the outsiders and their ability to wrap presents

idk where i got this idea but its happening so here you go

-he has,,,his own method
-it gets the job done
-not correctly
-but done

-he doesn’t really know how tbh
-he’s been taught a million times but always forgets
-sometimes gets someone else to do it for him bc he’s like that
-always uses the most obnoxious wrapping paper he can find

-how this boy learned to wrap so well, no one knows
-v neat and aesthetic
-fancy ribbons n stuff

-never goes over the top
-it’s neat though
-bland ass wrapping paper

-well he tries
-really hard
-still not very good

-thats funny
-he has NO CLUE how
-you’re lucky if you get a present from him in general
-if you do, it would be a miracle if its wrapped at all

-he does not know how
-at all
-so his gifts are very poorly wrapped
-uses wayyy too much tape so it’s like impossible to open

I just want to be held, curled up in a blanket leaning against you with your arms wrapped around me. I want to lay on your chest so I can hear your heart beat and drift off to the feeling of your chest rising and falling with each breath you take. I want to be pulled closer when I wake up from a bad dream and feel you kiss my forehead as you tell me that it’s okay and you’re right there. I want to wake up next to you so I can roll closer and fall back asleep knowing I’m safe. I just want to be held by you.
—  I just want to go home

Newest dabber!!! ✨✨✨
Hanging river pearl with a turquoise bead because turquoise just looks so clean with gold.
Gold wire all around accented with spirals.
Definitely one of my favorites, super classy and the pearl dangled so nicely as well as the turquoise being the perfect place to put your thumb.
Let me know what you guys think!
-goon ♥️