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The Apartment Hunt

Finn and Rey are trying hard to find the perfect apartment. However, it seems to be a challenge. A commission for @errrbodylovesfinn .

   Rey looked at the newspaper in front her. Currently, she was scanning the listings for apartments. There were quite a few, but she knew what she was looking for. There had to be at least two bathrooms, a functioning kitchen, and a bedroom. There also had to be enough room for Bee Bee to run around. Rey thought that wasn’t too much to ask for but so far, she wasn’t having that much luck finding anything. Her boyfriend was also having trouble. So today, the two of them were going to look apartments together.

   “Hey, peanut.”

   Rey smiled as Finn walked in. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before sitting down next to her.

   “Hey,” Rey said. “Okay, so I circled some apartments we can look at today.”

   “Great,” Finn wrapped an arm around her. “Whoa, those are a lot.”

   “I know, but we still haven’t found anything. I’m tired of this drab place.”

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also, rose wasn’t in the trailer at all, and they’ve been a) making a big deal about how she’s a big new role, and b) saying that her storyline and finn’s will be connected in the film.

which leads me to hope that the lack of rose- and the vagueness of finn’s appearance in the trailer- means that his/their storyline is integral to the plot and would give away too much.

everyone knows that rey was going to train with luke. it was safe for them to show us that. but finn’s storyline? it was left very much an open book at the end of tfa. they aren’t showing us much of him because to do so would be showing us too much before the film comes out. the same goes for kylo, poe, and leia. this trailer really didn’t give us much to work with besides some insight into luke and rey and their relationship with each other. and even that was vague.

so i’m cautiously optimistic about this trailer. it leaves a lot for us to think about and wonder, and doesn’t necessarily mean finn’s role in the story won’t be significant simply because he (like most of the characters in the trailer) didn’t get more than one short scene.

“Panic Attacks” Finn Wolfhard (part 1)

Plot - Y/N struggles with panic attacks. Finn is the only one who knows this.

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader

One plane flight, and two interviews. That’s all I have to do today, so why am I so stressed? I can’t stop moving. I’m still at home, waiting for Noah to pick me up so we can go to the airport together. We were heading to LA for stranger things 2 release. It was about 10 days away and we had to fly out early for all the interviews we had to do beforehand.

It was about 3am, we had to fly in as early as possible so we can get to our first interview. I had music blaring through my earbuds as I paced back and forth. I was so worried I would forget something that I checked, and rechecked my luggage about 100 times in the past few hours.

Noah said they would be here around 3, but when my phone read 3:30, I started to worry and my mind started racing. I thought about every possible thing that could’ve made them late. I started pacing and my chest became heavy. It got harder to breath as I watched the time slowly passed.

And this, is what I call the beginning of a panic attack. A few tears fell off my face as I thought more irrational thoughts. A full blown panic attack was just around the corner when I heard my phone ringing.

“Y/N? Hey, were about 5 minutes away, sorry we’re late, I forgot to pack my carry on.” Noah’s voice rang through the phone and into my ears. “O-okay, I’ll be outside.” I stuttered, trying to calm myself. “Are you okay? You sound like you were just crying.” He asked, concerned. “Yeah, yeah i’m fine.” I lied. “Okay… see you soon, bye.” Noah replied, hanging up.

I quickly opened my messages and texted Finn, he was the only one I talked to about my panic attacks and anxiety.

Y/N: Finn, I know you probably are asleep but I need to talk to you.

Y/N: I had another one.

Y/N: well, almost. Noah called me before it could get to a full blown panic attack.

Y/N: I’m starting to get scared.

Y/N: They aren’t getting better, they are getting worse.

Y/N: I don’t know what to do.

Y/N: i’m guessing you are asleep, and Noah is here now so, i guess i’ll see you at the airport.

I locked my phone and went outside to look for Noah. about 2 minutes later his car pulled up. “The trunk is open.” Noah yelled from in the car, mentioning towards my luggage. I got into the car, Noah sitting to the right of me. “Are you sure you’re okay? You look like you’ve been crying.” Noah asked, concern lacing his words. “Yeah, yeah, i’m fine, just tired.” I lied, once again. “You’d tell me if you weren’t right?” Noah asked, looking me dead in the eyes. “Yes, of course.” I mumbled, trying to avoid his eyes. The rest of the car ride was mostly silent.

“Okay you two, once you land, go straight to baggage claim. Millie and Finn are supposed to meet you there. Then take a taxi to the hotel, David should be there already. I’m pretty sure he flew in with Gaten and Caleb. Heres cab money.” Noah’s mom informed us, handing Noah some money. “Stick together and stay safe!” She smiled, walking off.

Once we got to our gate Noah started a conversation. “What song are you listening to?” He asked. “That one song from panic!’s first album.” I replied, showing him the insanely long song title. “Ohh thats a good one.” Noah smiled. “Im listening to LA Devotee.” He added. “Hey! There is this super cool guy in that music video, I think his name was Noah… Noah, snap? Yeah that guy’s pretty cool.” I joked. “Uh excuse me, it’s Schnapp. Wow, what a fake fan.” He scoffed, but laughed immediately after that.

Once Noah and I got off the plane, we did as we were told, and went to baggage claim. I turned my phone off airplane mode and a text immediately came through.

Finn: holy shit Y/N im so sorry I didn’t answer, i was asleep. I just got off my plane though, i’ll see you soon. Stay strong. *heart emoji*

Knowing I was going to see him soon, I didn’t bother to reply. Noah spotted his luggage, and took it off the conveyor belt. “Do you see yours?” He asked me. “No actually… it’s really obvious, it’s orange.” I told him, walking around a few people to get a better look at the suitcases. “Is this it?” Noah asked, pointing to an orange one. “Yeah, thanks.” I smiled, walking over and taking it.

“Y/N! Noah! Over here!” I heard two people yell. After I saw who it was, I ran right over to them. “I’ve missed you so much.” I mumbled, hugging Finn. “Are you doing okay? I’m sorry I couldn’t text back in time.” he replied, holding me closer.  “Yeah, I feel a lot better now that i’m with you.” I smiled into his chest. I felt him softly kiss my forehead, making my heart skip a beat.

“My god Finn, let me have a chance to hug her!” I heard Millie remark, making us pull away. “Ive missed you…. Bitchh.” Millie laughed, pulling me in for a hug. “Shall we go to the hotel?” Noah asked.

We called a cab and all squished inside it. It was about a 20 minute ride from the airport the hotel. About 5 minutes in, Finn wrapped his arm around my shoulder, making me blush a bit. “Can we talk about your panic attack once we get there?” He asked, whispering in my ear. “I want to help you.” He added. I nodded and looked up at him. “Thank you so much, Finn.” I replied. “Anything for you.” He beamed.

“What are you two whispering about?” Millie asked, poking Finn’s shoulder. “Probably about their secret relationship, and about what they are going to do in the hotel.” Noah replied, wiggling his eyebrows at us. “Shut up Noah!” Finn laughed, hitting him on the shoulder. “Noah!” Millie and I gasped at his dirty joke.

“CALEB!! GATEN!” I yelled, running into the hotel, hugging them both. “Heyy! We’ve missed you!” Gaten smiled. We all hugged and caught up on everything. “Alright kids, we got three rooms, pair up and I give you the keys.” David ordered. “Just, no boys and girls in the same room.” He added.

“Hey, Millie, can I be with Y/N?” Finn asked, coming up to us, his voice lowered, so david couldn’t hear us. “David said no boys and girls together.” Millie protested. “I know but let’s be real, you know you’d rather be with noah. So, when he hands out the keys you two will be standing next to each other and then when we get to the rooms, we can switch places.” Finn explained. “Is Noah okay with it?” She asked. “Duh, he’s your best friend.” Noah laughed, joining the conversation. “Alright, i’m in.” Mille gave in. “And I guess I am too?” I added.

“Finn, if we switched rooms just so we could talk in private, you know there is alot easier ways to do that.” I pointed out. “I know, but I also know I’m the only one whos knows about your panic attacks. I didn’t want you getting one in front of Millie.” He replied. I grinned, blush making its way to my cheeks. “I want this bed.” I mumbled, putting my luggage on the bed.

“We have about 20 minutes before our first interview, want to talk about the panic attack?” Finn asked me, sitting down on the bed next to me. “Uh, yeah, yeah.” I answered, looking down and lowering my voice. “Noah, was a bit late to picking me up, I was already nervous, and that just kind of added to it? I don’t know. But my mind thought of every bad thing that could have happened, and why they were late. I was pacing and I started to cry, the normal build up to these. I could feel myself getting more and more, i don’t know the word, heavy? Yeah, heavy. I was about to scream, or break something, or just have a full blown panic attack when Noah called.” I explained, tears silently falling down my face. “Y/N, im so sorry. I wish this stuff wouldn’t happen, but listen,” Finn whispered, taking my face and making me look at him. “I will always be here, next time, when i’m not around, call me instead of text, then if i’m sleeping, i’ll wake up. You aren’t alone in this, okay? I will stick with you and help you figure this out okay?” He told me. “Okay.” I whispered, believing every word that came out of his mouth. Finn kissed my forehead, and pulled me into a tight hug.

I could feel Finn and I’s friendship grow stronger with every hug, every forehead kiss, ever serious conversation, but I was also feeling something else. There was a pit in my stomach, and oh so familiar one. And no, this time is wasn’t anxiety. It was different, nicer, but also possibly heartbreaking. I liked Finn.



The most shocking part of that match wasn’t Joe winning

but rather Finn taking the loss by passing out via submission. Key word being passing out, meaning he didn’t tap out but literally lost consciousness. 

Guys, this is not as terrible a result as you think. This is how Asuka won the NXT Women’s Championship from Bayley. And remember that earlier in the match Bray and Joe basically teamed up to tenderize Balor. Joe submitting Balor for the victory makes sense given their history from NXT, since Joe has been portrayed as Finn’s kryptonite and the ONLY person in WWE thus far to beat the Demon. 

This match not only served to establish Joe as Number One Contender, it also did a better job of establishing Finn as an underdog in one PPV than WWE did with Roman in three years. If you came away from that match wanting to wrap Finn in a blanket and hug him and give him hot cocoa, then WWE did their job of actually making you care if something terrible happened to him. 

Plus, this makes it all the more important when Finn finally brings out the Demon again. You can’t sell the Demon as a last resort without first establishing exactly why Finn needs it, which unfortunately is going to involve making Finn suffer first.

Love Sick ~Finn Balor Imagine~

Summary: When visiting Finn’s family in Ireland, his girlfriend falls victim to food poisoning.

Warnings: none that I cant think of, mention of being sick ??

Sorry if its crappy Ive had this idea in my head and its been eating away at me to be posted.

Originally posted by baleesi

The bar was a bad idea.

Well maybe not the bar, maybe it was the Guinness. Couldn’t be, I was not even close to drunk nor tipsy, wanting to make a good impression on Finn’s friends and siblings. It had to be that “Fresh” Seafood platter Finn’s sister Anna-Marie and I shared.

I groaned as my stomach cramped, a chill ran up my spine as I rolled onto my back in Anna-Marie’s old bedroom. I felt as if all the contents of my stomach were churning in a blender. I sat up, throwing my legs over the side of the bed when it felt like top of the blender had blown off. I slapped a hand over my mouth and dashed to the bathroom across from the bedroom.

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Just Like Mommy - Finn x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where Finn’s wife is heavily tattooed(like complete sleeves)and Finn walks in to see their daughter drawing on her arms to look like mommy?

A/N: I LOVED THIS! Here it is, anon! It’s a bit lengthy, but it’s a pretty good comeback for me!

 Also, I’ve been asked on a few occasions about the reader and Finn’s age difference, so I’d go ahead and clarify again. :)

Since Finn is 36, reader is 29. So it’s a seven year age gap! 

Originally posted by baleesi

On a casual rainy day, you peered out of the window to see the droplets of water racing others down the glass on your window. With a cup of coffee nestled between your hands, you were rather comfortable on the large couch. A roll of thunder sounded off in the distance and immediately, you heard the sound of footsteps marching across the cherrywood floors.

“Mommy!” The three year old cried, rushing over to where you were. Ava stopped in front of you, her head falling into your lap. You placed the mug on the table beside you, your hands reaching down to entangle in her dark hair that fell to her shoulders. 

Crystal blue eyes that matched her father’s eyes perfectly peered up at you, glistening with fresh tears. “Baby,” You picked her up, cradling her close. You remembered every single time she wailed when thundering sounded, running to you and your husband as her safe haven. 

“I’m scared,” She mumbled, balling her fists up. She reached upwards and rubbed roughly around her eyes, creating red circles around them. “Here, why don’t you and Mommy go to your room and play?” You pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “It’ll keep your mind off the storms.” 

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Finn Balor - Prompt # 64

Prompt: “Here, take my blanket.”
Requested: by @ambrosegirlforever
Warnings: Swearing
Words: 700+

“Sorry guys, a snow storm has hit during the show. We can’t leave” Kurt Angle said getting a loud groan from the entire locker room “Emergency services believe that the electricity will go out soon if not overnight. Blankets will be handed out and catering will be open” 

“You’ve got to be kidding me” you groaned leaning back into your boyfriend Finn’s chest “I just wanted to get back to the hotel” 

“You and me both” Finn smirked down at you. You used your butt to nudge him away making him laugh 

“Do you ever think with your head and not…” you trailed off looking down 

“Not when it comes to you” 

“So just hang out, try and get some sleep and we’ll see what the conditions are like and hopefully be able to leave” Kurt said as a backstage crew member handed you a blanket. 

“Well, I guess we can put our bags back in the locker rooms” Emma sighed as the lights flickered “The electricity can’t go out. That means no heat, that means it’s going to be cold I’m Australian we don’t do cold” everyone laughed at Emma as Finn turned you around to look at him 

“Put your bags in the woman’s locker room and then come find me in catering” He said pushing you by tapping your butt. On the way to the locker room with Emma the electricity went out. 

“Great, now its gonna get cold” Emma huffed

“I hate the dark” you mumbled getting your phone out to use as a flashlight “Honestly where the fuck is Bray because if he tries to scare me I will actually murder him” you and Emma quickly made it back to Finn who was now joined by Karl, Luke and Seth. It seemed most of the roster decided to chill in catering.

“Does Kurt have any idea of when we’ll be able to leave?” You huffed as Finn pulled you onto his lap. 

“Why? Afraid of the dark?” Karl laughed 

“No” you replied defensively

“Yes” Finn smiled and kissed your shoulder 

“You’re in your twenties how are you afraid of the dark?” Luke said, joining Karl in laughing at you. 

“Fuck you guys” you said hiding your face in the crook of Finn’s neck. He laughed and rubbed his hands up and down your legs in a comforting manner. 

“It won’t be much longer, just until the morning” 

“That’s too long” You whinnied. You stayed with Finn until you had been fed up with the comments from Luke, Karl and Seth. You and Emma went back to the locker room where Foxy, Dana and Bayley were sleeping so you kept walking around the arena. 

“It’s so cold” Emma mumbled as you both wrapped your blankets around yourselves 

“I just want to go to the hotel and sleep” you yawned 

“Can’t sleep in the locker room. Dana snores” Emma said as the two of you jumping up onto case. You turned the brightness all the way down on your phone to conserve the battery so the two of you were just sitting in a dark hallway. 

“BOO!” the two of you screamed as Finn jumped out of nowhere and scared you. 

“Finn!” You hissed slapping his arm “what the hell!?” 

“Sorry sweetheart, I couldn’t help myself” Finn pulled you in two kiss but you moved yourself away, not allowing him to kiss you. “come onnnnn. y/n I love youuuuu” 

“You know what I’ll put up with Dana’s snoring” Emma said sliding off the case

“Bye Emma” Finn waved before going for your lips again 

“Nope” you said pushing him away again, wrapping your blanket around you tighter, Finn rolled his eyes 

“Well, I’m going to sleep so come on” he pulled you along 

“Where are you taking me?” 

“To the locker room. I want to sleep, which means you need to come with me” 

“I am not sleeping in the men’s locker room” you said 

“Here, take my blanket.” Finn said handing you his blanket “I can tell your cold” 

“Thanks babe” you smiled wrapping the blanket around you 

“Now for me to stay warm you’ll have to cuddle with me” Finn smiled wrapping his arms around you and picking you up. 

“Finn! Put me down!” You squealed 

“No way Jose” Finn giggled 

“That was a horrible pun” You laughed as he opened the locker room door. 

Requests always open, I currently only have Finn and Jeff requests

I can’t believe the Stranger Things cast have wrapped on Season 2! I’m like a mix of ecstatic for S2 of course, but like also really sad seeing all their posts on Instagram about how much they are all gonna miss each other! 😩 And Noah’s comment on Millie’s post saying, ‘Thanks for crying with me Millie, you know I’m gonna frickin’ miss you!’


I think I’m gonna need a tissue y'all! 😢

With a Little Help from My Friends.

Finn Balor/OC- Reader has a little problem that Finn helps her out with.

Warning:There aren’t really any, except for pure smut so yeah.

Hey anon I hope you enjoy this. I wasn’t sure if this was what you exactly wanted but hey I tried my best. Also side note, Finn is my favorite so if yall have request for him please send them in.

@vebner37 @the-geekgoddes

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Celebrate This..Properly - Finn Balor x Reader (Part 2)

AN- Part 2 was requested so, enjoy! Read part 1 here

Summary:- You and Finn go back to the hotel fresh from getting engaged during your match on Raw. Finn decides he wants you to celebrate the engagement properly, so thats exactly what you do. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Fluff

Word Count:- 1,209

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Samoa Joe/OC: You and Joe have been dancing around your feelings for each other, they’re obvious, but you won’t do anything about them. Until he wins the fatal five way at Extreme Rules. Smut.


Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @she-reigns-in-this-yard @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @macfizzle @oraclegazes @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @phenominalstyles @panic-angel3314 @that-lolachick @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @wrestlingnoob @georgiadean37 @taryndibiase @kanupps06 @ringsidexdreaming @rolivia-fin @ambrosegirlforever @bodhi-black @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @baeckyshorsewomen @extremereigns @unabashedwwesmut @secretagentfangirl @bebbyt @canadianknockout

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Caught in the Act


warnings: car sex, public sex (kind of?), nsfw image

Originally posted by geekoftv

“So, where are we going to dinner?” He didn’t often make reservations, so I was curious. Finn smirked, “Home.” I got it. He was as turned on as I was and having reservations had just been an excuse to get out of there quickly. “We’ll order in.” I had been cooking a lot these past few weeks so the thought of take-out was nice, the thought of going straight home was even nicer. Traffic was crazy, I would never get used to this but this would give us time to snuggle and chat. But I knew that wasn’t what he was in the mood for. He traced his fingers along my thigh, higher and higher now that we were going home. I draped a leg over him and went back to rubbing his erection through his pants. Things were going to be feverish by the time we pulled into the city.

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via Kit Connor’s Instagram // The cast of “Slaughterhouse Rulez” gathered to have a lovely Italian dinner (at Polpo Soho in Carnaby, London) celebrating the wrapping up of their upcoming Horror/Comedy film!
In the photo: Asa Butterfield, Kit Connor, Max Raphael, Louis Strong, Cory Chambers, Alhaji Fofana, Jassa Ahluwalia, Hanako Footman, Isabella Laughland, Tom Rhys Harries & Finn Cole

The First Time - Tommy Shelby

Request: Can I request Tommy seeing is child for the first time.

The First Time - Tommy Shelby

You sat on the bench in the train station. The station was full of families waiting for the train of young men to roll in from France. Polly stood with Ada near the rails, trying to see down into the distance. Finn had fallen asleep on the bench and you volunteered to sit with him. On your lap was a sleeping three year old, his face pressed against your chest as you gentle bounced him. You were glad to be sitting away from the rails as your nerves were out of control.  

Just before the call for soldiers rang through Small Heath you had gone to Polly’s early in the morning. She had been up but the boys were all sleeping. You told her that you needed to talk to Tommy, that it was urgent. You stood out on the stoop when she went in to wake him. Even today, almost four years later, you could remember the way he’d come outside half dressed, groggy from sleep.  

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