wrapped earbuds


Gift packing with earbuds? I don’t think so!

Did you do this as a child? Painting using earbuds?

We got back to it, this week and think it looks pretty cool in gift packing. Bonus for lazybones, its completely easy to make and takes only a few minutes. 


  • Earbuds
  • Colored paper
  • White/Beige Paper
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Steps to follow:

  1. Measure out a small white panel for the gift that has to be covered. And cut it out.
  2. Plan your design on it. By this we mean, with a pencil draw out a rough outline of the design you would like.
  3. Using the earbuds (nicely dip and twirl them in paint), dab single dots based on your design onto the white paper. Let it dry.
  4. Draw over the pencil lines with a black marker (or paint, if you’re comfortable with that).
  5. Rub out the pencil marks
  6. Wrap the gift in colored paper.
  7. Wrap over the colored sheet with the white paper that has been made. 

What we did to make it look cuter, is we overlapped the white sheet over the colored sheet and pasted it to the white sheet itself. So the the cover that be removed and saved.

Or maybe, go smaller and make gift tags for the packaging as well!

Happy Packing y’all!

anonymous asked:

Reborn's s/o does something that makes Reborn realise that he genuinely loves her and he just blurts it out for the first time?

Your head banged around to the sound of music, your hips swaying some to the beat as your cooked dinner.  Waking from his cat nap to the smell of your delicious cooking he watched you dance around, obliviously to the world. 

Before he even knew it, there was a smile on his face.  He wasn’t around as often as he wanted so there was a lot of time with you he missed and these little moments were the world.  

Getting up, he walked up behind you, tugging one of your earbuds out.  Wrapping his arms around you, he rested his chin on your shoulder.  “I love you.”

“What was that?” you asked, tugging your other earbud out and spinning to face him.  

It took his brain a second to catch up with what he just said but he realized he meant it.  “I love you,” he said again, this time more assuredly, before pulling you in for a kiss.

Solangelo wallpaper

In my Spanish class we have to put our phones in this bucket on my teacher’s desk because he thinks that they’re too much of a distraction. Like any other day I wrap my earbuds around my phone, put it in the bucket and head to my desk. (Not knowing that my ringer was on)
When class begins we take out our notes and ask questions and blah blah blah spanish stuff blah. 20 minues In the middle of a lecture about family trees or whatever my phone goes off with the supernatural ringtone saying “I’m dean pic up your phone, your phones ringing” Everyone started laughing and my teacher asked who’s phone it was. I was so embarrassed so by this time I had my hands covering my face and I said it was me, I then explained that the number kept calling me and I didn’t know who it was and I was to scared to answer it. So my teacher answered it and basically this is how the conversation when down

Mr.k: hello?

Person on phone:blah blah something bout a martinez blah blah

Mr.k: sorry I dont know anyone by that name (looks to me)

Person: blah blah blah

Mr.k: nope. Hey lady im just a teacher and this is my students phone, she dosent know anyone by that name.

Person:blah blah are you sure? Blah

Mr.k: wrong number mis amiga. *hangs up*

As soon as you end a call on my phone it immediately just takes you to my lock screen which was a picture of solangelo kissing. Mr.k faces the phone to me (and my class could see too) and says “my daughter is into the percy jackson too” and hands me my phone to turn off.

And that my friends is how my day went.

UPDATE: I’ve become friends with his daughter and she’s totally solangelo trash! OH MY GODS GUYS UPDATE #2: we’ve become best friends and have been doing everything together!!!! Its only been like a month buy oh my Gods

do you ever think about how much joe loves music

do you ever think about how he falls asleep to songs or sounds of a crackling fire and how happy it makes him and how he sometimes tells us what he’s listening to

do you ever think about how he always, always has earbuds/headphones wrapped around his neck, whether he’s going out shopping or just chilling at home and also how he said what he missed most on the week in the camper van was listening to his music 

do you ever think about how much songs can mean to him and how he compiles a bunch of songs after every trip and makes a spotify playlist so he can share that with us and relive it and how those songs range from rap to r&b to indie music

do you ever think about how he said he likes songs people play at the end of the night and that mr. brightside is one of his favorite songs and how he knew all the words when they made that first youtube boyband video 

do you ever think about how maybe he associates songs with people or moments or how maybe now every time he listens to better together he thinks of the soft grass in that australian park and caspar with him and how all the christmas songs in the world might remind him of his sister because zoe adores christmas almost as much as he adores her

do you ever think about how much joe loves music!!!