wrapped in rubies


The other day I had the pleasure of wrapping this incredible stone. It’s a carved, completely natural and untreated ruby from Vietnam. I was rather nervous to work with this one lol 🙈 But I am happy to say it turned out well and will be getting sent off to a lovely friend soon! ❤

Bite Down;

Originally posted by bangstrgram

Summary: Something so innocent turned into something heated

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @bangstrgram for the gif

Member: Yongguk from B.A.P x female reader

Rating: Smut

Words: 2749

Note: This was a collab with @imagination-of-a-melted-bitch

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A recent project I finished up for someone special.
This piece includes one self-found piece of selenite, a red and green garnet, and a raw piece of ruby from India.


Rubies in Granite wrapped in antiqued bronze wire- Inspired by English Rose Gardens🌹
This is another piece that’ll be available during my June 1st Etsy update.

Hey Ruby, who gives the best hugs at Beacon? (Asked by yingfortheking)

Ruby, pondering for a moment: Hmmm…Weiss’s hugs are too cold.

Weiss, defensively: Hey!

Ruby: Yang’s hugs are too warm.

Yang, with a laugh: It’s just because I love my little sister so much!

Ruby: Jaune’s hugs are nice, but are missing something.

Jaune, a little hurt: Ouch.

Ruby: Pyrrha’s hugs are nice, but she’s too tall.

Pyrrha, with a flushed smile: I’m sorry!

Ruby: Hugging Ren scares me.

Nora, wrapped around Ren: Step off.

Ruby, with a big smile: I think the best hug belongs to Blake!

Blake, leans her head on Ruby’s shoulder, in a singsongy voice: Oh you~

  • Ruby (With badly dyed blond hair tied up into sections): Ow! Dad, be careful!
  • Taiyang: Well, it's not like I do this very often. I can' t take any chances or else you'll look even worse. (starts applying the dye to Ruby's hair.) Okay, according the instructions it'll take about thirty minutes for the die to work. Afterward your hair should be at least look like normal again.
  • Ruby: *sigh* Well, that's a relief.
  • Taiyang: Yeah. Speaking of, (Meets Ruby eye to eye) Why don't you tell me why you did this?
  • Ruby: (looks away from her dad awkwardly.)
  • Taiyang: I mean, I could see Yang doing something like this, if only because she could be going through the whole "rebellious teen' phase. But you, Ruby? This is so not like you.
  • Ruby: ...
  • Taiyang: Did somebody insult your hair? Was this a bet? Was it peer pressure? I just can't for the life of me why you would want to dye your hair of all things.
  • Ruby: IwantedtolooklikeyouandYang.
  • Taiyang: ... What?
  • Ruby: I'm not repeating it.
  • Taiyang: No, I heard you Ruby. I've known you long enough to keep up. What I can't understand is what made you think this way? Why did you want to look like me and Yang?
  • Ruby: I'm just-I'm just-TIRED of always being looked at weird when I say you're my dad or that Yang's my sister. I'm tired of everything asking me if I'm joking, I'm tired of people assuming Uncle Qrow is my dad just because we have dark hair, I'm tired of feeling like I'm some sore sort of sore thumb in this family! For once, I just-I just- (tears start welling up in Ruby's eyes) I want people to look at us and see us a family and not just a guy, his daughter and the extra girl!
  • (Ruby looks like she's about cry when Taiyang cups her face and leans his head against hers)
  • Taiyang: hey now, Rosebud. Don't you cry.
  • Ruby: But Dad I-
  • Taiyang: I know how you feel, Rosebud. I get pretty sick of having to say you get your looks from your mother too. But the thing is: It doesn't matter what other people say. No matter what you look like, no matter what other people say: you'll always be my little girl. There is no amount of mistakes or assumptions that can change that. Got it?
  • Ruby: *sniffs* Y-yeah...
  • Taiyang: Good girl *pulls away only to see that Ruby's ahir dye looks a little messed up in the front* Huh? *runs his fingers through his hair, seeing black dye on them* Oh damnit!
  • Ruby: *looks down guiltily*
  • Taiyang: *sighs before eying the bottle of hair die...*
  • (The Next Day)
  • Yang: ...And then BAM! He goes flying into the nearest wall, with that stupid taser staff snapping in two!
  • Ruby: yeah, okay.
  • Yang: Jeez Ruby, you're usually on the verge of bursting out of your chair when I tell stories. What's up? *Eyes the top of her head* Is your hair a different shade of black today?
  • Ruby: Yang...
  • Taiyang: Hey girls, Good Morning!
  • Yang: About time you got up! What in Remant where you do-*Sees that Taiyang has black hair* DAD! What happened!
  • Ruby: Dad-
  • Taiyang: Oh I just had a little accident with some hair dye. Decide to just roll with it. *walks up to Ruby puts their faces side by side, grinning* Almost like we're siblings huh?
  • Yang: *rolls her eyes* Sure dad.
  • Taiyang: Okay then, guess I should make you girls some break- *stops as Ruby wraps her arms around him in a tight hug.* Love you too, Ruby.

[Weiss walks into her room, a look of disappointment passing over her as she realizes Yang isn’t present]

Blake- What’s the matter Weiss ?

Weiss - It’s kind of cold out today [wraps arms around self for warmth] Her semblance might have been useful

Ruby - [from down the hall, quickly growing louder] Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss

[A flurry of Rose petals envelop Weiss, dissipating to reveal that Ruby Rose had wrapped herself around her]

Ruby - [face in Weiss’s face] Hi

Weiss- [stumbling due to the impact] [muffled] [face red] Get off me you dolt……..

Ruby - But Weiss ! You said you were cold ! D= 

Weiss-  [muffled as she stumbles backwards] and how is this supposed to help ?!

Ruby - [determined] In times of extreme hardship people huddle together for warmth

Weiss- [surprise] W….what ?

Ruby - [nods with determination] Freezing people get warmer by lying close to one another 

Blake- [crosses arms solemnly] She’s right you know 

[Weiss’s leg hits the edge of her ,causing both girls to fall on top of it]

Weiss- [face red as she tries to look away from Ruby] 

Ruby - Don’t worry Weiss ! You’ll warm up in no time !

Blake- [leans over to look at Weiss] You want me to find Yang ?

Weiss- [squeak] [fighting off a smile]  N…no. T….this is f…..fine

Ruby - Oh no! It’s so cold that she’s stuttering [hugs Weiss tighter]

[Weiss feebly lifts her arms and wraps them around Ruby]

Ruby - [gasps] 

Weiss- This is….nice [smiles]

[Ruby blushes]

Ruby - Y….yeah

[Both girls lay wrapped together in silence, refusing to look at one another]

Blake- [looks down at the pair skeptically, shrugs and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her]

Writing Requests are OPEN

all my love

summary: a 95% fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever needmerry christmas, here’s to many more, and i was yours from the start

word count: ~12,200

also read on: ao3, ff.net

a/n: This is the last oneshot I think I’ll ever write for this universe as it ties up all of the loose ends really well. I hope you enjoy! Thanks @swans-and-pirates for reading this and flailing for an hour you’re a herooooo <3

(also please listen to this song for the title inspiration) (lowkey it’s emma’s song mkay bye)

The proposal is this: they’ll film them for a couple of months, on and off, and it’ll all go into the production of a short six-episode miniseries that will air on Enchanted TV.

They claim it’s only because Emma and Killian were the most popular couple to come from the show, that the band’s success is a huge pull for viewers, so it’s a win for them and it’s a win for Emma and Killian.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: elriel at the beach

Thank you, Anon! I love a good Elriel prompt. Short and sweet. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

She was standing by the ocean where the water met the sand.

Her golden-brown hair was hanging limply down her back, wild strands blowing loosely in the wind. I stood on the balcony, watching her, admiring the beauty that was my Elain. I didn’t move until I saw her shiver, then I ran inside and grabbed a blanket before descending the back-porch stairs into the white, cool sand.

“Cold?” I asked, walking up behind her. She turned and smiled as I approached, and wrapped the ruby woven blanket around her shoulders.

“Thank you,” she kissed my cheek before plopping down into the sand. “I just couldn’t look away. I’m still amazed at the differences between Prythian and the human realm.”

I had seen the mortal beaches, and I had to admit she was right. There was something unearthly about the Summer Court, about the way the sun set behind the aqua horizon in shades of tangerine, gold, and lavender.

“It’s breathtaking.”

“It is,” I agreed, sitting behind her and gathering her petite frame into my arms.

“Could we do this forever?” She sighed, resting her head against my chest. “I want to see everything. I want to vacation in every court – well, maybe not Spring.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I responded, “Of course. I will take you wherever you want to go.”


I nodded, stretching out my wings while the sun was still present, absorbing the last of its warmth. “Just tell me where. I, unlike Cassian, am not banned from anywhere in Prythian.”

She eyed me suspiciously, a small smile playing on her pink lips.

“What?” I laughed.

“I keep trying to find fault in you, but I can’t.” She shook her head, incredulously.

In answer, I lifted her chin so that her lips could meet mine. I continued to lift her off the ground, and spin her around, forcing that sweet, melodic laughter to fill the air, far above the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

“I love the sound of your laugh,” I whispered, as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck.

“I love that you can make me laugh,” she shot back, kissing me fervidly.

When I laid her down in the sand, on top of the woven blanket, among the setting sun and the cool breeze, I smiled as I replied, “I love you.”

She brushed my hair back, and ran her hands down my bare back as she replied, “I love you, too.”

I could feel that love, deep and unending, as I boldly made love to my chosen mate while the sun disappeared behind the ocean and the sweet, quiet night of Adriata greeted us. 

Hurricane - Captain Swan - Song Fic - One Shot

A/N: I have been having a lot of fun writing in the Captain Swan fandom and once I heard the song Hurricane by Luke Combs I knew I had to write a fic based on the song. It has quickly become one of my favorite songs.

In case you missed it in the tags and in the summary, this is an Alternate Universe fic where Killian has both of his hands rather than a hook.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the creators of Once Upon A Time. The title of the fic and any references to the lyrics of the song belong to Luke Combs and the writers of the song Hurricane.

If you enjoy this, please consider leaving a review. The nice ones make me smile! :)

Love always,

This was the last place he expected her pretty blonde head to come bouncing into in all of Connecticut. After they had split, there was an unspoken agreement between the two. He stayed on his side of town and she stayed on hers. Both sets of friends knew where that invisible line was and tried their hardest to keep from crossing it.

However, that night, fate intervened.

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For the contest(?)

Love Bug would turn into a Pegasus pony named Ruby Bloom who has a short auburn colored mane/ medium tail, azul pastel colored fur and her cutie mark would be a ruby with a rose wrapping around it. Ruby Bloom was an orphaned Pegasus pony raised in a no name town in the outskirts of Griffonstone, she left home and traveled to equestria where she became an up and coming punk rock singer/ bassist who’s voice would steal the hearts of rebellious youths nation wide.

MOD: Here you go!! Love Bug has a new form, Ruby Bloom!! 

Her special talent is turning fillies gay- jk jk,,,, kinda,,,,,,,

Idea submitted by: @roadietones 

welcometomyroleplaydomain  asked:

Ruby smiled as she walked behind Weiss on their way to detention. They had been caught acting rather... suggestively in their class, and had been kicked out. Suddenly, Ruby wrapped her arms around Weiss, one firmly grasping Weiss' cock over her skirt while the other groped at the other girl's chest.

Weiss yelped “Ruby!” She pulled away though she stumbled and fell face first on the ground, Her skirt flipped up and her pantied butt and bulge showing to Ruby

Jealous Ruby Lucas Would Include...

Requested by @feminineimagines:  Dating jealous Ruby Lucas would include?

  • Ruby loves to go out to events and have fun with other people
    • Usually she has to use sad puppy eyes to make you go along with her because you’d rather stay home most of the time
  • Both of you having fun until a guy in the club or bar decides to hit on you
  • Ruby immediately being by your side
    • Guy usually backs off after she shoots him a dirty glare
  • But with women, she feels like there’s a chance you might be comparing her to them and she has to compete
  • Fake laughter that won’t reach her eyes
  • Passive aggressive tone that she thinks you won’t notice
  • Questions like “Who was that girl you were talking to?”
  • She’ll be very moody until you ask her what’s wrong
  • “I just don’t like to compete with other girls when it comes to you.”
  • Reassuring her that you only love her
  • Falling asleep with her (very strong) arms wrapped around you
Gamer Girlfriends, a Modern!YouTube!AU White Rose fanfic❄⚘

SUMMARY: Modern!YouTube!AU Ruby is a famous YouTuber, mainly focusing on playing video games. All is right with the world, when suddenly her girlfriend, Weiss, barges in and demands attention, leading to them playing Outlast 2 together. Weiss is horrified, Ruby is amused and the fans love it. Silly little White Rose One Shot. Might make a series out of this.
(English is not my native language)


“I’ll probably stream it on Monday so tha-” The sudden sound of the door opening made her almost jump out of her seat in fright, interrupting her sentence and her concentration. Putting a hand over her erratically beating heart, she turned around in her seat to see Weiss, her girlfriend of now 9 months, standing in the doorway.

“Weiss! You scared me! What is it?” A little confused frown found it’s way on the redhead’s face. Weiss never interrupted her while recording. The gaming room was her own personal space and her girlfriend had not been in it more than a few times (the few times she has been, it was to clean up)

Whatever she wanted must be important for her to come in while she knew Ruby was recording.

Completely ignoring what she said, Weiss merely graced Ruby with a frown and a huff. The younger one of the two was just about to ask what was wrong again, when Weiss crossed the room with three confident, self-assured strides and perched herself right on Rubys lab. (With all the grace you’d normally expect from a ballet dancer, of course)

(The thought made Ruby smile even though she was really confused)

Sitting sideways, Weiss wrapped her arms around Ruby’s neck and rested without saying a word.

“Weiss what are you doing?”

With an annoyed sigh the petite woman turned to look at her girlfriend.

“I want to cuddle”, she stated. (It sounded more like an order)

“But I’m recordi-”

“I don’t care! You’ve been holed up in here all day!”

(It’s been three hours)

“And I’ve had enough. As your girlfriend, I demand you give me attention!”

Ruby sighed. (Weiss can be quite the tsundere)

She wanted to spend time with her girlfriend. But it’s been three days since she uploaded another Outlast 2 video. She really needed to get this one wrapped up and edited tonight.

“I’m sorry Weissy. I really need to get this out tonight. I promise I’ll be finished in an hour, and then we can cuddle all evening long. Okay?”



“No. I want to spend time with you NOW. I’m your girlfriend, I come first.”

Again, Ruby sighed, this time in defeat. There really was no arguing with Weiss (and though she would never admit it, she loved her that way and would never change her)

She smirked.

“Sounds an aweful lot like you missed me, Weissy.”

“Of course not, you dolt! I just refuse to be second to a game.”

(The light blush on her pale face begs to differ)

Ruby laughed that cute little giggle she does whenever Weiss says something funny.
It would be lying to say Weiss’ heart didn’t melt away (Along with her anger)

Still giggling, Ruby wrapped her arms around the woman she laughed and reached for the keyboard.

“Okay, okay. You can stay. You can even help me play!”

When Weiss set her mind on something, there’s no stopping her from doing it. She was stubborn like that. (Ruby happened to like it very much)

(Besides, playing a cool game with her sexy girlfriend on her lab doesn’t sound that bad at all. It would even make good clickbait)


“What kind of horrid game is that?!”

The redhead giggled again. Weiss was quite shocked at the nature of Outlast 2. (She couldn’t ever imagine her girlfriend playing something like this in her free time)

But here they were.

Weiss, now sitting with her back against Rubys chest, hands on the keyboard, eyes concentrated on the screen (though her face was crunched in horror and disgust)

And Ruby, arms lovingly wrapped around her womans waist, having the time of her life and laughing against Weiss’ shoulder.

“Stop laughing you dunce! What is this?! Why are there so many dead people?! Why is that guy naked?! Why am I running away?! What is the point of this?!”

(This just caused Ruby to laugh harder, and Weiss to get angrier)

“You’re running because they want to kill you.”

“I noticed!”

Another laugh. (She shoud’ve started playing video games with Weiss long ago. This was hilarious)

“Why am I doing this? Why not just leave?”, she asked (quite frustrated)

The redhead wrapped her arms a little tighter around the waist of her beloved.
After pressing a little kiss to Weiss’ neck (which earned her a pleased sigh), she replied:

“Because he’s looking for his wife. They kidnapped her and he’s trying to rescue her.”

She heard a scoff.

“Well he’s doing a horrible job at it!”

(Ruby wanted to point out that Weiss was the one controlling the character, but she had a feeling her girlfriend would get very mad)

A quiet mumble distracted her from her thoughts.

“And why let her get kidnapped in the first place? I know I’d never let someone kidnap you.”

And there goes her heart. (Weiss was the only thing that could make her heart beat faster than any horror game)

(Well, her and these strawberry cookies Weiss occasionally bought for her, but the point still stands)

“Aaawww Weissy! I know you’d protect me! I always feel safe with you!”

She wrapped her arms just a bit tighter around her woman, while pressing loving kisses to her shoulder and neck.

(She didn’t have to see Weiss’ face to know she was blushing furiously)

“Stop it you dolt!”

She didn’t stop. Instead, she nuzzled her neck and kissed the spot just behind her ear, the one that always made her melt.

(The insult didn’t sting. It was said the way only Weiss could, with affection and love)

She chuckled.

(Another kiss behind her ear)

“Love you, beautiful.”

(A happy sigh)


(She created a monster)

(One she loved and wouldn’t give up for anything, but still a monster)


“Weiss, look!”


The white haired woman didn’t even have time to ask what in the world her girlfriend was screeching about (again), before she was taken by the hand and dragged from the kitchen to the gaming room.

(She still didn’t know how Ruby can run this fast, but she gave up questioning it long ago)

“What is it, Ruby?!”, she asked her (obviously excited) girlfriend.

(She wouldn’t admit it, but seeing Ruby happy instantly brightened her mood as well)

“Look at the video, Weiss! The one we recorded yesterday, together!”

After giving an annoyed sigh she complied and took a step forward and bent down a bit to look at the computer, where a YouTube page was opened.

PLAYING WITH MY GF?! Outlast 2 Part 6

It was, in fact, the video with her and Ruby playing that- that horrid game she never wanted to do anything with again.

What surprised her was the amount of views, likes and comments the video has.

It was more popular than Ruby’s average video, and that after just a day of it being uploaded.

(It DID stroke her ego quite a bit, knowing she was in the video)

“Do you see, Weiss?! People liked us playing together! They say all kinds of cool and funny things in the comments!”

Ruby’s excited, happy voice and the big smile on her face, also drew a smile on Weiss’ face.

(Her girlfriend was so adorable)

(At least when she wasn’t being loud and annoying)

“Well, we’ll have to make sure that we play together more often in the future then, won’t we?”

(That earned her a happy sqeal, tight hug and a deep kiss)

“Oh, we can play all sorts of games together! We could do it once or twice a week or something, what do you think? I know! I’ll make an extra playlist for it! I’ll call it "Playing with my GF”. We could even-“

Listening to the love if her life making all sorts of happy plans, Weiss gently stroked her lower back and side.

(She’d do anything to make this woman happy)

(Because Ruby’s happiness is her own happiness)


Thank you so much for reading this fluffy little thing💕 It means a lot to me.

Dreams (RWBY Snippet)

“Ruby,” Weiss growled. “Ruby!”

The dark-haired woman jolted awake and tumbled out of their bed. “Ouch… Weiss… what’s going? Why am I on the floor?”

The CEO of the Schnee Dust Company stuck her head out over the edge of the bed and poked Ruby on the forehead. “You were having the cookie dream again, so I had to wake you up.”

“The cookie dream?”

“Yes, the one where you dream about cookies and end up biting my shoulder.”

“Oh.” Ruby winced. “Uh… I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?”

Weiss huffed. “You were licking my shoulder and mumbling about cookies, so I decided to wake you up before you got to the biting.”

“Oh…” Ruby got up and climbed back into bed. “So no harm done, right?”

“Yes.” Weiss relaxed as Ruby wrapped her arms around her. “But you’d better not have that dream again.”

“I don’t know,” Ruby teased, pressing a kiss to Weiss’s shoulder. “Who knows what I might do if I dream of Weiss-flavoured cookies?”