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Peaches - Kang Daniel

- admin xion

genre: fLUFF
word count: TOO MANY WORDS WOOO  (1590)
requested: NOPE
side notes: I LOVE DANIEL

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  • his lips were as soft as a peach
  • as his cheeks were flushed a light pink like the rounds and curves of a peach
  • he was as sweet as one
  • and as loveable as one
  • you hate peaches
  • peaches to you were oddly tasting to your tastebuds
  • no sense of sweetness within it
  • the texure was weird
  • the soft only felt rough to you
  • everyone loved peaches
  • and you just couldn’t understand why
  • kang daniel peach
  • your typical cliche popular guy whom loved peaches as much as you hated them
  • he was exactly a definition of peach in your eyes
  • loveable
  • sweet
  • soft
  • and for some reason it only made you bitter
  • as peaches would begin to taste more rotten

  • you closed your locker and swung your backpack around your shoulder
  • exiting the school, a cold breeze made you shiver a bit as you would feel goosebump on your arm rising
  • you reached into your back pocket and grabbed out your phone that had your earbuds wrapped around them
  • unwrapping your earbuds, you placed them into your ears and played some music that sounded out everything that was going on in the world
  • you noticed peach walking at distance beside you with a girl
  • his vibrant cotton candy hair made you bitter as the colour only left you in agony
  • peach swung his jacket around the girls shoulders as she blushed, hiding her face behind her phone and slightly bowed, thanking him
  • “cliche,” you mumbled to yourself
  • as the girl ran off, you lost interest within that area
  • peach shoved his hands into his pockets and walked in the same direction as you at a distance
  • you didn’t seem to notice
  • nor to care even if you did so
  • you felt a raindrop on your cheek as you looked up
  • it began to rain as you deeply sighed and threw on your hood
  • the bus stop was right around the corner
  • so there was no need to panic
  • although it was raining a bit hard
  • you arrived at the bus stop and headed into the “shelter”
  • you noticed peach standing beside you, hair drenched
  • he caught your glance and softly chuckled
  • “you have pen on your face,” he says
  • it was slightly blurred due to the fact that your earbuds were blasting music
  • you took one of them out as you could faintly hear the music
  • “hm?” you hummed
  • “you have pen on your face,” he repeats
  • you thought to yourself
  • when the fuck did you get pen on your face?
  • it was during the time where you were doodling off in class and smeared the ink with your hand by accident
  • and without knowing, you lightly scratched your cheek
  • but that didn’t come to mind
  • you stood there blank
  • as though you were shocked to his words
  • his voice was as sweet and smooth like a peach
  • almost honey like
  • he softly laughed as he helped himself
  • placing both of his hands on your cheeks
  • he wiped off the ink with his thumb
  • as you still stood there blankly
  • his hands
  • were as soft as a peach as well
  • the bus soon arrived as he took his attention off you
  • peach headed onto the bus
  • as you only followed but sat at a far seat away from him

  • you sighed as you picked up the peach
  • your mom loves them as well
  • but for some reason
  • you noticed how soft it was
  • it reminded you of his hands
  • the texture of it being rough went away
  • as that thought couldn’t come to mind anymore for some reason
  • slightly craving a snack, you took a bite out of it expecting hatered
  • you chewed
  • trying to like it
  • you ended up spitting it out and threw it away in the garbage

  • peach of course was being hassled by girls in the hallway
  • cliche 
  • and you hated it due to how cliche it was 
  • you weren’t feeling so good this morning
  • your stomach slightly hurt as your taste buds were dead
  • you blamed it on the peach 
  • which made you laugh
  • what if you were allergic to peaches? 
  • it’s like being allergic to dabbing or some shit
  • being allergic to such a big trend
  • why the fuck is the trend here peaches?
  • they’re disgusting 
  • and 
  • maybe slightly soft 
  • but 
  • they’re not sweet at all 
  • you were trying to cram your way past the crowd that surrounded the infamous peach 
  • as you were passing by, you couldn’t help but notice his soft smile
  • at the same time 
  • you could feel your heart beating
  • not in a good way
  • everything became hot
  • a bit dizzy
  • as the peach noticed 
  • “hey… are you okay?” he spoke
  • your head looked in his direction as he had a face full of concern
  • you force yourself a light nod as you noticed something you feel stupid for not noticing earlier
  • he dyed his hair
  • it was no longer that annoying bright, slightly faded pink
  • it was now a brown-blone-ish colour 
  • he sheepishly smiled as everyone has seemed to be backed up 
  • you could feel your body being more and more heavy 
  • bOOM
  • black
  • cliche
  • yes
  • you woke up
  • if i got $20 for everytime a fanfic included a nurse’s office without the actual nurse within it
  • wOO
  • i’d be rich
  • you were slightly dizzy as you noticed peaches presences
  • he had his bag on his lap as he pulled out a famous medicine brand
  • “are you trying to drug me and take me somewhere?” you blurted without even noticing what you said
  • he laughed as he shook his head
  • “i mean- you are beautiful but kidnapping is too much,” he replies 
  • he handed you a pull and a bottle of water
  • you cautiously inspected the pill 
  • “i’m not trying to drug you,” he says with a cheeky smile on his face 
  • “hmmmm…. sounds like what a drug dealer would say,” you joked 
  • “okay, if it makes you feel more safe, i’ll take one as well,” he spoke 
  • “dUDE you’re not sick though,”
  • “it’s fine. i was sorta getting a headache from all that chatter earlier,” 
  • he pulled out another pill from his bag and threw it inside his mouth 
  • he quickly took the water bottle he gave you out of your hands and drank some water out of it 
  • “there, so if those were drugs, we’d both be high,” he says
  • “fair,” you reply 
  • he handed you the water bottle as you stare at it
  • “you just drank out of this water bottle,” you said
  • “so? don’t tell me your a germ person,” 
  • “no- i’m not but…” you trial off your words as you could feel yourself trembling a bit due to the thought 
  • there was a slight silence
  • peach tilted his head to the side and smirked
  • “is it because i placed my lips onto it?” he asked 
  • “nO ASIUDHNW” you blurt as you could feel your cheek flushing pink
  • he chuckled as the smirk still remained on his face 
  • before that thought completely sunk into your head, you took the pill and drank out of the water bottle
  • “well, i guess you could say,
  • we just indirectly kissed,” he spoke as he stood up
  • that goddamn smirk
  • your heart was beating

  • “fUCK why are peaches are only snack here?” you yelled to yourself
  • you picked up a peach 
  • it was still soft
  • no- it was softer this time
  • probably because it was just a different peach, right?
  • you took a bit, physically preparing to spit it out
  • but you didn’t
  • you chewed and chewed
  • it was sweet 
  • the texture wasn’t weird 
  • you sorta liked it 
  • but you didn’t wanna finish the whole peach just yet 
  • you just didn’t feel encouraged to do so 
  • long story short
  • you ate half the peach and threw it out 

  • peach was joining your class for a bit
  • he had no work to do so the teacher sent him to your class so he wouldn’t become a distract nor give all the answers away to his class
  • and of course
  • he sat beside you 
  • which made you happy 
  • for some reason
  • some
  • really odd
  • reason
  • for some reason you were a bit nervous
  • at the same time flustered
  • and a mess (but when are you not thoooooooo) 
  • “you’re cheeks are pink” he points out 
  • he caught you off guard as you were just staring at him without a thought in your mind 
  • “aH FUCK NO I WASN’T” you blurt really quickly
  • he softly chuckles
  • “awh, really? i found it cute though,” he says
  • it only made your cheeks more pink
  • but you didn’t seem to notice 
  • he grinned warmly as he exhaled 
  • it puffed up his cheeks a bit as he faced the chalkboard
  • his cheeks were a shade of peach 

  • lunch soon came 
  • you forgot to pack a lunch
  • your stomach growled as peach laughed
  • he was sitting beside you in the cafeteria for some reason
  • he placed his bag onto his lap as he shuffled around 
  • he soon pulled out a peach wrapped in paper towel
  • “here, have this idiot,” he teased
  • “hmmmm i dont like peaches thoo,” you whined
  • “fINE thEN stARVE” 
  • “FINEFINE i’ll take it,” 
  • you grabbed the peach out of his hand and unwrapped it from the paper towel it was covered in
  • it was still soft
  • it was as soft as the previous peach you held
  • you took a bite out of it
  • it was sweet
  • loveable
  • goddammit
  • you like peaches kang daniel 

dammit i wanted to use the line “peaches and cream” for a bts reference bUT I DIDN’T KNOW WHEN ASIUDHNOWASDHIOW AHHHHHH 

Double Teamed (Andre Burakovsky)

Prompt: Could you do one where you’ve been friends with Geno for years and you’re dating Andre Burakovsky and the three of you guy run into each other at one of the playoff games and Andre gets jealous because he didn’t know you knew Geno? 

Andre Burakovsky x Reader

Requested: yes

Includes: jealousy, somewhat sad Andre

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anonymous asked:

Kackaaaaaaaa I love you, you're THE BEST! Happy birthday! Promt for Bellarke: we have friends with benefits relationship (even though I secretly love you) but now I'm pregnant and I don't know how to tell you bc I'm afraid that you'll freak out.

Ahhh thanks! <333 Hope you like it! (ao3)


Clarke only feels moderately weird about letting herself into Wells and Bellamy’s apartment when she knows they’re not home.

On the one hand, the spare key they gave her is supposed to be for emergencies. On the other hand, she’d definitely consider being covered in someone else’s vomit an emergency.

When she applied to teach elementary school art, she’d known she’d probably come home messy most days. But with paint, and clay, and glue stuck to her skin. Not from a kid accidentally losing his lunch on her when he came to say he didn’t feel well.

It ended up being more show than tell.

Her principal had given her the go-ahead to cancel the rest of her classes for the day, but going home meant becoming the vomit lady on the bus, and it’s just so much easier for her to go two blocks over to use her friends’ shower.

Wells is the most generous person she knows; she can’t imagine he’d say no if she asked. And Bellamy… well, they’re not exactly close. He’s mostly just Wells’s roommate, Octavia’s brother, the friend in her group she’s least connected to. But he’s a teacher too, and the ultimate Mom friend. Even if he made fun of her endlessly, even if he bickered her into buying him a beer in exchange for the slight addition to his water bill, even if she had to face his smug smile, he wouldn’t actually bar her from using his shower in a time of crisis such as this.

None of those things are out of character for Bellamy. He loves giving her a hard time, and she’s had enough of that today. Which is why she doesn’t text them for permission first.

Instead, she smothers the slightly guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach, dumps her clothes in the wash, and lets out a long, shuddering breath when she steps under the spray.

It feels a little weirder when she reaches for the shampoo on the shelf. It’s just– she hasn’t had a significant other, or even a one night stand, in quite a while. The last time she used someone else’s products, allowing someone else’s scent to cling to her skin and hair, was ages ago.

“Too long ago, apparently,” she grumbles to herself, working her hair into a lather. “Maybe it’s time to get you laid, Griffin.”

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coincidentally | kim jongin

❀ scenario: going for a morning jog seemed simple enough, right? Wrong.

❀ kim jongin x reader (mermaid!au)

This morning’s sunrise was a breathtaking display of radiant colors. Bright streaks of red, pink, and orange slowly overcame the dark blue and purple of the twilight sky. The sky resembled a prism; all the colors blended perfectly into each other. The sun itself was just peeking out of the horizon, and its brilliant rays already shined brightly and began to warm the air. I marveled at the glistening reflection of the sun on the ocean and a thrilling feeling of awe swept over me. Having moved here recently the sunrise was most definitely my favourite part of living here. 

I stood gazing at the art of work slowly coming up behind the horizon for a few more moments before breaking into a jog and continuing my morning routine. Ladies Code vocals harmonized through my earbuds with their latest release, I’m Fine Thank You. I passed other joggers and a few old couples as i neared the more isolated part of the beach.

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Growing Fame (2/??)

summary: A modern AU where the losers are semi-famous for different things, and when they all run into each other at a certain event, all of their fans go bat-shit crazy – wanting the seven to spend more time together. What they didn’t expect even more than that, though, was a well-known and mean journalist to write bad reviews on them all. Their growing fame could soon shrink, they quickly realized.
warnings: nothing, really; swearing
pairings: benverly; the rest is undecided
a/n: btw they’re all around the ages of 20-21 in this fic. Except for Georgie, he’s like 13. If there are any spelling mistakes, I’ll make sure to fix it up as soon as I can.

word count is 2.6k

CH 1 | CH 2 | CH 3

First Meetings and Greetings

“We’re gonna be late!”

“You’ll live, Eddie, chill out.”

“Why do we have to get Georgie anyway?”

Bill glanced to the passenger’s seat of the car where Stan was sitting and then behind him some as Eddie’s head appeared between the two seats. He quickly looked back to the road and said, “Mom told him we’re going to comic con and Georgie has always wanted to go, so she called me and basically forced me to come pick him up. He just wants to meet Princess Merida from Brave and a few Marvel characters.”

“Isn’t he, like, six?” Eddie asked.

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Gift packing with earbuds? I don’t think so!

Did you do this as a child? Painting using earbuds?

We got back to it, this week and think it looks pretty cool in gift packing. Bonus for lazybones, its completely easy to make and takes only a few minutes. 


  • Earbuds
  • Colored paper
  • White/Beige Paper
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Steps to follow:

  1. Measure out a small white panel for the gift that has to be covered. And cut it out.
  2. Plan your design on it. By this we mean, with a pencil draw out a rough outline of the design you would like.
  3. Using the earbuds (nicely dip and twirl them in paint), dab single dots based on your design onto the white paper. Let it dry.
  4. Draw over the pencil lines with a black marker (or paint, if you’re comfortable with that).
  5. Rub out the pencil marks
  6. Wrap the gift in colored paper.
  7. Wrap over the colored sheet with the white paper that has been made. 

What we did to make it look cuter, is we overlapped the white sheet over the colored sheet and pasted it to the white sheet itself. So the the cover that be removed and saved.

Or maybe, go smaller and make gift tags for the packaging as well!

Happy Packing y’all!

Solangelo wallpaper

In my Spanish class we have to put our phones in this bucket on my teacher’s desk because he thinks that they’re too much of a distraction. Like any other day I wrap my earbuds around my phone, put it in the bucket and head to my desk. (Not knowing that my ringer was on)
When class begins we take out our notes and ask questions and blah blah blah spanish stuff blah. 20 minues In the middle of a lecture about family trees or whatever my phone goes off with the supernatural ringtone saying “I’m dean pic up your phone, your phones ringing” Everyone started laughing and my teacher asked who’s phone it was. I was so embarrassed so by this time I had my hands covering my face and I said it was me, I then explained that the number kept calling me and I didn’t know who it was and I was to scared to answer it. So my teacher answered it and basically this is how the conversation when down

Mr.k: hello?

Person on phone:blah blah something bout a martinez blah blah

Mr.k: sorry I dont know anyone by that name (looks to me)

Person: blah blah blah

Mr.k: nope. Hey lady im just a teacher and this is my students phone, she dosent know anyone by that name.

Person:blah blah are you sure? Blah

Mr.k: wrong number mis amiga. *hangs up*

As soon as you end a call on my phone it immediately just takes you to my lock screen which was a picture of solangelo kissing. Mr.k faces the phone to me (and my class could see too) and says “my daughter is into the percy jackson too” and hands me my phone to turn off.

And that my friends is how my day went.

UPDATE: I’ve become friends with his daughter and she’s totally solangelo trash! OH MY GODS GUYS UPDATE #2: we’ve become best friends and have been doing everything together!!!! Its only been like a month buy oh my Gods
Jungkook High School - AU

| Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Anonymous said:  Can I request a fluffy highschool au! with Jungkook where he has a giant crush on the noona reader (a grade or two ahead of him) and is always blushing and stuttering around her? Thank you!! Love your blog btw, you’re and amazing writer!!~

AN:  Fluffy Jungkook right here!  I’m not the best at incorporating stuttering into dialogue and I ended up making the reader stutter more than Jungkook did, I’m sorry!  The underlying hint of nervousness for the both of them is present, and I hope you enjoy your Jungkook AU!

Also, I’m not sure if you were looking for multi-chapters, but you get 5 parts :) and I apologize in advance for the eventual angst that will arise…..I am apparently more of an angst fan than I remembered.

Genre:  Fluff, angst in later parts

Pairing:  Jungkook X noona Reader

Summary:  You were Jungkook’s noona classmate and while you were extremely close with his friends Jimin and Taehyung, Jungkook always seemed to keep more to himself.

Originally posted by jiminguk

The morning was beautiful, the weather was still warm and it made wearing the school uniform that much more enjoyable.  The bright sun that still spoke of the whispers of summer ensured that I was content with it being the first day of the new school year.

I walked to school every morning considering that I didn’t live far from the school, along the way I was usually met by my two rambunctious best friends - Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung.  This morning was like most others, the two boys were jostling each other around, running ahead a few feet before remembering that I was with them and then turning back around waving me on.

“Y/N-ah!  Hurry up; you’re being worse than Yoongi when he’s just woken up from his nap.”  Jimin’s words were playful, matching the cheeky grin he had on his face.

I rolled my eyes, Taehyung laughing as the two of them continued to walk ahead of me, their arms bumping every so often.  Yoongi was one of their older friends, don’t ask me how they met exactly because that was something I was still unsure of myself.  Jimin and Taehyung were often times too loud for Yoongi to handle, but he still adored the two of them.  I’d met him on occasion and even harbored a small crush on him considering he was two years older than I was.

This year the three of us were in our last year of high school and it was something I was excited for.  Of course there was the testing to consider - I wasn’t exactly looking forward to finishing the university and college applications either, but it was a necessary evil of being a senior.

I signed up for a few different electives this year and I was looking forward to participating in them.  One of them was an Art class that would be focusing on sketches and sculpting.  I wasn’t the best when it came to sketches of people, but the teacher assured me that there would be plenty of opportunities to sketch objects as well.  It was really the sculpting that I was looking forward to as it was something I’d always found interesting about creating with my hands.

The three of us entered the high school together, splitting up to place our bags in our lockers.  Tae was at the other end of the second floor hallway, while Jimin and I were locker neighbors by the library on the third floor.

“Y/N-ah, what class do you have first?”  Jimin was rummaging in his locker looking for his notebook for our first period class.

“I have Mrs. Kim’s Western History class, then Biology.”  I was really excited to take Mrs. Kim’s new class on Western History, aside from being from the United States originally; I still found an immense interest in the history of the Americas.

“You and your interest in history, I’ll never understand you, Y/N.”  Jimin’s nose crinkled at my class choices.

“Oh and like you did any better, Mr. I’m taking physical education to make girls see how ripped I am.”

Jimin’s laughed rang out across the hall, turning the heads of several girls that were still at their lockers, their interest piqued until they noticed Jimin was laughing at something I had said.  Jimin and Taehyung were quite popular around the school for different reasons, Jimin’s popularity stemmed from his outstanding physical achievements while Taehyung’s were aimed from the theater department.  Often times I got disapproving looks from the girls in our grade and the lower ones due to my close friendship with the two boys.  I wasn’t a popular girl by nature and my lack of ‘relationship’ with either of them didn’t help matters.

“Hey, this school offers a lot both academically as well as physically, don’t judge me for liking the physical aspect more than the academic.”

“Touché, anyway I’ll see you in Biology next period.”  Shutting my locker, I smiled at Jimin as he saluted me before walking towards the stairs to go to his math class.

By the time I’d arrived in the classroom most of the seats were already taken at the front, scanning for open seats I found one by the window next to a guy with dark hair hidden beneath a red beanie.  He was slouched slightly in his seat, head turned to look out the window, earbuds in his ear to drown out the sounds of our classmates.

Feeling slightly nervous, I approached him cautiously, tapping him on the shoulder softly.  The boy jumped, turning to look at me with wide doe eyes, as he pulled out one of his earbuds.

I smiled slightly, shifting my stuff a little as I pointed to the empty seat next to him.  “May I sit here?”  I watched him timidly as his eyes slid down to look at the empty seat and then briefly scan the nearly full classroom before nodding silently, adjusting his position so that he wouldn’t have his back fully to me.

“Thank you,” I said, placing my things down on the desk and arranging it to my liking.  “My name is Y/N, and you are?”

The boy’s eyes looked at me silently, his mouth opening and shutting rapidly, a slight blush on his cheeks.

I smiled, equally as nervous as he was, I didn’t know who he was so my best guess was that he was in a different year than I was.  Meeting new people in class almost always arose some questions especially due to the fact that it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t Korean.

“No need to be shy, I’m not much of a talker myself, in fact I mostly keep to myself.  I won’t bother you.”  I hurried to try and make him feel more comfortable around me, blushing furiously and turning away to re-rearrange my books on my desk.

Mrs. Kim arrived at that moment looking around at the class nodding in satisfaction before she began roll call.

“Jungkook.”  A voice next to my ear startled me slightly as I turned to look wide eyed at the previously nameless boy from a few minutes ago.

“I-I’m sorry?”  It had been a while since I’d stuttered so badly in front of someone, and I found a blush rising to my cheeks again.

Jungkook’s cheeks reddened slightly as he looked down at his phone, pausing his playlist, and removing his earbuds.  “My name - it’s Jungkook.  Jeon Jungkook from second year.”

He had a soft voice, slightly rough from an obvious lack of conversation, but the sound reverberated deep inside my chest.  My breath hitched as I suddenly became hyper aware of his presence next to me.

“Y/N, L/N Y/N from fourth year.”  I looked down, watching his slender fingers wrap his earbuds skillfully around his phone before placing it in his hoodie pocket.

“I’d like to welcome you all to Western History; I see there is a mixture of you in this class.  I hope you all get along well especially seeing as you have just selected your desk mate for the year and your project partner.  Treat them well.”  Mrs. Kim’s words rang throughout the classroom causing some to groan and others to cheer in delight.

Seeing as I didn’t really know any of my classmates personally I was nervous, but relieved that I wouldn’t be forced to mingle with more people than necessary.  I wasn’t exactly the most social person, but I could be social when I had to be I just preferred my solitude.

“I guess we’re partners then - let’s work well together.”  I smiled shyly at Jungkook, trying to shove my nerves down and release the butterflies in my stomach.

“Partners.”  Jungkook said the word as though he were chewing a tough piece of meat, his eyes lingering over my features for a moment longer than necessary before turning his attention to the front of the class.

As the next hour and a half progressed I found myself shifting in my seat, hyper aware of my desk mate’s close proximity.  Stop it, it’s not like he’s going to bite, you spend a lot of time with Jimin and Taehyung.  They’re guys too, this is no different, and I mentally chided myself as I tried to focus on the words Mrs. Kim was saying.

When the bell finally rang I sighed in relief, goosebumps raised along my arms as I sensed Jungkook gathering his own things as well.  Exiting the classroom I didn’t even bother to look and see if Jimin was out of his math class, we’d see each other in our next class - Biology - anyway.

“Y/N!”  Jimin’s voice rang out in front of me, causing several heads to turn - several scowls from the girls being directed at me - Jimin was oblivious to the obvious hate sent my way as he took long strides to stand next to me.  Looking over my head briefly I saw a flicker of a frown, before he’d plastered his famous, heartwarming smile on his slightly rounded face.  Falling into step together, Jimin slung his arm over my shoulder, looking over my head behind us, the frown returning.

“Jiminie?  Everything okay?”  My voice was timid; I hoped that it wasn’t one of the meaner girls trying to sneak up behind us and attempt to trip me.

Jimin looked down at me, his deep brown eyes connecting with my own, his smile was forced this time around - the light of it didn’t reach his eyes.  “I’m fine.  Just seems like you have an admirer all of a sudden.”

Frowning, I turned slightly to look over my shoulder, my view slightly obscured by Jimin’s arm, but I could see Jungkook following at a safe distance behind us.  He didn’t seem to notice that I was looking; in fact he seemed completely out of it.  His eyes were trained on Jimin’s arm slung around my shoulders, a slight frown line between his eyebrows, but other than that, he seemed zoned out for the time being.

“Who?  Jungkook?  He’s in my World History class, he seems nice enough.”  I looked back up at Jimin, who had been watching me watch Jungkook.  I smiled warmly at Jimin as we neared our Biology classroom, paying no mind to the coincidence that was Jungkook following us down the hallway.

Despite the size of the school, many of us shared classes, especially since this particular school was modeled after the American way of mingling the different class year students together for our electives.  It was one of the reasons I’d chosen this high school, it reminded me of home in a good way, and having both of my best friends here made it that much more enjoyable.  The only thing I could do without was the girls who thought that I was standing in their way of dating both Jimin and Taehyung.

Jimin and I arrived at the Biology classroom earlier than most, but knowing Jimin he would prefer to sit someone near the back so I let him choose our seats.  True to form he sat in almost the exact middle - a compromise we had developed years ago.  I placed my things on the desk situating myself comfortably, while Jimin busied himself talking to some of his workout friends.

When Mr. Park arrived, he looked around the class before placing his role call list on the podium.  

“Good morning class, I see most of you have made yourselves comfortable.  I hope not too comfortable.”  Several of the students groaned, knowing that this would mean assigned seating.

My eyes widened as I stole a glance at Jimin, who smiled at me reassuringly.  I was having a moment of debate as to whether it was a good or bad thing that Jimin and I had sat next to each other.  If we had sat separately we might have had a better chance of being assigned together.

“Line up along the walls and I’ll assign your seats.”

Gathering my things again, my heartbeat began to race as I fearfully looked at the others in the class, most of them were upperclassmen like me, but there were a handful of underclassmen as well.  As I scanned the faces of some of my familiar peers my eyes landed on a lone figure in the back corner - Jungkook.

“L/N Y/N and Jeon Jungkook back row corner.”

My eyes snapped away from Jungkook to turn and look at Mr. Park who was passing his eyes between the two of us expectantly.  Glancing at Jimin, I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as I hurried to take my place next to Jungkook for the second time today.

Jungkook watched me approach a passive expression on his face.  Jimin frowned at me as he waited for his name to be called with his partner, his eyes constantly sliding between Jungkook and me.  Despite having spent the last class with him, I felt like I was sitting next to someone new for the second time and I wasn’t really sure what to say to him.  We’d already introduced ourselves, so what exactly was the next step?

“Hi.”  Jungkook’s voice was deep, but faint; if I hadn’t been sitting next to him I would have missed it.

Looking over at him I smiled slightly, “Hello again.”

“Looks like we’re destined to be class partners or something, eh?”  Jungkook’s words were stuttered slightly, the embarrassment evident on his pink cheeks, his dark eyes shining with genuine interest.

Laughing softly, I pushed my hair back, “Looks that way, yes.”  My cheeks flushed under his constant gaze, unsure how to approach him despite him being younger than I was.

Glancing around at the filling seats, I noticed Jimin was paired with one of his other friends, but his attention wasn’t on the conversation happening around him, but on me.  I smiled reassuringly mouthing, I’m okay, but his furrowed brow didn’t let up.

The remainder of the class period was rather uneventful, Mr. Park ended up assigning a large chunk of the reading for this week today - something about giving us ample time to read it for our test next Tuesday.

When the bell finally rang I smiled shyly at Jungkook as we both rose at the same time to leave the class.

“See you-” The words had barely left my lips when I felt my arm being pulled slightly, turning to see Jimin towering over me.  Jimin nodded tightly to Jungkook before looking down at me, “You have math next, and I’ll drop you off on my way to the weight room.”

Frowning I looked between Jungkook and Jimin, Jimin was obviously uneasy about me being close to Jungkook, but I brushed it off knowing that he was just making sure that I wasn’t uncomfortable.  It was our routine; anytime I paired with someone other than him or Taehyung in class one of them was often there to pull me away from the uncomfortable situation.  Jungkook on the other hand just stared at Jimin with slightly widened eyes as he looked between the two of us, his brow raised questioningly.

Tugging me out of the classroom, Jimin and I made our way quickly back up the stairs, stopping by our lockers as I needed to exchange my books for my math book.  Jimin on the other hand was slinging his gym bag over his shoulder, slamming his locker shut harder than normal.

“You know,” I began, slightly uneasy with his attitude.  “I actually have Western History with Jungkook and we’re also partners in that class.”

Jimin made a slightly noise of disapproval, crossing his arms over his chest as he rested against his locker while he waited for me to exchange my books.

“Of course it’s only day one, but I’m sure that he won’t make me that uncomfortable.  You don’t have to be so overprotective.”  Closing my locker I looked up at Jimin, smiling.  “I have to learn to get along with other people at some point in time, right?”

Jimin sighed, pulling away from the lockers, grabbing my hand in the process as he led me down the hall to math.  “I’ll be late if you don’t hurry.”

Blinking I looked up at the hall clock, we still had two minutes to get to our next class, but it would was a long way down to the first floor and then down at the other end of the building to get to the weight room.

“Then why would you walk me to math?  I can understand the locker trip, but Jimin-”

“Don’t worry about it, Coach knows my locker is up here, but still, I don’t want to push it.”

“Exactly, Jimin, if you need to go, I can walk myself.”  I planted my feet firmly, jerking him to a stop in front of me.

“Y/N-ah, I don’t have time-”

“Then go.”  My words were harsh, but Jimin knew that I cared more about our school work than whether or not I was alone.  I’d been alone plenty of times, but this was going to get ridiculous if he remained this stubborn.

Sighing in frustration, Jimin pulled me closer, unsettling my balance.  It really wasn’t that far to the classroom at this rate and I tried to tell myself that it wouldn’t be that hard to just let him walk me the rest of the way since we were already this close.  At least that was what I tried to convince myself of, considering that I didn’t really have much of a choice right now.

“I’ll see you at lunch, Tae and I will save you a seat.”  Jimin didn’t say anything else as he turned his back on me, briskly walking down the hall. Snapping out of my daze, I barely made it into the class and in a seat before the bell rang.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, Jimin returned to his usual playful self at lunch and all thoughts of what happened in Biology were dismissed.  English with Jimin and Taehyung was eventful just like every class with the two of them was, and my last class of the day before I had the rest to focus on preparing for my exams was Art.

Walking into the classroom I glanced around at the present students already set up at several of the working tables, like most of the classrooms the worktables seated two students, looking for a hopefully empty table my eyes passed over a vacant spot over by the windows.  Looking to see who was occupying the other seat my eyes widened in disbelief as Jungkook turned his head, his eyes landing on me as he surveyed the classroom.

Not knowing what to do in this situation, I stayed rooted to the spot just inside the door.  Eyes locked with Jungkook I waved meekly at him a smile on my face, which thankfully he returned.   Waving me over, I was thankful that this social que wasn’t lost on Jungkook, if it had been me in his situation I would have just let him decide on his own.

Finding it rude if I sat somewhere else, I made my way over to the empty seat next to Jungkook.  “We meet again, sunbae.”  Jungkook’s formality wasn’t lost on me and I found myself blushing at the use of it.

“Please, Jungkook, you don’t have to refer to me as your ‘sunbae’.”

“Then noona it is.”

My eyes widened as I turned to look at his profile; Jungkook was sitting up straight in his chair, his dark hair mused from running his fingers through it.  A small smirk was playing on his pink lips as he kept his gaze straight ahead at the front of the classroom.

The remainder of the Art class was rather uneventful; being the first day of school a lot of the teachers didn’t assign much, but rather preparation for the real work to begin the next day and throughout the week.  Leaving the classroom with someone other than Jimin or Taehyung was something new for me though, and Jungkook was nice enough to walk me towards the stairs saying his locker was on the other side.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jungkook!”  I waved politely, happy to finally have made a new friend in all my years at this school.

Jungkook smiled shyly, a hint of pink on his cheeks as he waved back.  “See you tomorrow, noona.”

I laughed to myself as I walked up the stairs to my locker; I’d never met someone so shy like myself.  I stuttered a lot of the time when I was nervous, but witnessing someone else doing it suddenly gave me more courage to just be myself and feel less nervous.  Maybe, just maybe, meeting Jungkook would allow me to grow as a person and help my social skills.

Jimin was already at his locker putting away the last of his books when I arrived at mine.  Nervously I glanced at him; he didn’t meet me outside the Art room – a first for him.

“Hey, Tae wants to drop by the convenience store on our way home, you up for it?”  Jimin turned to look at me as he talked, a small smile on his face, making his eyes crinkle.

“Yeah, that’s fine with me, he out of ramen at home?”  It was a classic Taehyung story, always out of ramen at home, practically begging Jimin and me to go to the convenience store with him after school.  Only when we got there he would usually whine that he’d eaten ramen too much that week and we should go eat meat the next day.

Jimin chuckled, nodding his head to some friends, clapping them on the back as they passed.  “See you tomorrow!”

“It’s always the same story with him, Y/N.  We go eat ramen and then he says we should eat meat, but then when we suggest it he says we ate that last time.”

“It’s a never ending vicious cycle.”  Putting the last of my books away I smiled up at Jimin.

“What’s a ‘never ending vicious cycle’?”  Taehyung popped up next to me out of nowhere, slinging his arm around my shoulders as he looked between Jimin and I.

“Nothing,” Jimin and I said quickly, laughing at the fact that we had both said it at the same time.

“You two are being no fun. Y/N-ah you’re going the convenience store, right?  It’s been ages!”

“Yes, Tae, Jimin already asked.”  I rolled my eyes as Tae’s deep brown eyes glowed with warmth, his signature boxy smile greeting my words.

“Great!  Then let’s get going.”  With his arm slung around me, Tae led us towards the main entrance of the school. One of the things I loved the most about being a senior was that we got to leave earlier than the underclassmen did, but if necessary – as was encouraged by our teachers – we were free to remain and work on our classwork as well as prepare for our upcoming exams in the library.

Good Work, Agent

Happy Halloween! – Deana

==You and Dean go to visit your parents for a Halloween party. Trick or treat?

++Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut-licious 

“Dean, why aren’t you ready yet? We didn’t come all this way for you to bail now,” You came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel; your hair and makeup were ready to go. All you had left to do was get dressed, and that wouldn’t take long.

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superwhaaaaat-deactivated201608  asked:

Nekoma!Yamaguchi and Braclet au where karasuno uses the bracelets too and about an hour before big practice games between Nekoma, Karasuno and 2 other schools, Tsukishima is pink (and orange but he won't admit it) and sees Yamaguchi wearing dark blue and red so he pulls up a soft piano covers of pop hits playlist and puts his headphones on Yamaguchi and drops the ipod in his lap with a note that says "return when you feel better. Tsukishima Kei: 993 XXX XXXX"

I love Nekoma!Yamaguchi but I also love my bracelet hc and thank you for sending me both in one bless your soul. 

(Quick guide to what’s happening:  

Red- Anxious
Green- Sick
Orange- Excitement
Pink- Calm/Content
Dark/Navy Blue- Tired)

Training camp was always a stressful time. You were expected to practice for longer than regular practices, without much of a break, and to play practice matches back to back all day only to practice more afterwards. Tsukishima knows this well. He can only imagine what that poor Nekoma boy, Yamaguchi was his name, felt with a cold on top of it all. 

He wasn’t a regular, but he subbed quite a bit when others needed rest, and he was sure to play today with that Inuoka out with a sprained ankle. Tsukishima had seen upon passing him in the restroom that dark blue, red, and green all at the same time and instantly felt sorry for the poor kid, knowing coach Nekomata would likely still play him despite his bracelets. Tsukishima himself was wearing a pink one, calm and ready to play against Fukurodani, hopefully win. (He had an orange bracelet in his back pocket, but he refused to wear it, because he would surely get picked on.)

So a while before their matches start, Tsukishima digs his mp3 player out of his bag and finds the playlist he wants, scribbling out a note on a piece of parer and taping it to the back. Time to find Yamaguchi. 

Yamaguchi is leaning against a wall, eyes shut trying to block out the sounds of the gym to calm his nerves, when he feels something drop into his lap. He jumps, eyes flying open, but there’s no one around, and he looks down at the thing in his lap, confused. An iPod is sitting there, a pair of earbuds wrapped around it, with a note between the wires. He looks around again, confused, before slowly unwrapping the earbuds and looking at the slip of paper. 

Bring it back when you feel better. –Tsukishima Kei

Yamaguchi smiles lightly, instantly pulling out his cellphone and putting the number scrawled under the note into his contacts. He knew Tsukishima – Kuroo dragged him around for blocking practice during free time. He never wore any other color than pink or black, it seemed, and he was a little curious as to why he was being nice to him. 

However, his thoughts wander towards what was on the iPod and so he puts the earphones in, switching it on and hitting play on the playlist that was pulled up. Instantly his ears are filled with soft piano music, a familiar melody playing. He smiles to himself and allows his head to rest back against the wall, eyes falling shut. 

He’d have to thank Tsukishima later, but for now he lets the music calm his nerves and lure him to sleep against the wall. 

Min Yoongi x Reader - A Fan (1)

Genre: Fluff, Angst (later on)

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: You were anxiously waiting for your number to be called to audition for BigHit Entertainment until the boy next to you, Min Yoongi, helped calm your nerves. Because of his help, you passed the audition and became the Leader of a popular K-Pop girl group. Although, Yoongi failed the audition, only watching you as a fan once you gained popularity. However, the both of you never thought your paths would cross again.

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

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When you open up to him (You x EXO Sehun)

Don’t go!

Sehun, I’m sorry!

Just…let me be enough.


You startle awake, a bead of sweat dripping down your temple. It was completely dark, save for a few street lights outside and the occassional car in the oncoming traffic lane. You were too hot, the seat to small and the air too warm.

Suddenly you remember just where you are. You were in the back seat of EXO’s van, sandwiched between the door and your boyfriend Sehun. Your phone’s clock displayed the time in skinny white letters: 2:43AM. You were headed to the airport for a flight to Beijing, and most of the the members were either fast asleep or dozing. Your cheeks warm, embarrassed, as a few of the boys stir, giving you sideways looks.

“Sorry.” You mumble, letting your chin touch your chest. “Sorry.”

“Are you okay?” Sehun pulls out his earbud and wraps his hand around yours, giving it a squeeze.

“Uh, yeah.” You wipe your eyes, noticing the tears there for the very first time. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“I wasn’t asleep.” He comments, pulling his beanie lower over his eyes.

You turn away without saying much else, letting your head press against the cool glass of the window. This was the third nightmare you had had this week. You had woken Sehun up once last week, and he was beginning to worry.

These past few weeks had been some of the hardest for both you and the boys. The tour was quickly approaching, and everyone was suffering from all of the recent drama that had been going on. Practices were getting later and longer, and exhaustion was beginning to show, even if everyone was trying their best to hide it. The blame for what had happened was really no one’s fault—but everyone was paying the price.

You were stressing constantly—Sehun had become quieter and more reserved, and increasingly tired as well. You were beginning to feel like a burden, and becoming less confident in your ability to be a good girlfriend for him right now. You wanted to support him, but how were you supposed to do it?

Recently you’d started having nightmares that you and Sehun broke up, and you were suprised by how frightened you were by them. You guessed it was because the possiblity of it seemed to grow every day.

“Hey, wake up.”

Sehun rouses you an hour later, with cold air greeting you as the door opens. Everyone was stopping for a brief bathroom break, and while some of the boys remained asleep in the van, Sehun made sure you got out. “Do you want to go in?” He asks softly, tucking your hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt. He points to the snack shops inside the building, neon lights blinking. You shake your head.

“No. I’m going to go back inside.”

“Come here.” Sehun tugs you by the arm. “Please.”

You sigh, a littlepuff of steam escaping your mouth. He pulls your arms around him, wiping at your cheeks. “Your make-up is running.” He whispers. “Did you have another nightmare?”

“Yes.” You admit, biting your lip. “It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing.” He responds. You look self-consiously at the open door of the van, to which Sehun responds by closing it with a slight slam to give you privacy.  “Talk to me.” He says, leaning up against the car. “What’s wrong?”

“Sehun.” You exhale. “Am I a burden to you right now? Do you want to break up with me?”

He gives you a look of surprise, the first true emotion you had seen from him in a week. “What?”

“Sehun, do you want to break up with me?”

“Why would I?”

“You and the boys are going through so many things.” You inhale, cringing a bit as Sehun’s face changes. You had learned not to bring it up since he didn’t particularly like to talk about it. “And I feel like I can’t do anything to help you. I’m just…in the way. So if you want to break up…” You exhale. “I’ll understand.”

“Will you do me a favor?” He says, searching for your eyes. “Don’t ever ask me that again, okay?” You stare at him. “I feel the same as you.” He admits. “We’re all tired and confused, but we’re going to keep working hard. I can’t do anything either, and I don’t know much about what’s going on. But if there’s anyone who gives me strength right now, it’s you, so…don’t leave, okay?”

Tears roll down your cheeks, and even Sehun’s eyes gloss over with mist. He pulls you into a tight hug. “Come on, let’s go quickly before everyone comes back.”

You scrub your face quickly in the washroom, swiping at your running mascara before turning the water off. Sehun meets you outside the door, and the two of you walk back to the van together. Once everyone is inside, you nestle into his arms, and he dozes on and off as the drive to the airport continues.

When you’ve finally arrived at the airport, everyone rouses awake, climbing out and wiping sleepily at their eyes. Sehun offers you his hand, and you take it. You had a job—you were supporting him, and the rest of the boys. And that was good enough.


So~ This is a mush of feels from like…the past week. I wanted to do something to support everyone’s broken feels right now haha T^T Is this okay? I hope it can make everyone feel a little better~ >.< ~Jjangpanda

do you ever think about how much joe loves music

do you ever think about how he falls asleep to songs or sounds of a crackling fire and how happy it makes him and how he sometimes tells us what he’s listening to

do you ever think about how he always, always has earbuds/headphones wrapped around his neck, whether he’s going out shopping or just chilling at home and also how he said what he missed most on the week in the camper van was listening to his music 

do you ever think about how much songs can mean to him and how he compiles a bunch of songs after every trip and makes a spotify playlist so he can share that with us and relive it and how those songs range from rap to r&b to indie music

do you ever think about how he said he likes songs people play at the end of the night and that mr. brightside is one of his favorite songs and how he knew all the words when they made that first youtube boyband video 

do you ever think about how maybe he associates songs with people or moments or how maybe now every time he listens to better together he thinks of the soft grass in that australian park and caspar with him and how all the christmas songs in the world might remind him of his sister because zoe adores christmas almost as much as he adores her

do you ever think about how much joe loves music!!!


Hey so I would like to celebrate 200 followers with my first giveaway!

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Good Luck!!

The Principles of Design | Ch. 2

Prompt: I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this

A/N: Thank you to @spartanguard for the beta. <3

Rating: T; Word Count: ~3100; Reviews are welcome!
Also posted: ff.net | ao3 

Chapter 2: Repetition

Repetition: Repeat visual elements to create strong unity.

When Belle began to very noisily pack up her stuff, Killian and Emma took that as a hint that the computer lab was closing for the day. Emma groaned in frustration. She was able to figure out some of the tools in the program with Killian’s encouragement, but she was nowhere near where she wanted to be, and what she’s created still looked like crap. She just couldn’t connect with the assignment, and that was the worst part. Emma liked to think of herself as a problem solver; a do-er. She imagined taking this project and kicking its (and, by proxy, Gold’s) ass. However, she couldn’t think of a single object to focus on, and with not having much to call her own, it was as if Gold was setting her up to fail.

Emma packed her bag in resignation, trying to come with a solution. I suppose I could always come back early in the morning, and wait for Belle to open the lab up, she mused. Despite the fact that she could spend $200 on painting supplies without blinking, Emma balked at the prices that Adobe ran with these days. $20 a month for Photoshop could go to something more productive, like Netflix and onion rings. Besides, Emma would need a laptop that wasn’t on it’s last leg in order for the program to be any good to her.  She stretched and absentmindedly reached for the top of her head and released her pale waves that were held up in a bun. As she shook her hair loose, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. Her eyes met his, and she caught a fleeting look in his electric stare before he diverted his attention back to his screen.  Killian quickly recovered and scratched his ear nervously before asking,“So, Swan. How about a drink?”

Killian stretched as he stood up. Emma tried prying her eyes away from the stretch of skin that was revealed as he did so, subconsciously licking her lips. She shook her head.

“Oh no, Jones. This is not a thing.” She gestured between them with her sketchbook and continued to shove it into her bag. “Thanks for the help and all… but I just don’t do relationships.”

Killian chuckled and shook his head. “Calm down, Swan; it’s just coffee. I’m not asking for dinner… unless…” He quirked an eyebrow.

“Oh no, no. Fine, only because you helped me out. But you’re buying.” Emma smirked, as she slung her bag over her shoulder, and walked out, Killian rushing to keep up.

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I Wish You'd Hold Your Stage With No Feelings At All

Summary: There’s only one place where Dan Howell feels free and that’s in front of the piano. But when he meets a boy named Phil Lester at one of the competitions, there’s something about Phil that intrigues him in a way that he hasn’t been in a long time.The two part ways, and Dan assumes that that was the end of it. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the writing and the plot.

                   Master Post                                        Next Chapter      

Chapter One   

     There was always the first emotion of regret. Regret for thinking that he could do this, and regret for even trying in the first place. He had always thought that the regret was the hardest part, and that coping with the anticipation and the nerves was the worst part.

    The second emotion was always fear. Fear and dread were clenching his stomach and making it hard to breath and his hands to tremble. The conductor tapped the stand three times, and with a flourish of the baton, his fingers struck the first chord, the familiarity of the action replacing some of the dread. Another beat and his fingers started to fly across the keys. In his mind’s eye, the notes seemed to float off the page and into the air, twisting and spinning until they formed a melody added to a harmony added to an accompaniment.

    The third emotion was always bliss. The pure and sweet feeling of being swept away in the song, the sense of control and power that laid under his fingertips. The idea that with a few notes and some rhythm, he could create a sound that could bring tears to someone’s eyes.

    And, finally, the fourth emotion was always contentment. Granted, this fourth emotion never lasted very long, but the sensation of pride and happiness that filled him as he lingered over the keys as the applause roared in his ears was a feeling like no other.

    Dan Howell lifted his hands from the keys, letting his fingers brush them a final time before reluctantly joining the rest of the band at the front of the stage, giving bow that was as stiff as it was formal.

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