In 2001, Artist Ha Schult Wrapped a Former Berlin Post Office in Thousands of Oversized Love Letters Collected From the Public

German conceptual artist HA Schult (b. 1939) has often worked in the realm of other people’s trash, creating large scale-works that force art into everyday life and call attention to the massive consumption of Western society. In Schult’s installation “Trash People,” he built hundreds of human-sized figures with cans, license plates, and soda bottles—a trash army built from garbage dumps that has been traveling the world for the last 19 years.

DIY Embroidery Thread Wrapped Bangles Tutorial from Quiet Lion Creations.

I’ve posted so many DIY Embroidery Thread Wrapped Bangles, but if your learning style leans more toward videos, this is a good one from Quiet Lion Creations.

My learning style is a combination of both photos/written content and videos, so I really appreciate it when a blogger includes both.

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