtered. There was a long pause, waiting for Phil to answer, maybe he fell asleep- “what if I liked you like that?”

Dans whole body stiffened. The question playing over in his head. He sat up from his spot on the bed and looked down at Phil whose brows were pulled together and eyes stared curiously for dans response. “Do you?” Dan asked softly. Phil bit his lip thinking it over before responding “um I don’t know.” He shrugged. “It’s o-okay if you do.” Dan stammered. Phil’s eyes back on his, now it was Dans turn to feel on the spot. “really?” Phil asked as Dan laid back down. Dan just nodded his head with a small smile. He never liked a boy before but he did like Phil, he did want to hold Phil’s hand, maybe he even wanted to kiss Phil…just a little. Dan slowly inched closer , tracing the stripes on his friends pjs. He looked up bumping their noses together, both boys laughing softly. He couldn’t help but look at Phil’s lips, and up at the blue eyes, he could see the yellow and green flecks and details that made Phil’s eyes practically glow. Why was he stuck with boring old brown? Dan brushed his nose against Phil’s leaning a little closer until he felt a warm breath against his lips. He looked up at the boy in front of him waiting for him to pull back but he didn’t instead he closed his eyes and slightly parted his lips. Dan leaned forward slotting his lips in Phil’s. It was warm and soft. Dan liked it, he really liked it. The feeling of Phil’s lip between his sent sparks through this body. Dan pulled back staring at a breathless Phil mischievously then tilted his head the other way and pressed against Phil’s lips again the feeling was indescribable. They both giggled. Phil pecking Dans lips again and again enjoying the new discovered action. Phil wrapped his arms around dans small frame and pulled him closer until Dan was laying comfortably on top of the other. Phil mindlessly playing with dans fringe as Dan relaxed to the touch. “We should probably go to sleep.” A soft voice whispered. It was late but Dan didn’t want to sleep he wanted to keep kissing Phil but the feeling of sleep was tempting. “Yeah.” Dan yawned. He snuggled his face into the a warm spot on Phil’s neck, he felt two arms lightly wrap around his back. “Goodnight Dan.” Dan just hummed into Phil’s neck knowing his friend would understand the small action. The familiar smell of Phil filling his senses. Both fell soundlessly asleep, Phil truly was Dans favorite person in the whole wide world.

Thanks for reading ^ . ^ I know it’s not the best but I had fun writing it


Multi-chapter AU based off 11x15. Hope you enjoy - A xx

“So… what do you like to do for fun?” Owen stammered awkwardly, looking over to his younger companion.

Ruby thought for a minute before answering, “Uh, I like to play soccer I guess, and basketball. I don’t know really know. My mom and I play outside and go for hikes a lot, or we used to.”

At this, the young girl started tearing up, sniffles escaping despite how hard she tried to hold off the tears. Owen’s eyes softened, scooting over to wrap his arm around her body.

“Hey now, none of that,” he said softly, his hands rubbing circles on her back, “Your mom is going to be just fine Ruby.”

The lanky brunette looked up at him, wiping her sleeve under her nose before shakily replying, “You’re not allowed to promise that.”

Owen chuckled at the smart response, “No, I suppose I’m not. You’re a pretty smart kid, huh?”

Ruby’s face stretched into a small grin before fading back to a frown. She picked the fabric of her sweater sleeve before she quietly murmuring, “Do you really think my mom is going to be ok?”

Owen’s heart melted and the insecure girl by his side. Her eyes were tired and her shoulders slumped in exhaustion. She looked 11 going on 35. His hand reached over to rub circles on her back again, feeling the tension slowly dissipate, “I do. Dr. Shepherd is really good at what she does, and I know she’s going to try her absolute hardest.”

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Before I forget it, I had a dream Steven went back to home world to help Lars and he was battling those scanner things when they suddenly went off after the off colors down a long kindergarten shaft. Suddenly there were different off color gems: a sapphire with 3 arms she could not coordinate very well (like one arm always went opposite of the other two), a new sugilite, and I think a new opal. There was a part where the original cgs ended up rescuing the original off colors and they were flying freely through space. Apparently a new ruby was with them and she saw a planet that was completely taken over by homeworld and she was like “it’s so beautiful! Earth should be like that! Haha!” And garnet gently grabbed her and sent her adrift away from them in space and fluorite suddenly caught the ruby, wrapped around her, and gave garnet an angry look.

Hey Team RWBY, what do you do on rainy days? (Asked by theultimategernerd)
  • Yang, wrapping an arm around Ruby's neck and gives a big smile: Rubes here and I normally go outside and play around in the rain.
  • Ruby, laughing a bit: It may seem a little childish, but it really reminds us of simpler times, you know what I mean?
  • Weiss, yawns, stretching her arms out in front of her: Personally I stay inside, where it's /warm/ and /dry/. I enjoy just having me time.
  • Blake, with a small smile hidden behind a book: I love the rain, but just not when I'm in it. I like to brew a cup of tea or something, get my favorite book and just enjoy myself, I normally fall asleep to the pitter patter of the raindrops.
Welcome, Baby! --Alyn Crawford Fic

 Requested by @Simplefoodsbydaniellejoy 

From the moment Alyn learned of my pregnancy, he took great pride in his role as Captain of the Royal Guard. During especially tense times, Alyn would entrust only his best men to watch over me in the palace. As my due date was fast approaching, his anxieties began to double– and even triple.

We held hands, sitting on a bench swing in the garden. A soft rustling in the bushes behind us sent a shiver down Alyn’s spine, and he stood to unsheath his sword. A squirrel emerged from the foliage, and scurried up a nearby tree. Alyn let out a loud sigh, and put away his weapon. I’d noticed recently that purple bags were forming under my husband’s eyes, and I wondered if he’d been sleeping.

“Um, Alyn,” I said, in a soothing tone.

“Huh?” He asked, standing before me.

“I’m feeling so tired, could we take a nap?” I asked, hoping he’d agree to rest with me.

“Mm, I’ll take you back to our chambers so you can get some sleep,” he offered.

I shook my head, “I sleep so much better when you’re resting beside me.”

After a moment’s pause, Alyn nodded. “Okay, sure, let’s go take a quick nap.”


I smiled cheerfully at him, and wrapped my fingers over the crook of his elbow, as Alyn  walked me back inside. My feet shuffled slowly down the halls and into our chambers, where Alyn pulled back the covers on the bed for me. He took off his armor, stripping down to his buttoned-down shirt and trousers. I curled my body around several pillows, to cushion my aching muscles, and Alyn draped his arm over me. I wasn’t the least surprised when I heard him snoring shortly after his head touched the pillow.


I awoke, groggy and alone, with a single folded note where Alyn had been. My brows furrowed and I sighed, wishing that my husband would take some time for his body to truly relax. I took the folded parchment into my hands, and read it.

“My Dearest Queen,

I’m sorry to have to leave when you’re looking so adorable, but I’ve been summoned to a meeting. If you’re awake before I return, I’ve asked Nico and Giles to stand by in case you need anything.

All my love, Alyn”

I smiled at his handwriting, and then sighed as I tried to lift myself off the plush mattress. With a thud, my feet landed on the ground and there was a knock at my door.

“Your Majesty?” Nico called, slowly opening the door.

I turned to face him, “Yes, Nico?”

The butler quickly came to my side, “Can I get you anything? Do you need help?”

I shook my head, “How long before Alyn returns from his meeting?”

Nico shrugged, “He didn’t say, but whatever you need I’m here!”


The physical and metaphorical weight of my pregnancy was crushing my spirit, however silently, and so I looked into Nico’s wide eyes.

“Would you mind, um, rubbing my feet?” I asked through quivering lips.


When Alyn returned, I was propped against a mountain of pillows, my feet in Nico’s lap, as several servants tended to me. A maid replaced the dry washcloth from my forehead and replaced it with a cool, damp, fresh one. A seamstress was letting out the waistbands on several of my old pants and skirts. Giles had called the doctor upon my request to assess the baby’s current health and size. Leo cooled me with a paper fan, and refilled my water glass when needed.

My husband’s face turned pink, at the sight of me surrounded by half a dozen caregivers. I smiled at him, and Alyn slowly stepped closer to where I lounged in the bed. The doctor who had just finished checking my vitals began talking to us, explaining the health of the fetus.

“At this time, everything is progressing as it should,” said the doctor.

“That’s great to hear, thank you,” Alyn said.

“Doctor, when do you suspect the baby will be born?” I asked.

“Well, if I don’t hear from Sir Giles again in the next couple of days, then I will return,” the doctor said.


I nodded, and sipped on my water, motioning for Leo to take a break from fanning me. Alyn sat beside me on the bed, and leaned in, whispering in my ear.

“I’m surprised. You’ve been so adamant about not receiving special treatment this whole time,” he said.

I shrugged, and nodded toward Nico, “Well, to be honest, it all started with a foot rub.”

Nico chimed in, “Yea, then when everyone heard I’d been massaging her feet, they all offered their help.”

“I just couldn’t say no anymore,” I admitted, leaning back against the pillows.

Alyn smiled, his ruby eyes twinkling, “Then, will you allow me to assist you?”

I grinned at him, “Would you make me a special dessert?”

He kissed the top of my head, “Of course.”

Late into the evening, after having tasted Alyn’s chocolate trifle, I awoke to the sounds of whining. As my mind cleared from sleep, I realized that I had been moaning in my slumber. Alyn stirred slightly, but didn’t wake, as I stood to use the bathroom.

I thought. After I lit a lantern, I steadied myself over the granite counter, and held back my whimpers.

the realization didn’t scare me, until a sudden rush of water hit the tiled floors.


I took calming breaths and began to fill the tub, in preparation of the water birth we’d planned. The loud, echoes of the running faucet water woke Alyn from his slumber, and he came into the bathroom, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I smiled meekly at him, and clung to the edge of the tub as another contraction ripped through me. My whining moans reverberated off the tiled floors and the high ceiling, filling our chambers with the sound of my pain. Alyn rushed to my side, and stroked my back.

“How far apart are they?” Alyn asked, his voice cracking.

“Between three and five minutes, I’d guess,” I replied, sweat pooling on my forehead.


Alyn’s body went tense, as he gathered towels and rushed about trying to gather all the supplies. After I was finally able to recline in the tub, Alyn bolted out of our chambers and went to notify Giles. I clung to the tub’s edges as contraction after contraction wracked my body, and I fought to steady my breathing. Our advisor entered the bathroom, with Alyn and Nico in tow. I could barely vocalize my appreciation to them, as the contractions grew closer together.

Giles, not at all phased by my naked, pregnant form, reached into the water. His lilac eyes made contact with my own, and he took one of my hands.

“My Lady, please, allow me to check how dilated you are,” he said.

I nodded, and squeezed Giles’ hand for a moment, as he checked my cervix.

“The baby’s crowning,” he told Alyn, who was hovering over Giles’ shoulder.

I studied my husband’s face, and saw his usually calm demeanor crumble into panic.

“Leo’s just now headed to retrieve the doctor, it could be hours before he arrives,” Alyn explained.

Giles sighed, and gave Alyn a rueful smile, “I understand your concern, but we don’t have much time.”

Suddenly, Giles turned to me, “Your Majesty, we must begin delivering your child, please follow my instructions.”


I felt my eyes widen, and I reached for Alyn, who sat on a small stool beside the tub.

He took my hand in his, cradling it, as he stroked my arm. I took in a deep breath, as Giles assisted in the birth of our baby.


The doctor arrived just as the baby was laid upon my chest, immediately following the water birth. Alyn, with moist eyes, took the liberty of cutting the umbilical cord.

“My apologies, Your Highnesses,” the doctor said, taking out a birth certificate.

“So, dear, what shall we name him?” I asked, cradling our son, wrapped a soft towel.

Alyn’s ruby eyes twinkled, as he spoke, “William Blake Crawford.”

I smiled, kissing my husband on the cheek, “Our baby, William.”

Bloody Knuckles

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Pairing: SamxReader, HunterxReader
Word count: 701
Warnings: Fighting
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Part 10 of Can’t Forget You

The whole next day at school, you avoided Sam. He never messaged you back, as you had checked that morning. He didn’t text you, either. Was he that pissed that Hunter asked you to the winter dance?

Sam would catch glimpses of you throughout the day, but not once would you look at him. As he watched you walk out of the front doors that day with Hunter and his jaw clenched. “Hey, baby.” He turned to see Ruby wrapping her arm around his bicep. “So, my parents are out of town for the week. How’d you like to come enjoy some quality time with me?” She smiled.

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cassiopeiasara  asked:

Red Warrior, 6

I love Red Warrior, as you well know. 6 was “things you said under the stars and in the grass.” Hope this is ok, pal.

Mulan took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She wrapped Ruby’s leather jacket tightly around her shoulders and inhaled the scent. Ruby smelled like coffee and earth and evergreens. Things that anchored Mulan in the fact that she was in Storybrooke and things that smelled like home. She turned her head to study the silhouette laying next to her on the grass. Ruby’s chest rose and fell slowly. The pale skin of her throat bobbed as she swallowed. Ruby’s full red lips curved lightly in a smile. “I can feel you staring, Mulan.”

Ruby opened her eyes and turned her head toward the young woman next to her. Mulan smiled shyly. Ruby turned onto her side before reaching out. Mulan raised an eyebrow in question. Ruby’s finger drifted over Mulan’s dimpled cheeks, “I love these.”

“Dimples are defects as far as I’ve read,” Mulan replied.

Ruby pinched the woman’s cheek, “They are perfection.”

Mulan swatted Ruby’s hand away and chuckled. Ruby stretched her arm wide, beckoning Mulan closer. Mulan curled herself under Ruby’s strong, slender arm. She plucked a blade of grass between her fingers and spun it in the moonlight. Ruby placed a soft kiss on the top of Mulan’s head and closed her eyes once more. Mulan sighed contentedly and counted the stars around the waning moon. “This is perfection,” she whispered to the sky.